Chapter 130. WAAA!
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A few hours soon passed by since the announcement, resting on the sofa were the exhausted Raeliana, Lia, and Faron; the three of them along with a few other guards and the town chief had managed to distribute the entire pile of bread for the day which was clearly not an easy job as they had to keep everyone in their lines and also memorize who has received one and so forth.


“All of you did well,” I said while holding three wooden cups in my hand, creating a circle in the air as water materialized from the air, falling straight onto the cups as I handed them a cup each. It was a beginner-level water spell that I acquired without the need of the Skill Creation but rather with the knowledge Aurora had taught me back then paired with my knowledge in Solis.


The beginner levels of all elements can be acquired as long as you have the knowledge on how to use them as well as the compatibility with the element which surprisingly, this body is compatible with literally all elements… which if you think about it, is not weird since the Goddess did use divine energy to create this new body—but it kind of feels a bit too overpowered indeed.


“How many elements can you even use, milady… if I remember correctly, your main element was wind and somehow you could also use fire and water which is already a tri-elemental…” Raeliana looked at me with a wry smile.


“The number of elements I can use is a secret,” I winked before sitting down on the couch in front of them with a smile, “Anyhow, we will continue forward with our plans. I will request for a loan from a bank in a nearby town while Raeliana will deliver a letter to the council in my place and once everything goes well, we can then initiate our plans for agriculture, sanitization, and reconstruction.”


“Right, here is the list of materials some of the braver ones requested and also the list of candidates for leaders on certain expertise. Though, knowing milady… I doubt you would like to look at the candidates, so we’ll do the selection of leaders instead,” Raeliana said as she took out a papyrus paper and handed it to me.


The papyrus paper contained an entire list of materials that we were lacking and sure enough, the entire paper which was wide and long enough was completely obliterated. There were requests for building blocks, heavy equipment; seeds, farming equipment; textile, sewing kits; swords, and armors. We were practically missing everything that we need, and I could already see all the money vanishing after everything.


“Well, I can’t guarantee we can afford all of the requests here especially since we are also setting aside money ahead of time for food and other requirements we need to plant Aramium efficiently… right, Tanya… I should have a bit of money on the bank as well, right?” I looked at Tanya and asked, after all, she was also the person who managed most of my savings according to Ayumi Windsor’s memories.


Of course, I am no longer calling Ayumi Windsor’s memories as my falsified memories simply because  I want to believe that she once existed and is still existing inside of me… after all, the memories inside of me is pretty much evidence at this point that one point she existed… it felt unfair for me to call these memories as fake when the people around me clearly showed that she wasn’t.


Tanya, Lia, Realiana, and Faron—all of them were people who once lived with Ayumi Windsor and spent their time with her which is why I told myself to stop thinking of her as a fake… I felt guilty inside especially when you consider that I technically stole her life by force.


“You indeed have a few gold coins saved up on your bank, milady—around five gold coins after spending around thirty gold coins in a charity around two months ago,” she replied.


Five gold coins, added with the four gold coins that the quest gave me is equivalent to nine thousand silver coins which are more than enough to purchase us a large supply of equipment and if the loan indeed goes through and gives us around thirty to fifty gold coins then we would be able to start our plans with little hassle.


What makes medieval banks convenient is the fact that they prefer us to pay the loans past deadlines because of the current law implementations which stop banks from adding interest to the loans, basically, the amount of times you are fined is your credit score here.


“Okay!” I stood up abruptly with a sigh of relief as I looked at them with a smile, “Tanya and Faron, I will leave the town to the two of you. For the entire duration I am away, please make sure that all the citizens are fed properly. The water supply I created should be enough to last for five days if rationed properly, as, for the bread, it should be enough until we return.”


“Also, please give this to the individual leaders especially for the leaders of the agriculture section, construction since this will benefit their areas the most,” I said while handing four documents to the two of them.


