Chapter 121. Ayumi Windsor
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“And so—how will I go about with giving Ayu-chi the town, despite being the leader of the kingdom, I am not able to provide a town to someone that easily otherwise the citizens will think of it as an act of corruption which is not something I want to do,” Kaori responded.


“There is a way that is by planting Ayumi into a noble family like a certain duke’s family, as cruel as it may be, we can implant custom memories into the family making them think Ayumi as their daughter and it is up to you from then on over how to give Ayumi the land,” she answered.


“Wa—wait a minute, you mean I will be coming into a duke’s family?! How will that even work, I don’t even know normal noble etiquettes or anything about the ducal family?” I rebuked to which she smiled.


“I didn’t say that I will only implant memories into the ducal family, I will also give you some falsified memories as well which you can easily distinguish as false to help you blend in with the ducal family. These memories will consist of basic noble etiquette, matters within their family, all the family members alive, and all the servants that serve the ducal family.”


“Your name will have to change a bit as well, from now on, you will be Ayumi Windsor from the Windsor Ducal Family—born from Duchess Rose and Duke Kyle XI with a single sister whose name is Bella Windsor. You are the firstborn sister and also the heir of the Windsor family,” she spoke in a hypnotizing manner. It was almost like those words of hers were embedded into my mind immediately after.


“How long will I have to endure before I can see Flora and Crystal again?” I looked at the Goddess.


“For that Great Spirit, it might take some time since I also want them to improve by themselves but for that limit breaker daughter of yours and hers…” she looked at Kaori, “Well, you can practically see her every day if her Mama Kaori wanted to since if I remember correctly, that girl is now reinstated as the first Princess of the Nostalgia Kingdom, isn’t that right?”


“Indeed, I wanted to bring Flora and the others as well, but they rejected saying they want to improve and become stronger enough to become independent.”


“Flora is already being trained as the next Queenshelm heir while Mana is being trained by His Majesty, Leisha on the other side is training by herself to become even stronger though all three of them still live together so if you wanted, you could visit them anytime,” Kaori responded.


I felt a bit relieved to hear that the three were slowly moving forward, I want to see them soon, but I will have to endure since if I don’t then the Evil Goddess will take over the world, and the chances of seeing them will be zero if that happens.


“That’s enough for me, as long as you tell them about my situation then I won’t complain since Kaori and Crystal will be enough,” I smiled.


“No worries, I already have sent notifications to the three of them. They should be seeing a window pop up with a mailbox that goes directly to you in the system. The six of you including the little girls of course can use the system to deliver mails and even chat with one another if that helps,” the Goddess responded before a window popped up, surprising both Kaori and me.


The window showed the name of Mana who was sending test messages along with Leisha and the others, seeing them chat made me a bit happy as I typed the words ‘hello world’ which was a famous thing in my old world.


In an instant, the two messaged me plentiful questions that I left Kaori to answer since I feel like Kaori would explain way much better than me. After some time of chatting, the Goddess soon clapped her hands as she smiled.


“I guess the two of you had some good chitchat, it’s about time for Ayumi to leave this dimension. Right, be careful with your powers as well Ayumi since your body is around two hundred thousand times stronger than before, you can probably smash that Devil of Ashen with a fist if I didn’t place around eight seals on you.”


“Huh, eight seals? How do I unlock each of them?” I asked.


“Well, to unlock them, you have to finish several main quests which will be mainly catered to guiding you on how to use your divine body’s powers to its fullest. Your current sealed power is enough to probably crush an entity with half the strength of the Devil of Ashen with ten punches which compared to the strongest natural body human currently existing is still 5,000% stronger.”


“Not to mention, that Spell and Skill creation system you have will be your greatest advantage. Recreating your body also forced me to reset all your skills which means you are back at square one in terms of skills but that doesn’t mean you are weak.”


“To add, you also have the skill to share your other spells/skills to any person you want to share it with or actually give it but do be careful since compatibility and body handling comes to their restriction, unlike your body, theirs will explode if they suddenly receive a spell their body doesn’t accept. There is no way to know who is compatible with what other than your intuition.”


“One last thing, do you want me to place restrictions on your creation system, or are you fine having it unrestricted?” she asked while looking at me with a serious expression.


Indeed, having all this power makes me feel invincible which is also a bad thing but having all this power as well is handy for situations when I need to have a certain skill. I guess I should go with the normie weeb route after all… I don’t want to be a righteous hero who will reject any cheats. I will take all opportunities I have in front of me while also limiting them to allow for me to grow.


“I’ll opt to restrict the spell with the restriction being all the spells created will be at level one instead of the maximum level. I want to train them and not have a system max it out for me, that is the only way I can grow…” I said before she smiled as she flicked an orb of light towards my direction.


“There, the spell is now restricted. Kaori girl, I will leave my one-fourth daughter—well, she kinda is my daughter at this point—to your care. You should also become strong since you are a critical factor to this war as well, do you understand?”


“Naturally,” Kaori said before the Goddess smiled at her as she waved her hand.


“I will see you two on the next milestone, take care,” she said before a blinding light eclipsed all over the darkness with the figures of the two Goddess waving their hands at us being the last sight before everything vanished.


It was all dark once more, but this time, a cold sensation eclipsed all over me as a hand shook me several times. I felt a bit annoyed as I slapped the hand away, unconsciously saying, “Five more minutes!” before a voice responded.


“My lady, it’s time for breakfast! Please wake up!”


I felt a bit surprised and woke up to which a beautiful brown-haired girl in a maid outfit stood there with a wry smile. Her hands on her hips as she pouted while looking at me. All of a sudden, a name popped up inside my mind as I looked at her green eyes.


“Tanya?” I mumbled before she looked at me confused.


“Yes, my lady? Is there anything you need, we need to get you ready for Her Majesty’s announcement which required you to be present… the master has already left ahead of time to prepare for the situation, let’s get going…” she said.


“Can you bring me a mirror for a second?” I asked to which she nodded, walking over to a drawer and taking out a mirror as she held it in front of me, revealing myself dressed in nightwear with my brown and white hair in utter clutter.


What the Goddess said was really true, I am now in a ducal family—I am no longer Ayumi Ai from now on but Ayumi Windsor from the Windsor family. My eyes were super beautiful I have to say, those golden eyes—I always wanted to have such eyes in the past… not to mention, this mixed hair looked so much better than I initially saw.


That wasn’t the only thing that changed, my bust got a bit bigger—well just a tiny bit but heck, it grew! Also, my body figure was around a billion times better than my previous one, it was like I was a supermodel now.


“Anyway, sorry for being rude, my lady but we have to take you to the bath now!” she said before forcibly dragging me from the bed as I screamed.


“Wa—wait, I can bath myself!”


“No, I don’t trust you after you caused the bath to explode last time…”


“Wha—that happened?!”




“Fi—fine…” I said, giving in to the maid who dragged me away while I cursed the Goddess inside, here I thought she gave me some good reputation but to think I was thrown this kind of reputation! Heck you, go back to hell!