Chapter 21. Hellish Training
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Not long after demolishing the hay figures, her figure disappeared before reappearing in front of me but this time without her dagger. It was as if she was the shadow, or rather she was teleporting. I was speechless, no questions came to my mind.


“How was it, do you want me to demonstrate speed or firepower?” she asked before I shook my head. Any further with speed, I most likely won’t see anything anyway and for firepower, the ground will maybe vanish. I’d rather keep my footing here.


“Is the training rigorous…?” I asked, sweating nervously as she shook her head.


“The training isn’t that hard. For speed, the first training you would enter would be running around the stadium twenty times a day while pushing yourself to the maximum whilst for firepower, you would have to stab and hit a hay figure a few hundreds of times every day,” she explained.


How is that not rigorous…?! That sounds hellish to me, my feet don’t even want to imagine how tiring running around this large stadium twenty times would be, nor does my hands want to think about hitting a hay figure hundreds of times each day…


“How about for balanced?” I asked before she smiled wryly which creeped me out as my body slowly backed off before I tried running away as she grabbed me by the shoulders.


“It’s not that bad… well, not really… for balanced, you would have to run fifteen times around the stadium while swinging your dagger for each run and after that would be a short hour break where you can have your snacks or something before continuing with a hundred swing and stab on a hay figure…” she said before my entire body turned weak in an instant.


“How is that not bad?!” I shouted with my eyes wide open as she whistled around.


“Well, there is a technique that involves utilizing your mana to lower the stamina consumption, but it also requires heavy concentration…” she said while avoiding my gaze as I felt my entire world spin, concentrating while running and swinging a dagger… what kind of hell did I enter?


And to think that I was smiling about the benefits beforehand! This is not fun at all!


“Not to mention, afterward, you will be given as many free snacks, food, and any other stuff you desire…” she whistled before a question popped inside my head.


“Is this the reason why you have a hard time finding someone else to inherit the dagger technique…?” I asked before her whistling grew stronger as her body flew up in the air, descending down with her head on the ground.


“I am begging you… if no one takes after the technique, then my ancestor will haunt me in hell!” she said looking at me with puppy eyes as my impression of the cool headmaster vanished once more. There was nothing I could as well, rejecting this offer would leave me homeless.


“Fine… but is there any way to ease out the stress?” I asked before she stood up, grabbing my hands with a bright smile.


“We could split a week into halves, one half where you will be stabbing and swinging while another half for running and swinging, and after you are used to the stress, we can go full training if you want,” she suggested.


It was still kind of exhausting to imagine it but compared to taking all of them in a single day, it sounds more plausible, to say the least.


“Though that would weaken your abilities a bit which is why I would recommend you include the mana training as well since from what I was told by Estelle and Seele, you seem to be able to use Magical Archery which is a rare class… but if you can use it, then you should know how to use mana right?” she tilted her head.


In response to her question, I shook my head and responded. “I don’t know how to use mana at all, rather, all of those techniques are by instincts… I don’t even know how it works…” with a wry smile as she looked at me shocked.


“Then from my guess, it seems like you have another innate ability with you. Most likely inherited from your ancestors, I have heard about people being able to use skills that they don’t even understand during dangerous times which is said to be an innate ability that is passed down by ancestors to protect their descendants during dangerous times,” she explained.


Interesting, so I could use that as an explanation instead. It certainly is handy information for me since I know in the far future the system might force me to use skills that I don’t even know how to activate yet which is why I can use it as another defense layer.


“What would happen once I manage to learn the skills?” I asked curiously before she shrugged her shoulders.


“I don’t know as well; some say the skill vanished and was transferred to their descendants whilst another said that the skill transformed into a booster that increased their abilities but vanishes once they have a descendant…” she answered before she turned around and rose her hand up as a brown energy line formed from the tip of her hands, plunging onto the dirt as several hay figures grew.


“Well then, that’s enough talking. How about we get to training, shall we?” she said before sweat fell from my forehead before a smile blossomed on her face.


And so, hell began as I started swinging the wooden dagger in my hand a few hundred times, falling down several times, snapping my wrist a few dozens of times, and collapsing twice until finally, after a few hours of swinging.


“199…” I counted, swinging the weightless dagger with my numb hand before raising the dagger up in the air as I swung it once more but this time, shouting with all my might. “200!” as the hay figure exploded into several pieces before my body fell to the ground.


“Haa…” I breathed, looking up at the skies that were shown through panes of glass. It was the lovely blue skies with birds sitting at the top of the glass panels, my body felt super numb… I couldn’t even feel my hands anymore.


“Good work!” the voice of the devil entered my ears as the devil’s face covered my sight, carrying two cups of what seems to be a cold drink. My throat felt super dry after counting hundreds of times, this was more hellish than I initially expected when I transmigrated.


After forcing my body to sit up, I grabbed the cold drink with my shivering hand before a pink icy cold shake came into sight. Without hesitating, I took a large sip of the shake before all of the exhaustion of my body vanished in an instant.


“I added some supplements to the shake. You shouldn’t be exhausted after drinking it,” she said as I took more sips of the shake before placing it on the ground and laying on the floor as a cute voice echoed around the stadium.


“Awyumi-ma!” the voice said before a cuddle ball smacked into my body, cracking all of the bones inside my body as the cuddle ball’s face became clear. It was none other than the hyperactive Flora, who seems to smell like chocolate.


Translation: Awyumi-ma and Mwana-ma (or Mwama) are Ayumi-mama and Mana-mama respectively, Flora recognizes both of them as her parents not because they rescued her but rather for another reason which is [redacted] ;).