They were all information I knew of the modern world about modern inn designs which were mainly inspired by modern hotels but instead of concrete, the material used would be wood and crop rotation. I wanted to modernize the look of this town instead of following the medieval theme.


In other words, I want to move away from the medieval era here and jump directly into modernizing the houses here but naturally, that will be hard though I did have a little bit of experience with architecture and three-dimensional stuff since I needed those experience to create Solis VR, it was only barely enough and even the blueprint I gave was incomplete in a sense especially with how tight in time we are.


The information I gave for crop rotation was as perfect as my mind could explain it which I hope should be enough to help the leaders understand then teach to their members. As for the information about planting Aramium, I need a little bit more time to see whether I can trust them enough which is why I decided to not give them the information for now.


“Milady, all of these are way too revolutionary…! This blueprint! Did you perhaps make this by yourself?! It looks sooo beautiful, unlike the bland houses most designers make!” Raeliana looked at the blueprint with shock, “You could fetch hundreds of gold coins by selling blueprints like this if you wanted!”


“I’m against selling those blueprints, I want them to be used in the town to improve the lives of the citizens more. Not to mention, having a beautiful look would definitely attract people to the town a lot, wouldn’t it?” I winked.


Naturally, the reason why I decided to use modern world designs for the houses is because I want to attract as much attention as possible to the town in the near future and slowly bring a gigantic change to the world. In the past, I felt like the medieval world was beautiful but after living here for months, the houses indeed suck compared to the modern ones.


“Anyhow, I will leave those to you. The blueprints are incomplete, but they should be enough to give leaders a general idea of what I want to do, though we will only be turning only a few buildings especially the ones near the town hall into that,” I said before adding, “The town will buy out all the land near the town hall and turn them into inns that can accommodate dozens of people at the same time.”


“Though, those plans are still far into the future. For now, the three of us will try to secure funds as much as possible then purchase all the materials and equipment that were requested. As I said a few moments ago, Tanya and Faron, don’t let your guard down,” I said before both Tanya and Faron nodded at the same time as I turned towards Raeliana and Lia who were already behind me.


The two of them already understood what I wanted to say and guided me out of the town hall as we started making our way towards the outside where the carriage they brought and the carriage I brought on the way could be seen. The driver was gone naturally as I would expect since the Windsor family brought two carriages when they were delivering Lia and the others here which meant one carriage was to bring the driver back.


Of course, all the carriages were protected and is not useable by anyone other than the family who purchased it which means it couldn’t be stolen at all unless someone happens to be an expert in magic circles which is hard to find even in cities.


“Milady, do you want me to ride the other carriage?” Lia looked at me and asked.


“Mhm, we will need to use both carriage’s storage space as much as we can. It will be best for us if you bring the other carriage as well,” I said before she nodded as she ran towards the other carriage, hopping into the driver’s seat as I looked at Raeliana with a wry smile, “You can drive a carriage right?”


“I wouldn’t be your servant if I couldn’t, milady,” Raeliana replied with a chuckle as she jumped into the driver’s seat before reaching a hand towards me as she asked, “Do you want to ride in the front or inside the carriage?”


“I’ll join you in the front,” I said while taking her hand as she nodded. After making sure I was seated properly and secured in the carriage, she then gestured a few hand symbols to Lia on the back as the two of them nodded to each other.


“Are you ready, milady?” Raeliana asked as I nodded before she smiled as the two horses at the front sounded a neigh before both of them started moving as Raeliana looked at me for a second before saying, “Better hold tightly, milady since we will be moving at a faster speed than usual to save time.”


“Huh—isn’t this the maximum—waaaa!” I screamed as the horses suddenly started running faster than they would. It was so much faster than all the times I rode a carriage, I couldn’t help but hug Raeliana tightly in fear of falling off from the carriage… the carriage would jump up and down at times only adding to my nightmares as my carsickness immediately started acting up—it was about to be one hell of a journey to the town, I thought inside.