Lion Hunt (3)
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Chapter 185

Title: Lion Hunt (3)


"...Damn," peeking in the room from outside the door, Perry mumbled to herself.

Waking up at night, wanting to drink some water, Perry had discovered her jug empty. And when she came out of her room, wanting to fill the jug, she saw something unusual. Marshall D. Teach her target, was casually going to Thatch's (4th division commander of WB pirates) room. Honestly, it wasn't that unusual – they might be wanting to discuss something? Or maybe play chess? Anything might be the case here.

However, Perry was specifically ordered to watch out for this exact scenario. So she very quietly followed him, and what she saw shocked even her brainwashed mind.

'I wonder how Whitebeard will react with one of his sons killing another.' Perry thought, holding back a laugh. Her master would like this news.

Looking in front, as Blackbeard took out the bloody dagger from Thatch's chest, Perry decided it was time to go. Her ability to hide won't help when Blackbeard comes out of the room and meets her face to face, after all.


— Random Hotel, New World —

'Ah, amazing.' Amon smiled as he put down the tone-dial on the bed. He certainly didn't expect to wake up so early in the morning from a phone call, but the news was enough to make up for it.

Perry has been with Whitebeard pirates for years now, and her time of the report is usually every week. So when Amon saw her call 3 days before the usual date, he knew something was up. He had also guessed what that might be since Luffy has started his journey already.

'Finally, Blackbeard did it.' Amon chuckled while stretching his body. 'Honestly, I can't wait to experiment on his body. I want to know his secret to three fruits, and also his secret on the fact that he had hurt fucking Shanks.'

Frankly, hurting Shank's isn't even a big deal, since he got hurt by a fucking Sea King (even though willingly), but the big deal was how weak Teach acted with Ace. Was he the same man who injured Shanks? What is his secret behind it? He surely doesn't have super strong Haki, or he would have thrashed Ace, so does that mean a strange technique? Most likely.

Amon wasn't impatient though. To make things run smoothly, he needs to force things to go according to the plan. Ace is supposedly very pretty this time around, he has all types of Haki too. The current Blackbeard won't be able to stop him even with his fruit – unless a certain someone intervenes.

"...Heh," Getting up and sitting on the edge of the bed, Amon then looked beside him, Robin's naked body lying there silently. Yawning to himself, Amon walked to the bathroom to take a shower.


— Skypiea, days later —

"Alright," Amon paused, looking ahead. Several days have passed since his date with Robin ended. Now he has prepared enough and finally decided to attack the Golden Lion pirates once and for all. "Do you guys know why I called you now?"

In front of him, four of the Seven Deadly Sins were gathered, standing straight respectively... except for Raki, who was sitting on the floor with a bored gaze.

"Maybe." Raki replied, munching on some French fries. "Not that it's hard to guess with you suddenly giving Robin 7 days of your time. Did she do something great, like finding the location of Shiki?"

"Tada," Amon smiled at her. "10 points. Nice guess."

"Stop it. It's cringe," Raki stated, making Amon chuckle. "Either way, you want to attack Shiki now?"

"Hmm, shut up and listen quietly," Amon ordered, leaning back on the chair as Raki groaned, though she complied with him. "Along with you four, I and Otama will also go. We six would be the only people on this raid."

While everyone nodded, Raki raised her eyebrow. "Don't you think it's a bit too much? This is not like a test either since you are going. Isn't you alone, or you and me, enough?"

"Not necessarily. Shiki's main weapon is his animals. If they rampage all at once, nor I or you would be able to stop them, well, at least without killing them." Amon finished, and with a small frown, Raki nodded in understanding.

"Oh, and Tsumi." Amon turned to Tsumi, making her straighten her posture. "My Sin of Greed. I would be watching you the whole time, I want to be sure that selecting you as a Sin was the right choice."

Tsumi managed to climb the ladders and grab a seat in the Sins. It's been 2 months since then, so Amon was still very interested in his choice. Amon doesn't want the Sins to become like the Division Commanders like Whitebeard Pirates, he wants each 7 of them to be as strong as the Beast Pirates' Calamities, or Big Mom Pirates' Sweet Commanders.

