Chapter 10 – Choking on meat
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As soon as I was done using the toilet, Savannah prepared the bathtub, and we dipped into the warm foamy water together. She was really possessive of her stupid yellow rubber duck. Bastard. Once we were dry and clean, we returned to her room for our robes. As we headed towards the kitchen, we would stop to admire every single one of her portraits. I didn't understand why she just didn't fuck me right there and then. 

When we entered the kitchen, my succubus eyes immediately noticed the exposed pink-butts that contrasted with the white kitchen. The two ratgirls were naked and going at it hard. The bottom girl was pinned face down against the sink, while the top girl was fingering her from behind. Their high-pitched moans and squeaks sent my body into heat. If this was going to be an orgy, I was down. I was about to expose my tits when savannah pulled my hand away. 

"Useless rats!" Savannah shouted. "out, the both of you!" 

The maids picked their outfits from the white marble floor and then bolted out of the room, likely continuing their squeaking back at the servant's quarters. 

The floor's marble was well polished and everything in the room had a modern look to it. 

"Don't worry, Succy-chan, I'll cook something really quick."

While Savannah was putting on her white apron, I sat on one of the leather bar stools surrounding the kitchen table. Like everything in the kitchen, the stools were white. It seems that the ratgirls had been cleaning the veggies before one of them got assaulted from behind and then succumbed to lust. In terms of their duties, they only went as far as setting up the silverware and plates on top of the table. 

Savannah opened the magical fridge, then grabbed ingredients from the shelf and after washing the veggies were the ratgirls left off, she began to cook. It looked like she knew what she was doing and I knew what I wanted to do. I resisted the temptation of touching myself by crossing my legs and keeping my hands on the table. 

She cooked rather fast. The meal was soon ready and sitting at the kitchen table.

"Here, bon appétit."

It looked atrocious, but because of my love for Savannah, I grabbed my fork and knife and dug into black jelly.

"I.... I- Love it," Tears starting falling from my face. It was fucking awful. 

Savannah just smiled, "See, I knew you'll love it. I am not only beautiful, intelligent and can make you cum as many times as I want, but I am also the best cook around. Isn't that right? Is there something that I, Savannah, can't do?" 

I kept forcing the jelly down my throat. She finally sat down next to me, with a plate full of her own shit. At last, I was free from my torment when Savannah nonchalantly grabbed a spoonful of her masterpiece. The moment the jelly came into contact with her tongue, her taste buds exploded. Vomit poured out of her mouth like diarrhea. 

We were barely done cleaning the table and disposing of the jelly, when the doorbell rang three times. 

"Those damn rats, do I have to do everything around here?" 

There was no fourth ring. Whoever it was, they were already inside. I could smell the pheromones, it was the scent of sweet red wine.  Savannah sniffed twice. Her eyes were filled with disgust. 

"What is she doing here!?" 

Then the woman barged into the room, along with her, three ratgirls. The ratgirls began to clean the kitchen before even a single word was spoken.Their French maid outfits were noticeably different from the ones that Savannah had her maids wear.

"Sister," She said. "Long time no see." 


The woman that had invaded the kitchen looked almost like Savannah, pale-skin, black bull-like horns, but Augusta was taller at 1.72 meters. Her long silver hair was straight and styled with bangs. Unlike us, she was wearing a black tank dress that reached a down a finger above her knees and she wasn't shoeless, her black sanders were rather fancy. She was only missing a tiara to be royalty.   

"Oh dear sister, I can tell that you still haven't learned how to cook, but don't worry - your beloved sister will cook for you like back in the good old times," Augusta said.

Savannah did not respond, but her right eye began twitching. 

While the ratgirls cleaned the utensils and prepared a seat for Augusta, she grabbed a kitchen knife and chopped the veggies that were left behind from the previous meal, then threw them in a pan. After a few minutes, she turned the heat down and added meat. She stirred it around until it was all cooked, and then she seasoned it. She threw in some salt, pepper, and some garlic powder. She waited a few seconds, and then she threw in the onions. By the time the onions were soft, the meat was cooked through, and the sauce was ready, my stomach was melting.

She took the pan off the heat and sat down with us. The ratgirls then proceeded to serve it. 

Savannah and I were drooling. When we began to munch away, Augusta unleashed her well reserved poison. 

"Who is this girl?" She asked. 

Savannah responded firmly. "My girlfriend." 

I almost choked on the meat. My face burned hotter than the food. When my mind rebooted, Augusta was busy asking questions of who I was and where did I come from. Savannah answered some questions for me, she said we met on the 12th floor and that she bought me from a lesser demon.

"Right, Succy-chan?" 

[Status: Slave] [Property of Lady Baal] [4th Floor]

I checked my status, but nowhere did it show that I was owned by Savannah. I don't understand how could she get this wrong. She should know better. I am sure we met on the third floor. Maybe she had made a mistake.

"Right, Succy-chan?" Savannah asked me again. 

The tip of her tail had sneaked between my legs and began mounting pressure on my pussy. 

"A-hh.. YES, We met-," I squirmed a bit. "We met on the 12th floor."

[Due to your high charisma, Augusta believes you]

"I see. Well, in that case she can come along with you as your property. The party will start at 9:00pm. But it would be best if you teach your little sex toy a few of the rules of high society, you don't want to embarrass yourself a second time." 

I had no idea what was going on, but Augusta left an envelop in the dinning table before departing. Soon after that, when I went to put my dish away, Savannah bent me over against the sink and started pounding me from behind until I climaxed.