Chapter 8: Elder Su loses his mind
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Dan and Rhea returned to the sect after dark. Walking up the many stairs in the dark turned out to be quite scary for people used to modern lighting. Thankfully for Rhea her cave was in the lower levels of the caves on the mountain so she only had to walk for half an hour up the dark steps unlike Dan who continued up the mountain another half hour. By the time Dan made it into his own cave he had already decided on how to invent things like basic electricity and light bulbs to use here in the sect. Dan sat down in the lotus position and started to circulate his Qi once again. Just like before he started to open meridians like crazy. The levels just shot up, level 21, 22, 23, 24, 25.. By the time the sun came up he had reached level 30, instead of a blue glow, his body gave off a deep purple glow. Dan got up from the floor and stretched his body out, he smiled and said, "Martial Sage! It has taken a lot longer than I wanted to hit level 30, but at least now I can learn a top tier kung fu technique. I wonder if master has his own?"

Dan walked out of his cave and saw his master exiting his as well, his master always started out this early in order to make it to the kitchen in time to have first choice. "Master Su, I wonder, do you have a top tier kung fu technique?" 

Elder Su snorted and said, "You'd need to be a Martial Sage with twenty five meridians open before you needed to worry about a top tier kung fu. You haven't even mastered the one I gave you at Martial Warrior." Elder Su stopped and turned to Dan and said, "xXDeezNutzXx, did you know that most of the Elders here only have twenty meridians open at best? Do you think you are ready to be an elder after your first month in the sect, not even Jade River Sect's Fairy managed to open twenty five meridians after a mo....." 

Dan closed his eyes and started circulating his Qi causing his body to glow a deep purple causing his master's voice to trail off until he made a squeak.

"This... This is... This isn't possible!" Elder Su screeched

  Elder Su all but dragged Dan to see the sect leader, "Sect Leader Lui, Sect Leader Lui, come out please, I have something important to show you!"

"Little Su, someone better be dead, I was just about to open my fiftieth meridian and reach Martial General." An angry gruff voice boomed from inside the lowermost cave. 

"Sect Leader Lui, I wouldn't have bothered you if this wasn't something that was going to shake the foundations of the sect!" Elder Su puffed out his chest and jutted out his chin heroically. 

After a few minutes a tiny old man limped out from within the cave looking nothing at all like his voice had sounded, he spoke in the gentle tone of smiling grandfather, "Oh, little xXDeezNutzXx you're here as well. Go on with it then little Su."

Elder Su nodded at the Sect Leader and then said to Dan, "Go on, circulate your Qi for the Sect Leader." Dan nodded and began to circulate his Qi once again glowing a deep purple.

The Sect Leader stroked his long white beard his right eye momentarily opening a little wider, "I see, I see. Good, very good! How long has little xXDeezNutzXx been with us now, ten years?"

"One month, Sect Leader." Elder Su answered quickly. 

"Oh I see, well thats... Wait, what? That's preposterous!" The Sect Leader calmed himself down and then coughed and said, "Little Su, I don't normally get between a master and his disciple but in this case I think we both know that a master shouldn't be behind his disciple in their cultivation." 

Elder Su turned red and looked off to the right not meeting Dan's eyes. 

The Sect Leader looked at Dan and said, "Little Su has only opened twenty meridians, most of the other elders have already reached your own level you see, that's why your caves are at the top of the mountain. You are clearly an unparalleled genius, even little PrinPrin has only opened thirty five meridians, so I would like to ask you to take me as your master now instead of him."

Dan looked at Elder Su who nodded at Dan. He quickly got down and kowtowed saying, "Disciple greets master."

"Good, good, here take these scrolls. These are our sect's high tier kung fu, the Jade River Water Burst the Dam Flying Sword and Jade River Water Rushes Over the Mountain Fist techniques. You'll move down from the top of the mountain to the cave just over there." The Sect Leader pointed to a cave near Rhea's cave. "I'll have your senior sister PrinPrin come and show you to our treasure room and you can pick out a gift for yourself."

"A gift, Master?" Dan asked puzzled.

The Sect Leader turned and glared at Elder Su, "When a master takes a disciple here at the sect they are required to give a gift." He said to Elder Su, "Your gift, it wasn't that damned ball grabbing kung fu again was it? I thought I told you.."

Dan cleared his throat to interrupt the two of them, "Master, I am most grateful, I will find Senior Sister PrincessPrinPrin and have her show me where to go, thank you." He cupped his fist in salute and then gracefully made his way over to the entrance to Rhea's cave. Rhea came bouncing out of the cave dressed in a white flowing dress with light blue lotus flowers stitched along the bottom of the sleeves. She once again wore the white veil over her face. Her long dress made her look as if she was floating along the ground as she calmed herself after seeing Dan waiting before she came out to meet him. 

"Good morning, I see you found my cave in the light." She chuckled. 

"I did, plus Master Lui pointed the way. He said for you to show me the way to the treasury so that I can get my gift." Dan smiled at her feeling proud of his achievement. 

"Oh! Well, congratulations, I suppose that means you have a better cave now?" She giggled. 

Dan shook his head and then pointed to a cave below her own, "Mine's better now, I guess."

Rhea pouted at him and then said, "Whatever, lets go get your stupid gift."

The two descended down the long stairway together not quite hand in hand when a pretty girl in a short yellow dress saw Dan and dropped the tray of tea she was carrying. Her mouth wide open, she stuttered out, "N-n-no way, xXDeezNutzXx, h-h-how can you b-b-be here?"

Dan squinted at the girl and then face palmed, finally understanding what Fatty Xu had tried to warn him, he said out loud, "Oh shi.."