Other than Tsumi, the other 5 Sins have enough power to reach that level, but Amon wasn't quite sure if Tsumi was there too.

"I will make sure to prove you didn't make a rash decision, my Kami," Tsumi said with a light bow, revealing her cleavage slightly. Raising her head with a grin, she locked her gaze on his eyes. "I will try to overshine the other Sins."

After that, Urouge, Raki and Tsumi asked more questions, mostly about the details of what they would be attacking. They are strong, but Amon taught them to be cautious, to not underestimate anything -- more so the rival of Pirate King himself.

All this time, Hancock stayed silent, making Amon observe her for a second.

'...' Amon parted his lips after shifting his gaze from Hancock. 'This bitch...? Again? Why?'

After an internal sigh, Amon stated, "Alright, everyone, leave for now. We will leave for Merveille tomorrow. Take as much preparation as you need, we will meet in the morning... oh, Hancock, stay behind for a while."

"As you wish," With a nod everyone turned around and left, leaving Amon and Hancock behind.


Looking ahead as Amon ordered with a slight coldness in his tone, she froze. "Pet, come here."

Pet... He called her pet, something he has been doing for a few months now. Yes, she was just a pet. Nothing more. A pitiful pet serving her owner... But why did the thought make her heart beat faster?

After a second, she slowly walked closer to him. "Get on all four, like a dog," Amon ordered as she did it after a slight hesitation.

From down below, she looked up, meeting his red eyes looking down at her like the slave she was. He raised his right foot and placed it on top of her head, ordering, "Bark."

For a second, she wondered what was happening, before she parted her lips, a soft sound leaving her lips. "...Woof."



Amon smirked amusingly, she felt her life had been worth it seeing his smile. "Again."

"Woof." At the final woof, Hancock's voice was dry, as she gulped quietly.

"Hm." Amon pressed his foot on her head with force. "Tell me, what are you?"

"I am your pet." She answered immediately, her breathing rough.

"Good answer." Amon rubbed her head with his feet. "As a pet, your job is to satisfy your owner, isn't it?" She nodded. "Yes, that's your only job, as a dog, you are supposed to obey all orders of your master." She nodded again, albeit with a small gasp leaving her mouth, clearly aroused. "Then if that's the case, why are you having different thoughts?

Her increasing arousement paused as she froze. "I-"

"You are a mere dog, a bitch. My bitch." Amon interrupted her. "And what was your master's order? To not pick a fight with Robin again. But what did you do? You were thinking of going to Robin's room and starting another quarrel, hm? Tell me pig, isn't that against what I said?" His voice was not grim, but rather slightly irritated.

Hancock stopped moving. Her heart dropped, realising he has read all her thoughts with his Observation Haki. He saw how she paid no attention to the meeting at all. She gulped again, this time loudly. Amon chuckled, "Are you rebelling against the person who saved you, ungrateful bitch?"

Her eyes grew.

"I- I would never-" she stopped, looking at Amon's gaze penetrating her thoughts. "...I am sorry, master," Hancock mumbled, her eyes red and teary. "This d-dog didn't know the best. I should be punished severely."

Amon chuckled darkly hearing him. "That's right. At least you are aware, bitch. Turn around. Face your ass towards me." Amon finished, standing up and walking forward as Hancock slowly turned around on her four. "I will need to teach you to not disobey me ever again, you fucking slave."


'It's better to control her this way, or the fight will start for the third time, (the second already happened with Vivi) and I don't want that... Sigh, fuck this shit.' Shaking his head, Amon stared at Hancock and decided on how he would teach her a lesson. And honestly, with his emotion-sensing powers, he could tell she enjoyed being treated like this quite a bit, so it's not really a bad thing.




A/N: Things happened in the time-skip and Amon has found a more "efficient" way to control Hancock, after her pride and possessiveness had led her to argue with Vivi too. Anyway, we would now rather focus on Shiki's battle with Amon. (I really want to show where Amon stands right now...)

(Also, the last part was fun to write 😏.)