Chapter 9 – BDSM [+18]
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The following morning, there was no breakfast. Eva just sat us on the dinning table, while she heated up the oven. 

While we stared at her, she suddenly sighed. "Mommy has visitors," She said. "It's a good thing I always have tea ready." 

When Lady Eligos entered the room, I was so happy to see her; I didn't mind she was a huge pervert. She was then followed by Lady Baal. She was so similar to Savannah, all dark-elves looked similar, but Lady Baal was the finest of all the dark-elves. Or so I heard, for right now she was nothing but a loli like me. 

"Long time no see," Lady Eligos said.

After a polite exchange of welcomes, the three women sat to have tea. I was expecting a bitch fight, but that did not materialize. 

Eva towered over them, at 1.85 meters tall.  Lady Eligos and Lady Baal were 1.70 meters and 1.60 meters respectively. Despite Baal being affected by the lolification spell. 

"I hope you two are here to eat my newest pie," Eva said. "Specially you, Baal, look at you, you need to eat healthy if you wish to grow, although with that body of yours, you can finally get a husband with peculiar tastes just like you."

Baal and Eligos laughed along with the witch.

"It seems no matter how much you age," Baal said. "your humor never gets old." 

The witch did not laugh, no one did. Yet everyone was smiling. 

"Lady Eva, we are here to retrieve our property," Eligos said. 

Fighting two floor guardians at the same time was not a fight that Lady Eva could win. So she conceded and broke the lolification spell, and allowed me and Stella to walk free. 

Once outside, Stella started crying, I felt I wanted to cry too.

"Succy-chan, why the sad face, Lady Eva never intended to eat you." Eligos said. "You can sleep, knowing that Lady Eva is not that cruel."

I felt better, or so I thought, for then Lady Baal exited the hut. 

"Girls, you two were so close to getting eaten," She said. "But you can thank me later." 

When Eligos and Baal saw me in such a pitiful state, they took pity and offered me a few weeks of vacations. Either on the fourth or fifth floor. 

Having to choose between my love for Amber, or my lust for Savannah was the easiest decision in my life. 

[Status: Slave] [Property of Lady Baal] [4th Floor]

When I opened my eyes, I was inside of Savannah's mansion in Gomorrah. Lady Baal had allowed me to visit the living quarters of the fourth floor, and Lady Eligos didn't seem to mind if I took a small vacation. By now, the lolification spell had broken.

I was met by two silver-haired girls, but they weren't dark elves. Instead, they were rat-girls. Their faces were covered with a white mask, but they looked like humans, just with some subtle differences. Like their rat tail and their albino white skin, and their pig-pink feet and hands.

Their black skirts reached down to their knees, and their maid outfit showed their entire mid-riff, exposing their belly button. Their height was 1.65 meters. 

"Mistress Savannah has a gift for you," They said. It was an erotic see-through black robe. 

[You obtained a robe]

The robe was comfortable, and the silk had a pleasant touch, but everybody could see my nipples thought it. 

"Come, our Mistress awaits for you in her room."

They took me through the modern-looking mansion. Other than the paintings, statues, gold decorations, and red carpets. Everything else was white. It was a mansion made out of marble. Every statue and painting in the mansion carved or portrayed the likeness of Savannah. By the time I reached her room, I was already dripping. 

Savanna's room was well fitted for royalty, modern and clean. The white walls in the room had colossal mirrors hooked up to them. The mirrors were enchanted to allow everyone in the bed to see Savannah and only Savannah as she fucked or got fucked from any angle they wished. Her figure appeared larger than life, for in the mirrors her figure appeared on the entire wall. 

I was going to put further thought into this, but then I saw her in bed. Her silver Hime cut now tied into a ponytail, along with her cute little horns and pale-white skin, turned me on so much. It didn't help that she was wearing nothing but a robe. When that robe quickly found itself thrown onto the floor. I couldn't resist her dark, elvish temptation. My robe joined hers on the soft black rug, as I got onto the white velvet bed and immediately succumbed to lust. She took the initiative by biting my lower lip. 

"I heard you almost got turned into a loli-pie." 

