Chapter 11 – EVOLUTION [+18]
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The party was taking place at Augusta's mansion. 

When Savannah and I entered the lobby, we were met by a ratgirl with a goat mask. This party was being held to honor the demon Baphomet. 

“Sisters, dispose of your earthly belongings,” She said. “Only the tender embrace of Baphomet will warm your flesh.” It was a fancy way to get us to undress. Savannah and I removed our sandals and stripped naked. Scattered all across the black rug were the belongings of at least another fifty people. 

The ratgirl politely bowed. “Sisters, welcome to the covenant.” The door behind opened at her command. 

When we entered the next room, another masked ratgirl awaited for us. She was completely naked. “Follow me she said.”

Savannah held my hand, and we followed the ratgirl together. She just took us to a small, white wooden table, a few meters further into the fancy white room. The table had no chairs, but it had bowls filled with strawberries, blueberries, oranges, limons, and she had a small grinder. Next to all the bowls, she had a paintbrush and wet paint of all the colors of the rainbow. 

Before I could ask a question, Savannah pulled me down and we kneeled. 

With a paintbrush in her hand, the ratgirl approached us both. "Sit and relax, sisters. Now, close your eyes."

I saw on my feet and to close my eyes. I then heard something getting soaked in paint. It was the brush. Then I heard fruits getting squished, the drops of juice falling into some wood.

I then felt two warm hands lift my chin upwards. It was the ratgirl. She poked my forehead with something cold and wet. It smelled like strawberries, but left a sticky feeling on my skin. She was painting something on my forehead, a symbol of sorts. It tickled. The juice dripped from my forehead.

“Don’t move” She said. Finally, letting go of my chin. 

After a few seconds, she was done painting my forehead, and I could hear her as she walked past me. Then I felt her warm, sweaty palm push down against my upper shoulder. She was both grabbing and pushing. When she started painting me again, I flinched.

“Don’t move” She said.

The cold wet tip of the brush was now stroking the skin on my back. Some strokes tickled me. I could feel a circle being drawn on my skin. She occasionally stopped to dip the brush in more wet paint. She continued drawing something inside of the circle. She drew some sort of sigil. When she was done brushing my skin, she went on to repeat this process with Savannah. 

“Sisters, you are to proceed.” 

When we stood up, she took us to a room down the hallway. I expected the room to be in total darkness, but when we entered, I was flashed by a beam of purple light. 

The room was filled with heart-shaped beds and islands made of pillows. Next to each bed, there was a table with toys and a mixture of potions, among them a vial of milk-swap. Due to the purple light that lit the room, everything looked purple, even our flesh had a purplish pigmentation to it. 

The moans, the spanking of flesh, the temperature in the room, it was the sound of around sixty demons fornicating. The beds were packed with two to three submissive demons wallowing at the tune of a dominant one. The smell of the room was fruity. The overwhelming amount of pheromones made it impossible to tell individual smells apart, or so I thought. For when Savannah and I got onto our bed, the rest of the dark elves just stared at me. 

Then they started gossiping.

"Is that a succubus? I've heard they have the sweetest pussy in the world." 

"Hmm she smells like sweet, wild cherries."

Savannah just ignored them. She started caressing my breasts until Augusta, just a few beds away, lounged a pillow at her. Hitting her in the face. All the moans stopped. There was silence in the room. It was a duel. Augusta pushed away the demons off from her bed, making room for the duel to take place. When Savannah climbed into the bed, a slap met her. The two sisters started violently contesting who was the dominant one by wrestling for control. They soon started trying to tail-fuck each other too, Savannah was winning, until she was not. Augusta placed a good timed slap, sending her sister down. She tried to stand up, but then got slapped again and again. Then Augusta just began tail-fucking her and Savannah started to moan. 

The demons didn't wait long. Someone began groping my breasts. It was a cute elf-demon girl with red eyes and freckles. I gave one last look at Savannah for her approval. But her mouth was gagged, and she was busy getting milked by Augusta. The demon girl took my pitiful glance as a sign of consent, pushing a random potion onto my lips. 

[Temporal Penalty, INT -1]

The last thing that I remember is that she kissed me and I passed out on the bed. When I woke up the following morning, I was back in Savannah's room, but she was nowhere to be found. The system bombarded me with notifications. 

[STDs: 32] [Friends: 56]

I had become popular among the upper class of the fourth floor....

[Congratulations, you are now level 5]

[New Race: Royal Succubus ]

[New Skill: Whispers of Lillith - Humans that lack either an INT or WIS of 5 or above, are unable to resist your advances] 

[New Trait: Biological Weapon - Any human who's flesh you defile, will turn into a female Succubus under your command]

[New Trait: Controlled Exposure - You are immune to all side effects from STDs]

No more slimes or rashes. 

[You have obtained a new item - Necklace of Wisdom - While wearing this item, your base INT will always be 4, +2 WIS]

It seems the party had suddenly turned into "let's all take turns fucking the succubus." When Lady Baal learned that my INT was reduced to 1, she was beyond furious. She couldn't return me to Lady Eligos in such a vegetative state without loosing face, so she gifted me a legendary item that restored my mind. No word was to be spoken about what happened at the party. 

I spent the rest of the day in bed, not because I was lustful or lazy, but because I literally couldn't stand up. It was embarrassing. I learned that no matter how much a demon loves you; they were still a demon.