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Join in for the third BL author Interview about their recently finished story!!

Either it's the holiday season, and the authors were so much more into finishing their long-going stories, or they just wanted to do it to wrap up the previous year, but we had very many good ones. Congrats on your achievements!

All comments and further questions to the authors are welcome because while we did try to ask the questions we felt the readers might want to know most, we probably missed something. So that's where you come in—the actual Readers of BL on ScribbleHub!

Please do not be shy, and if you happen to be, you can send us questions by PMs, and we will ask them discreetly in the comment section ourselves \(^v^)/.



Today, our author of note is Pandoraeh who is finishing their first and only BL story on SH, We've Lost the Plot! For anyone who enjoys thrillers and QT's, take a look! It's quick, and it's sweet, and we all want Pandoraeh to get inspired for more stories to come!

Also, one of the few BL stories on SH that has a pure 5 star rating! (Please let us hope and wish it will stay like this for a long, long time! Trolls and haters, begone >_<).




BLBL Interviews








How did you get into writing BL?

It was kind of on accident. I got back into reading BL about a year ago after a long break from slash and manga. After reading a few web novels that I enjoyed, the stream kind of ran dry for me. Since I couldn't find the story and characters I was looking for, I decided to try my hand at writing them instead. So I started my first BL focused story. Before it, I had written mostly GL or non-romance but never published them.



What inspired/prompted you to write the story you are currently publishing?


When I got back into BL, I discovered the quick-transmigration genre and fell in love. I grew up on Doctor Who and murder mysteries stories and found many similarities between all of them. I love self-contained stories that change their settings and feature unique problems or cases to solve but always have the same main characters. So, I took a swing at it though I severely overestimated myself. Luckily the beauty of self-contained stories is that you can wrap everything up and still provide proper story payoff.



What do you like most about BL?


The versatility. To me, BL is a tag to the story. I can write a pair of male gay leads, but the entire story isn't focused only on their romance. It's just one part of the whole. BL can be placed in any setting and theme. From horror and suspense to fantasy and sci-fi. On top of that, it offers the chance for representation that is often absent in these genres.



What's your favorite BL sub-genre/trope/element?

Hmmmm, I'm probably gonna regret this, but I'm a sucker for the yandere trope. It's a bit embarrassing as usually, I'm pretty turned off by obsessive stalkers, but a well-written yandere can be a lot of fun. The slow unraveling and build up in the plot as the yandere gets worked up into his obsession can make for a tense and interesting read. Though this only works for me when he's paired with a smart and powerful lover. I dislike unbalanced relationships, so having an overpowering yandere with a weak-willed character leads to an uncomfortable power imbalance. The partner doesn't have to be like a martial arts master or physically stronger, just a proper counterbalance to the yandere's obsessive nature—someone who can stand toe to toe with him. There's nothing more fun than when the yandere gets going, and his partner is there cheering him on or getting him to stand down. Also, there's the emotional drama on how the yandere got that way and all the delicious story beats that are created from the trouble they often create for themselves. And the two-faced nature that comes with them is excellent.



What's your favorite type of BL character?


I love an intelligent, cunning, but lazy lead character. This is especially true when they are aware of everything going on around them but decide not to get involved until everything has reached a boiling point. The cherry on top is when they are loving and loyal to those close to them and show a private and tricky side to their lover. A close second is the stoic in face, but soft in soul type.




As a reader, what's your favorite BL novel?


Hands down it's "Reborn with an Old Enemy on the Day of our Marriage". It's soooooo goooooood! The leads, their friends, their families, their enemies, it's just a fantastic read. It has my favorite type of lead characters, partners who have supported each other through thick and thin but still know how to tease each other. They also are clever, mature, and so loving! The side cast is fantastic and funny with their constant silliness and misunderstandings. The leads, shockingly, act like adults because even though they were sent back to high school, they are still mentally 30. It's just great. It was a perfect silly, light read with fantastic plot handling and an ending that left me satisfied but still wanting more.




Do you have recurring motifs or themes in your BL stories, written or planned? Something you're obsessed with or in general want to explore more?


Found family. It's entirely found family. I can't help. I don't wanna escape it. I love found family. It's one of my favorite ways of naturally building out character depth and motivation. Non-traditional family structures are fun, and I found it fits into a lot of situations. Also, I prefer to have a lead that cares about more people than just his lover as I find this to be more human.




If you have one regret about your BL story—something you wish you did differently—what would it be?


It's the length. I waaaaay overshot it. My original aim was 70-80k for the opening arc as I had planned for a quick transmigration series. But I kept layering plot and details to build an underlying mystery, only to find myself stuck in a long game that ended with several unneeded self-indulgent sections. On top of that, I didn't have a firm understanding of the overarching world, which led to me changing villains a few times initially. Hopefully, it's not noticeable in the published chapters, but I have like four documents with unused plot and dialogue from all the changes. If I were to redo it, I would condense several chapters that share similar themes or purposes. Like I have a section with interpersonal character building that could be reduced from like four chapters to two. Also, I changed my editing process about 25 chapters, which helped me streamline my overindulgence.





Have your interests in BL changed through the years? Have you ever had pet peeves and changed your opinions later? Or something you were once obsessed with that now you no longer find all that appealing to you?


Yea, my interests have changed massively. When I was a teen, I was fine with any BL romance, regardless of if the characters had chemistry or were interested in a relationship, so long as it was pretty boys going at it, I was happy. Now I focus primarily on lead characters who are respectful of each other, have good chemistry, and play well off each other. This is alongside a setting I like. I'm a sci-fi fantasy lover, so I tend to lean into those types of stories over general modern settings. Also, I used to hate female characters in BL along with 'love rivals'. But now I root for them to get character arcs and find it endlessly annoying when they are poorly written and abused in service of a paper-thin plot.



Thank you, Pandoraeh!


Hope to you see more of your BL stories on SH (and non-BL, too, but BL preferably!). Do not get overstressed with the small things, you are doing great! 

Thank you everyone for reading and please check out Pandoraeh's novel on SH! It needs your support and love!!


Bye and see you in another Interview in a few days!