"I don't want to talk about that."

And we didn't. The moment we started fingering each other, I forgot the entire ordeal. While we played, I noticed that there was also a mirror in the ceiling too, and her huge ass was on point. We kept messing around until she finally put the hooks around her bed to good use. 

She made me wear a black leather harness that restrained everything above my waist at her liking, I couldn't move my arm or hands. She hooked the harness to the hooks in the bed. Then she forced a set of ankle restrains on me and hooked them to the bed too.

Once she spread my legs and got on top of me. It was clear she owned me. 

"Drink this," She said. Pushing a small vial that contained a milk-like substance.

When she saw that I hesitated, she swallowed half of it. Then forced the rest down my throat.

"Good girl," She said, then parted my lips and gave me a kiss. Our tongues intertwined. 

My nipples became extremely sensitive and started drooling milk. The harder my nipples got, the more I lactated. My eyes were filled with confusion, my INT was too low to understand. 

"You are so cute when you make that look," She said. Her lavender eyes glinted with amusement, "You've never drunk a milk-swap potion before, have you?" 

I shook my head. Her smile grew maliciously. 

"It works like this," She said. Her lips closed on my right nipple, then she erotically poked it with her wet tongue before sucking them. The sudden tingles induced an orgasm. Unable to move at all, I clenched my toes every time Savannah was too harsh.  

After I exploded, my breasts began to pulsate and milk came out bursting like an ejaculation. My mind took a while to recover from the pleasure of what felt like three simultaneous orgasms. 

"We'll take turns, don't worry," She said. "With this dice we will decide who gets to suck who. Anything lower than 4 and I'll remove the restrains, anything higher than 4 I'll keep you as my little slut." 

Two slimes later, and the dice never landed in anything other than six. She had the best luck in the world. After she was done ravaging me, she finally freed me from my bondage and embraced me in her tender arms. I could smell her sweet, bitterish vanilla scent released by her pheromones. Now it was my turn to drink her milk. 

While I rested on her thighs, she breastfed me while her tail assaulted my G-spot. Orgasm after orgasm, my succubus body just wanted more, there was no end to my carnal desire, it just kept growing the more milk I drank. I was scared that if this continued, I would end up as her sex toy. With my daily routine relegated to staying naked in bed all day like a little slut.

[Status gained: Mind broken]

[Trait gained: Submissive]

What scared me the most, is that I didn't seem to mind. If she asked, I was willing to star my duties as her sex toy right now. But she never did.

She just kept thrusting into me. I was all sweaty and my belly covered in milk. More of it kept pouring down from my nipples as she kept fucking me. There was nothing I could do about it. I spent the rest of the night lactating until I fell asleep in her arms. 

When my mind returned to me in the morning, I moaned. Not only did my bladder wanted to explode, but Savannah didn't wait for me to wake up to start fucking me doggy style. As I fully regained consciousness with each passing thrust. I could finally smell it. The intoxicating scent of our pheromones mixed together; Bitter vanilla mixed with sweet cherry. 

"Good morning, sweetie," She said. "Breakfast should be ready in a bit." 

I responded with another moan. My bladder couldn't take it anymore. "I really need to pee," I said. 

"Fine, I'll finish you after breakfast," She said, but her tail didn't stop pounding me. I was on the brink of orgasm. 

"N-no, please finish me first."

"That's what I thought."

She hugged me from behind, her hands claimed ownership of my boobs, then she started milking my little pink nipples as if I was a cow. She made me feel like a dirty slut as she tail-fucked me to orgasm. When she was done, my nipples were so sore it turned me on. 

"Dammit," I uttered. The potion hadn't run out. Now the bed was drenched in milk. I blushed in embarrassment. 

Savannah laughed at my misery. "Aren't you forgetting something?" She asked.


When my toes touched the soft carpet, I felt weird. My carnal desires immediately demanded more. Had Savannah ordered me to stay in the bed, I would've obeyed, the bedsheets be dammed. 

[New Status: Well Disciplined]

She kept laughing as I beelined to the restroom. The breakfast better be good. I pouted.