Chapter 136. Kaori & Crystal
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The meeting lasted the entire night with dozens of issues tackled one after another, I had to explain the modern concepts to each of the representatives such as how crop rotation works and how the town will look as well as the inn. The talks were mainly smooth-sailing though, we also discussed how we will recirculate currency into the town, our decision was to let the council handle the wages.


The council will receive at least thirty gold coins every four months which is apparently their estimate for the total wages of four months, counting a rounded-off number of workers that are still active. Their equipment will also be handed over to the council where they will distribute those tools as ‘government property’ which means they have to return it back after every work session.


As for the market issue, they told us that the plan where we would buy at least ten percent of their harvests or products every month for at least three months would work fine since the money will be needed a lot so the citizens can start using them to buy from other people.


“Haa… that was exhausting,” I rested on the couch as Tanya handed me a cup of milk which was one of the many things that Sheena brought with her, also Sheena is still fast asleep in another room… she did wake up once but fell back asleep after hearing she had nothing to do. She was that simple, “Right, I haven’t seen the town chief in a while… where is he?”


“Well, there is another pressing issue with that, my lady…” Tanya showed a bitter smile.


“What is wrong, did something happen to him?” I asked before she shook her head, sitting down beside me.


“The town chief is apparently going to retire soon which means we will need to look for another person to look after the town in his place,” she answered which made me smile a bit wryly.


Indeed, the town chief was super old and for him to keep on working until we arrived is courageous of him. I will give him a plus for that, he deserves his retirement… I won’t bug him about other stuff regarding the town then.


“When will he retire?” I asked.


“He said he will leave his post once he successfully hands over everything that you will need to revitalize the town, he added that he will still have to show you the emergency-only storage which apparently has all the seeds we need to start…” she answered.


“I see, I am grateful to him for doing that… tomorrow, we will go meet him then after that we will go do a quick inspection on the land. The Workers Council should apparently start with rebuilding the houses soon right?” I inquired before Tanya nodded which made me smile a bit as I looked out on the window, staring at the broken-down houses.


Everything has been smooth-sailing these days, but it has also been a headache for me likewise. This was only the start of my plans of revitalizing the town, we still need to do something phenomenal that will grab all the people’s attention towards us.


“Aren’t you thinking too much, dear?” a voice suddenly echoed from behind, surprising me as I turned around before Kaori and Crystal stood there in their royal attire. Crystal’s eyes sparkled as soon as she saw me, likewise, I felt my heart shine.


“Greetings, your Majesty and the Princess!” Tanya immediately kneeled but I didn’t follow suit and instead continued sitting down on the couch which shocked Tanya as Kaori chuckled a bit. I think every noble in the kingdom should already know that Kaori was able to teleport between spaces freely which is why they aren’t shocked.


“Little girl, do you mean if you leave us some space to talk?” Kaori looked at Tanya a bit, showing an innocent smile that made Tanya pale a bit.


“Stop bullying my people,” I pouted a bit before Kaori showed a giggle as Tanya immediately bowed down and left, leaving only Kaori, Crystal, and me alone as she activated a noise-canceling spell and also illusionary spells at the same time, “Your casting has gotten way better…”


“Indeed, how have you been here… this place is pretty dusty, how about cleaning it?” she teased while sitting down beside me as she placed Crystal on my lap where the little girl hugged me.


“I would clean it if I had the money and time to do it,” I laughed before she chuckled.


“Mama Ayumi, you look tired… is living here exhausting?” Crystal asked as she stared me in the eye which kind of struck me hard in the heart as I hugged her tightly.


“I am not tired, everything is going well for me… it’s only a matter of time, how about you my little girl? Your magic powers seem to have grown a little bit too much, you even surpass me now…” I looked at her and kissed her forehead. Her mana was practically overflowing which is a normal occasion for growing children… it was weaker than Flora’s when her mana overflowed though.


Flora would literally crack every glass just by letting her mana out at that time which was a heavy hit on our financial situation since she had a bad time controlling her mana.


“I have been doing fine, the teachers have been teaching me well… but Mama Kaori is too much! She wouldn’t stop bringing new dresses to me…” she pouted while looking at Kaori as I unconsciously let out a loud laugh.


“You should be happy to have someone spoil you that much,” I flicked the girl’s forehead before turning towards Kaori as I smiled, “How about you, how are you lately?”


“Well, I am clearly better than a certain someone here,” she teased before adding, “Your personality seems to have changed a lot after receiving your new body. Did something happen to you?”


“It’s complicated, it has something to do with the persona of mine and Ayumi Windsor’s slowly merging… it still hasn’t calmed down, yet which means I might experience major changes in personality according to my speculations…” I answered which made her a little bit worried, “Don’t worry though, I feel much happier in this new version of me.”


“Your personality isn’t the only thing that changed indeed, your new body is around a hundred times more beautiful than before, but your extraordinary mana capacity is nowhere to be seen anymore,” she showed a bitter smile.


True, this body is a lot more beautiful than my older body but the loss of the insane amount of mana is its major downfall. It was practically perfect in all aspects except for mana capacity, I could even control mana much easier on this body.


“I’ll make up that downfall with that mana breathing passive skill once I managed to acquire it. I don’t want to use the Skill Creation to get me the skill, it would be better if I learn it myself,” I smiled.


