BLBL Newsletter [19] : August 2022
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Welcome all to the August 2022 edition of the Brilliant Library of Boys Love Newsletter!  \(≧▽≦)/ We have a lot of things happening this August~!

The contents of this newsletter are as follows: (click on the titles to jump to that section!)

  1. BL Palace Annual Grand Banquets - 13th AUGUST 2022!
  2. Golden Gaytimes: Boys' Love Summer Short Story Anthology - coming soon!
  3. Newly completed BL novels on Scribble Hub (July 2022)
  4. BL author news
  5. The banner chibis
  6. OG BL novel recommendations
  7. General BL News
  8. Fun corner
  9. Housekeeping for BL Palace
  10. Acknowledgements

1. BL Palace Annual Grand Banquets - 13th AUGUST 2022

Everyone is invited to the BL Palace Grand Banquets 2022 [formerly known as BL Palace Workshop]. It will be held on Saturday, 13th August 2022. The itinerary for the Banquet shall be revealed soon.
Please, don your best clothes and join us on BL Palace discord on the date!


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2. Golden Gaytimes: Boys' Love Summer Short Story Anthology - coming soon!

It's (almost) here! The BL Palace Summer Short Story Anthology will be very coming soon! Follow the BL Palace account or join the BL Palace discord to be notified of when the anthology will appear!

Look forward to ice-cream-flavoured comment teams to support all our lovely authors!


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3. Newly completed BL novels on Scribble Hub (July 2022)

Here are the novels that were completed in July 2022!

The Supreme Hero’s Younger Brother


The Supreme Hero’s Younger Brother by K_Jira

90.3k | 60 ch | Action, Adventure, Boys Love, Fantasy, Romance

Ludric Cazmere is the world's Supreme Hero, born to slay the demon lord and exterminate evil. But this story is not about him.

Rye Cazmere is the Supreme Hero's younger brother, born without any predestined fate and meaning in life. A disappointment to his family who expected to bear another hero for the country. Breaking away from his family who ignored his existence, he lived peacefully as a teacher. But what will happen when he reunited with his powerful brother after 6 years?

It was the first step toward the fate of his life.

[BL] Life, Unending


Life, Unending by Jayduph

5.1k | 1 ch | Boys Love, Mystery, Psychological, Supernatural

Lim could feel his creativity slip between his fingers, only to be replace by a firm hand pulling him out of his delirium - or was it?
[BL] Dreaming in Fantasies


Dreaming in Fantasies by Jayduph

5.3k | 1 ch | Boys Love, Drama, Romance, Slice of Life

Erdem finally made it home for the summer break, quickly falling back into his routine as if he hadn't just been away for almost a year. Surrounded by the whirlwind that was his best friend Liv, Erdem waited for the boy he had a crush on to come for a visit. Except as the summer waned and time gradually moved forward, Off never came, and Erdem started to feel nervous in a way he couldn't explain.


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4. BL author news

Help these authors by checking out their work 😊😊


LinXueLian has recently released two original BL novel/writing-based games!

Ertian and the Magical Egg (18+ ONLY)

Visual novel, Xianxia, Crack

Synopsis: When easy-going Yang Ertian receives a magical egg, it is up to him to hatch it – by making out with other young men! Contains two paths and a wingman.

Download link:


Harlowe's Eve (18+ ONLY)

Interactive fiction, Victorian-inspired, Darkish romance, Has bad ends (PLEASE READ THE WARNING)

Synopsis: Explore Lord Harlowe's castle in search of romantic encounters and tantalizing chambers. Includes a garden.

Play on browser:





Heart is searching for special people to join her on her collaborative shorts journey on BL Palace discord. Please find Hartfel#6556 on BL Palace discord if you are interested. We write short stories based on a given prompt and then post them on channels/ threads dedicated to them. Heart is thinking of a new prompt related to Japanese Lit European inspired magic stories~

FYI, we currently have a Space Bar prompt and BL Palace Xianxia shorts available for you to join to practice your writing. You... err, don't wanna know about the Mafia AU unless you're committed enough to join the BLP family tree.

Find me, le Heart. Pls. *cat pleading eyes*



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5. Who are the chibis?

Did you see the chibis on our heading banner? Do you know where they come from? Such a mystery~ 😏😏

In every BLBL Newsletter, we dedicate a corner to showcase our staff's incredible artistic talent and give a shout-out to a handful of beautiful BL couples from novels featured on our very own Scribblehub! σ(≧ε≦o)

This month's chibis are courtesy of these lovely and hardworking artists: Killokii and oofcat!

Have you read enough BL novels to guess which books these cute and adorable chibis are from? There's no punishment for guessing wrong! But if you guessed correctly before the big reveal you might just receive a cookie! 🍪🍪🍪🍪

Now, drum-roll please! 🥁🥁🥁

Hong Sheng and Lu Hao from To the Start of a New World by ars



Lucas and Elias from Of Everlasting End by lukiyo_224




Did you like these chibis a lot? Would you also like to have chibis of your BL characters drawn?  If you have a finished or regularly updating novel with over 20k words, you can fill out this form to have a chibi of your main couple drawn and included in the newsletter banner!



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6. OG BL novel recommendations



We have no OG BL novel recommendations this month 🥲🥲🥲 If you read something you like, please send a recommendation-review in!


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7. General BL News


We have no General BL News this month 😅😅😅 If you see something around, send it in!


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8. Fun corner


writing for an update versus writing a new meet cute - created by Jinz




Motivations for all of you - hat tip to Heart




No regrets. - hat tip to Heart



It's true tho. We writers are a special breed - hat tip to Heart



Maybe it works the same with writing? - hat tip to Heart



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9. Housekeeping for BL Palace


Please directly DM the account or message bafflinghaze in order to get something posted or retweeted on the BL Palace twitter account. This includes:

  • promotions of any original BL novel, either yours or a recommendation
  • fan or official artwork of any original BL novel, either yours or a recommendation
  • Any tweets about more general BL news that you think should also be retweeted

Discord Server

Any readers and writers of BL are welcome to come join our BL Palace discord server! We have writing sprints, writing help, and much more!

Email Subscription

You can sign up to receive emails to notify of any new newsletters, interviews, etc. here on the Boys Love Newsletter!

BLBL's July Newsletter

Help us out for the September Newsletter by filling out this form.


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10. Acknowledgements

This Newsletter was brought to you by the following people: bafflinghaze, RedEmber, and tiaf!

Please give another round of applause to the lovely artists who made this month's BLBL Newsletter chibi banner: Killokii and oofcat!!

And finally, thank you to all those who submitted items for the newsletter!


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And with that, we are done! Hope to see you on the next chapter of the newsletter! (And over at the upcoming workshop and BL Anthology!)

And as always