Chapter 159. Orichalcum-eating Sword & Holy Magic!
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The Dungeon of Travis had another nickname on Solis and by ‘another’, I don’t mean one but several of them with the most prominent among them being: The Dungeon of the Skies and also The Dungeon of Whales simply because only the whales could clear it continuously and earn an abundant supply of Orichalcum which would always sell like hotcakes.


“You aren’t planning on making some kind of orichalcum sword, aren’t you?” My eyes gazed towards Kaori who started whistling.


“Well—It’s not really an orichalcum sword. You know how I can summon any kind of swords as I like right?” Kaori looked at us as both Mana and I nodded while Crystal and Flora looked confused, “To explain, my swords can actually grow, and I have been maxing a lot of them up but there is one sword, in particular, that is kind of hard to max out without a large amount of a certain material.”


Almost immediately after she finished speaking, a decently thin sword suddenly materialized above the table; the sword had this blackish-purple color, an aura of deep darkness, and most importantly, pressure. It looked like it could pierce an entire mountain by itself.


“This is what I call ‘Dark Imagarina’ which is simply a fancy way of saying ‘Dark Imagination’ in my own language. The sword by itself doesn’t have that much use other than having an intense amount of strength and can slice practically anything even magic itself,” she explained.


A sword that can slice magic, that’s not funny even for a joke. If that sword really indeed can slice magic and also slice basically everything then that would mean, she would be an impenetrable empire by herself since if both magic and physical cannot take her down then what can?


“But there is a limitation and that is the amount of magic you can slice. You see, this sword actually has nearly five hundred levels contrary to most of my swords which max out at five levels or at highest ten levels but this one goes up to five hundred levels for one reason: its ability.”


“The sword can slice through magic as I said but that’s a misleading way to say it, truthfully, the sword actually keeps the magic inside its own storage which it can use anytime but the capacity depends on the level, for example, the current level of the sword which is at twenty can store at least two medium-ranked spells.”


“At maximum, the sword can maybe take on several world-catastrophe ranked spells; not to mention, each level also increases its sharpness with the current level being able to slice steel like butter,” she added before Mana looked at her with a bit of an odd gaze.


She took a sip on her tea before saying, “How will that benefit us though? Even though the public already knows that we are allies because of Ayumi but that isn’t the same case with Ayumi herself since she isn’t currently associated with me and technically speaking, the public most likely thinks of us associating with her simply because she has ‘Ayumi’ on her name.”


“You don’t have to worry about the benefits. I also have something else planned, there is a certain blacksmith that I found who is capable enough to make instruments out of orichalcum and since the material itself is super-efficient with mana, your Saint class should be able to receive a lot of benefits from that, right?” Kaori said with a smirk.


Mana looked a bit surprised which was natural since a blacksmith capable of making instruments with orichalcum which hopefully doesn’t sound bad is super hard to find. The reason for that is because orichalcum is not an easy material to handle.


You have to do a rigorous process to make the orichalcum ready and even then, you still have a lot to do to form it into something and by then, the entire powers of the material wouldn’t be utilized at its fullest until you throw in more work. According to Solis rules, the only race that is capable of making orichalcum items are elves which is funny since it was supposed to be dwarves but the cliché.


“Are you saying that you found an elf who are supposed to be heavy NEETs that stays in their forest-like they are quarantined by a virus?” I joked before both Kaori and Mana spat out their teas.


Kaori coughed several times before answering, “You have quite the way of describing them even though you were the one who wrote the specifications for elves. Anyhow, indeed. I found an elf but not any ordinary elf, she is the Princess of the Elven Kingdom who came here after running away from an arranged marriage with some trash noble apparently.”


“An elven kingdom?!” Crystal’s eyes immediately sparkled only to be smacked by Flora on the head.


“You really are an odd little sister,” Flora mumbled as Crystal pouted, “I remember one time where the teacher talked about insects, and immediately your eyes would sparkle.”


“HEY! I was only interested in how they fly~!” Crystal rebuked before Flora rolled her eyes.


“Yeah sure… I’ll take it as you never asked the teacher how they managed to look so beautiful,” Flora fought back as the poor black-haired girl pouted and moved her chair closer to me.


Flora has indeed changed though, her speech was a bit mature now but then again, there was still a hint of her childish nature especially when it comes to food. Her hands are basically moving at supersonic, taking food left and right while I am speaking.


“Ehem… You are saying that the kingdom took shelter of a Princess?” Mana coughed several times before looking at Kaori with a serious gaze, “Aren’t you looking for war at that point, you do know that sheltering a Princess who has escaped from another kingdom without consent is breaking the continent-wide rules?”