“Well, that skill of yours is indeed a cheat. If I were to act as the Queen, I would definitely exploit you a billion times to make skills and hand it over to everyone, but I can’t be doing that to my fiancée, would I?” she teased which caused me to be embarrassed a bit.


“Mama Ayumi is more powerful now?” Crystal asked curiously as Kaori nodded, assuring the little girl with pats. Her life has changed a lot, she was no longer homeless—nor was she an ordinary child, she was now the only Princess of the Nostalgia Kingdom who will inherit Kaori’s crown, “Does that mean she can fight dragons now?”


I giggled a bit, kissing her once more on the forehead like I always do as I showed a proud smile, “Your Mama Ayumi can beat dragons with a single punch way before that!”


“Waaa! Cool, I want to beat dragons with a single punch someday!” she replied which caused shivers on my back all of a sudden as I imagined Crystal with gigantic muscles, smashing down on a dragon like it was some kind of punching bag.


“Err… Kaori—if ever she asks for someone to help her get some muscles, please reject as much as possible… I don’t want to see our little girl suddenly becoming a musclehead…” I whispered onto Kaori before she let out a loud laugh.


“I will only do that if you give me a kiss her—” she was about to finish her sentence only to be kissed by me directly on the lips. I didn’t hesitate like before, after all, the two of us are practically bound now… and also, for the sake of stopping any future muscle head Crystal to pop up, “You really—if Crystal wasn’t here, you’d be suffering consequences!”


“Crystal dear, look at your Mama Kaori scolding me!” I hugged Crystal and joked but since Crystal was still a child, she took it truthfully and glared at Kaori with two gigantic pouts on her cheeks.


“Mama Kaori is bad! Don’t hurt Mama Ayumi!” she shouted which caused me to laugh super loud as I poked her two fluffy cheeks.


I felt really happy, seeing the two of them really changed my mood a lot. How long has it been since I enjoyed such moments? The only reason why I could meet the two of them and be like this is because of Kaori’s powers… I understood that once we finish up here, the next time we will see each other will be a long time from now.


“Mama Ayumi is crying…?” Crystal looked at me with worry, her eyes were teary as I shook my head, wiping the tears on my eyes as I hugged the two of them tightly.


“I am not crying—I am simply happy to see the two of you again… it will be hard to meet the two of you after this, we will be busy with our own affairs. You are no longer a normal child, after all… you are Princess Crystal, the future Queen…” I smiled, “The two of you are really the best… all the troubles in my head felt like it never existed once the two of you are here.”


“Stop that, Ayumi! You are making us cry as well!” Kaori chuckled with a smile as I giggled.


“Right, that reminds me, how are Mana and the others? I can’t check the system anymore since it is maybe locked behind some sort of main quest that I have to finish… I can’t even check which quests are available for me…” I smiled wryly.


“Mana is doing fine, she was given a Viscount title, a fief, and a mansion by the king there since they still think you are dead. The kingdom felt obliged which is why they are also training that little girl with the help of those two academy masters, that little girl is also guaranteed to inherit the Queenshelm clan apparently because she has huge talent in daggers and magic like you…” Kaori answered.


“How about Leisha?” I asked.


“Hmm, that Leisha is part of the Viscount family that was given but she apparently wants to become even stronger which is why she left. She did stop by at the kingdom once where the two of us met again, her next place will be the Kingdom of Iron where she will find someone to make her a perfect sword and spear,” she answered while drinking the cup of milk that was supposed to be mine.


“I see, they are doing well… that’s good enough for me. Also, please stop your habit of taking whatever stuff I drank or eat! You know I have been starving here because of how drained this place is, I even requested a loan just to get food!” I pouted which made her chuckle a bit.


“Well, good for you… the two of us also haven’t eaten yet since Crystal wanted to eat dinner with you so we brought some pizza that I taught the chefs to make, we also brought some milk that might help you sleep later,” she said before flicking her fingers as a table with three boxes of pizza and milk appeared.


“Kaori… I have a question,” I said while staring at her with the full force of my mana, “Are you feeding my little Crystal with these kinds of food?!”


“Err… I was only feeding her a little bit, it shouldn’t be a problem…” she said while sweating nervously as she looked at Crystal with a panicked voice, “Right, Crystal… it was only a little bit right?!”


“If you mean every single night as a little bit, then okay…” Crystal answered before my two hands unconsciously moved and pinched the white-haired beauty’s cheeks next to me, flicking her forehead after as I pouted.


“Do you have a piece of paper, I want to write down a list of meals with schedules for Crystal… I no longer trust you with taking care of her meals,” I said before she averted her gaze as Crystal kissed me on the cheeks.


“Mama Ayumi, let’s eat first… you can scold Mama Kaori later,” Crystal said as I immediately switched my mood and kissed her back.


“Let’s go eat then, you are lucky to have our little girl protect you… don’t think I won’t scold you a lot later!” I glared at Kaori as she nodded like a little kitten before the three of us soon started having our little ‘dinner’ if you can call that dinner.


After ‘dinner’, I wrote a complete list of meals that Crystal should have and even mentioned at the very bottom with super bold text to the chefs that a record of the meals they cook for her must be given every month to the town hall here then after that, the two of them soon left as I was left alone in my room with a smile, falling asleep in my bed.