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Rina's POV

Today is the entrance exam for UA High. In order to get into the school, I need to pass this exam. I'm really nervous. Oh, I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Rina Saki and my quirk is called Song Spell. Depending on the type of song and the way I sing it, I can cast a spell. I can put my enemy to sleep for a short amount of time, take control of my enemy, make animals or creatures, and much more. It sounds awesome, right? It isn't as easy as it seems. I can only use 2 spells at a time and it drains my energy a lot depending on the type of spells I use. For example, if I make a dragon and take control of my opponent, it will take a lot of energy from me since those spells are more complicated. You get the idea?

Anyway, today is the entrance exam and it is packed with students from many schools. I wonder if all of them passed the written part of the exam. If so, there are so many people. Everyone is directed to an auditorium of sorts and instructed to sit down. Chatter raises around the room, filling it with noise. I stare at the back of the seat in front of me, thinking about the exam ahead. Soon, a man starts speaking.

"Good evening ladies and gents! How is everyone?" he shouts out. That is Present Mic, a pro-hero. He must be the announcer today. I am pretty excited to see what he has to say. However, the rest of the room disagrees with that thought. The room is quiet as a mouse to the point where you can here a pin drop. He clears his through and continues speaking. "As you might have guessed, you all have passed the written part of the exam. Today, is the practical exam. You need to retrieve points in 20 minutes. There will be 3 types of robots stationed everywhere around every exam area. Each one have a different point range so be sure to watch for them." As he explains this, the screen behind him shows the different robots that will be in the areas. Everyone gets cards with their names, school, ID number, and exam area on them. 

"There are multiple areas?" I mumble out loud. A boy in front of me starts mumbling stuff. The boy next to him looks pissed off and glares at the green haired boy. As they look at their cards, they talk to each other. 

"I get it. They are separating us so we can't work with people from our school." The blonde one states. The green haired boy nods in agreement. 

"Our numbers are one after the other but we are stationed in different areas." He looks over to the blonde boys card. The blonde the yells at the green one. They must be from the same school, however they don't seem like friends. 

"Sir! I have a question!" A boy raises his hand. Present Mic calls on the boy and he stands up. His hair is a pretty shad of blue and it shines in the light. He seems like the smarty type, a teacher's pet if you will. "On the packet, there are 4 robots, but you only mentioned 3 of them. Is this a typo?" He fixes his glasses. Yep, he is totally the teacher's pet. 

"Oh that one? That is a no pointer bot. It is best to avoid them." Present Mic states as another robot appears on the screen. I wonder why we should avoid it. Is it that dangerous? If it is, why have it in the test? 

"Thank you sir and sorry for my interruption. Also, that boy over there. Please be quiet, your disrupting everyone else here." He points to the green-haired boy. He jumps and apologizes. As Present Mic continues to explain the test, I sit there, wondering how I can pass. My quirk definitely has it's limitations in the test. I have to figure out how to use it.

After Present Mic's speech, everyone is directed to their designated testing areas. I stand by the door and start to stretch. I might have to rely on my physical skills than my quirk. As I am stretching, on of the people at my school bumps into me, making me fall to the floor. He starts laughing evilly at me. 

"What are you doing here Rina? I was sure you failed the written part of this exam. No matter, there is no way you will pass the practical exam." He laughs again as he walks away. I sigh and stand up, dusting myself off. A girl walks over to me with a worried expression on her face. She has light, brown hair that reaches to her shoulders. 

"Hey, are you okay?" She looks at me with concern in her eyes. I nod and smile. 

"Yea I am okay. He just likes to bully me that's all." 

"Well I wish you the best of luck in this test. Do your best" She smiles warmly which causes me to smile back. 

"Thank you and you do your best as well." She walks away and I lean against the wall. I smile slightly to myself. Soon, an alarm sounds, sending small vibrations everywhere. A voice calls out through speakers. 

"The test has now began! You have twenty minutes!" Present Mic yells. As soon as he spoke, everyone bolted through the doors. This is it. The test to see if I fit. Let's do this! 

A/n~ Hey! I hope you like this. I am new so I am hoping this is not bad. I will try to post weekly but I can't make any promises. Please stick around to see my progress! 

Word count: 975