“How cares about those rules?” Kaori shrugged, “The Princess herself is quite good-looking but she is still one percent of Ayumi’s current appearance… anyway, we have strayed from our conversation. The Princess had told me that she is willing to make us orichalcum tools as long as she can stay in the kingdom which is why I agreed in the first place.”


“But I also don’t want her to be exposed so I disguised her a bit with some magic sword, making her look like a normal human girl. Also, Crystal… haven’t you seen her yet? She is your tutor in both magic theories,” she turned her gaze towards Crystal who looked surprised.


“You mean Luna is actually an elf?!” the black-haired girl’s eyes immediately sparkled. You could tell she was thinking about forcing the poor elf to remove her disguise once she returns home… I am pretty surprised to hear from Flora that Crystal has some weird interests.


I was expecting her to like normal stuff like dresses, etc. but has there ever been a normal person within our family—Mana herself is pretty weird, Leisha is also among the weirdos who can wield any kind of weapon she likes, and Kaori is the weirdest to enter inside a kingdom and overthrow the royal family which should have been powerful within fifteen days by herself.


If that isn’t some kind of solo weirdness then I don’t know what to call it—well maybe crazy or mentally unhealthy but meh… it’s Kaori, she likes to do whatever she likes.


“I understand. How far is the dungeon from here though?” I looked at Kaori with a smile, “I can’t stay out for so long since I would have to prepare for my debutante party which is also a critical turning point for me since it would introduce me to a wide range of connections.”


“Time is not an issue; the dungeon isn’t that far from here around two hours by carriage but I already marked the location with my dimensional sword so that means I can teleport all of us to the entrance of the dungeon immediately.”


“And considering that your vampiric form is pretty strong along with your servant right there being also extremely powerful, my guess is we can clear the dungeon within one to two days at minimum or even a few hours if we went wild since Mana and the two little girls are also a tremendous fighting force combined,” she replied while looking at Mana and the others.


I was a bit surprised to hear that Crystal is also a tremendous fighting force for her though then again, I haven’t been involved in her for a little while now, “What is Crystal’s power by the way? You never told me about it.”


“Oh right!” Kaori’s shouted as if she had just remembered before she turned towards Crystal with a smile, “How about you demonstrate to your dear Mama what your power is? You can hit her as hard as you want since she can transform to her other race immediately and block it.”


“Are you making fun of me?” I asked before Kaori grinned.


“I just want to see how strong your defenses are, it would be embarrassing if you can’t even defend a simple attack from your own daughter, wouldn’t it?” she smirked.


“You really are annoying,” I laughed before looking at Crystal who was hesitating a bit, transforming into my vampiric form as pressure immediately dropped straight down on the entire table as I stood up and smiled, “You can hit me as hard as you want, my little cutie. I can’t be wounded easily.”


“Are you sure, Mama?” Crystal looked at me, hesitating even more.


“No worries, if you indeed manage to break through my defenses which by itself should be impossible, then I will allow you to learn swordsmanship which you liked a lot,” I giggled before she stood up almost immediately.


She was indeed a weird child, maybe because of the influence of Kaori’s swords, she likes swordsmanship more than magic. Amidst my thinking, a sudden shiver ran through my spine as Crystal pointed a tiny wooden wand towards me.


All of a sudden, a very heavenly aura covered her as my eyes widened. Shivers ran through my spine as I immediately cast as many defense spells as I could. Fifteen magic circles of Blood Magic defensive types appeared before a small phantom light-aura sword appeared at the tip of her wand.


Without even waiting for me, the sword flew in my direction as it struck the first layer of my defenses. Creating waves of shockwaves that were dissipated with Kaori’s swords. The sword collided with my magic circle for fifteen seconds before cracks started to form on the magic circle as it exploded, bringing along with it the sword.


“Kaaaorrri!!!! You never told me Crystal uses Holy Magic?! WHAT THE F#@#!” I cried, sweating nervously. Vampire’s weakness is Holy Magic which is something that is only given by the deities to someone special according to Solis specification.


The churches themselves don’t even have real Holy Magic which is why I am not too afraid of them; their holy magic is more like a variant of light magic which is a billion times weaker and also, the fact that the sword managed to crack the first layer of defense which should have been enough for a level eighty monster meant that the force it carried was tremendous.


“Mama, are you okay?!”


“Yikes…” I laughed while transforming back to my human form as Crystal ran towards me with worry, “I should have known that you were not normal as well since your elder sister is equally as terrible.”