Lion Hunt (4)
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Chapter 186

Title: Lion Hunt (4)


A rectangular cloud with car seats attached? It sure looked super comfy. Staring ahead at the "Cloud Car" in satisfaction, Amon let out a smile. This "Car" has everything a normal car needs, and additionally, it can fly in the sky and float on the sea, very fast.

"Guys, ready?" He asked as everyone nodded from the other seats. "Let's go."

Vroom! The engine roared as the wheels started moving, immediately rising in the air as it burst forward at a moderate speed.


The car wasn't that complex, it's just a chunk of island cloud loaded with car components. Easy to make, and sells high. Considering it can only be made with island clouds – the other competitors from blue seas were unable to recreate them so Amon easily held the monopoly over such a versatile vehicle.

Enjoying the wind against his skin as the car flew above clouds, Amon leaned back in his chair as the car moved on autopilot mode. This thing had a GPS inbuilt, connected to the dozens of Satellites above the lair of the atmosphere so it was easily able to go to Mervellie.

"Oi, brother..." Raki called, Amon turned to look at her, a scowl on her face. "Why... why are you bringing that little girl with us?" Raki said, pointing at Otama who was sitting on Amon's lap, eating a chocolate bar.

Otama tilted her head but said nothing, Amon shook his head and focused in front of him. He said, "She is the key to this mission. She would make sure the animals don't start rampaging. Don't you know how powerful her power is?"

Raki groaned. "Yes, but she is a kid. What if she dies?"

"Then she dies, kek." Amon chuckled, making Raki scowl. "Alright. I will stop. Don't worry about her, I will protect her from harm, she is too important to let her come harm's way."

Amon knew Raki didn't like kids that much, but she was quite fond of Otama, well just a little. Either way, while she doesn't mind hurting Otama or anyone (either for training purposes or fun), she didn't like the fact that Otama could die if things go south. Still, since Amon said he would protect her, she wasn't worried anymore.

"If you say, so– oh!" Raki suddenly cried, jumping slightly from the seat as a smile crept on her face. "Oh, bone number two done!"

Amon glanced at her smile and focused on her arms, she has been applying Haki all the time every second. And it seemed both her forearms were now Blacked out. With a smile, Amon raised his hand and patted her head. "Good girl, now you should focus on your wings, I am doing it too."

"Mhm." Raki nodded, checking out her arms with shining eyes.

"Both already?" From behind, Hancock's voice asked, her tone filled with her usual arrogance. She was a sub, but she was a sub only to Amon. "Hm, both of my leg bones below the knees also became black." She noted. "I am focusing on my thigh bones now, it will take a few months though."

Amon glanced at her as she immediately avoided eye contact. "Good," Amon said with a small chuckle. Her Haki was a step stronger than Raki, she had the talent for it. And being a kicker, she rather focused on her legs – according to Amon's knowledge, only her, Raki and Amon had blacked bones in this world.

'Other than me and Raki, only the Sins know about this technique. I didn't teach the minions, since even considering the great security the Kingdom has, if the technique somehow gets out, the Emperors would surely become aware of it and... With their Haki, they would easily overshadow me and cause more problems for me.' Amon thought. 'Can't let that happen.'

"Oh, Hancock, baby." Amon turned back, smiling at her as she froze in her place, wondering what's to come now. "How much did you progress in Advanced Conqueror's?"

"..." Hancock visibly sighed and tried her best to maintain eye contact. "Well... I am still at the beginner level. It's hard, I can't pin how easily you do it. But I- I am trying my best."

"Hmm, good girl. I will reward you later." He smiled at her, turning around as she sighed in relief.

As the car leapt through the air, going past many birds, the sun slowly moved above their head from the eastern sky.


Sitting on the throne, Shiki frowned. He just got some weird news. 'Someone is coming towards this island?' His radar had caught on something. 'Someone found this land hidden in the clouds? Impressive. Let's see who you are, and let's see how I should deal with you.'

"Doctor Indigo," Shiki called, as not long after a man in a lab suit with blue hair came inside the room. Shiki looked at him, and asked, "Any guess who it is?"

Indigo raised his hand in the air and parted his fingers, moving them through the air and drawing something. From top to bottom, left to right, he moved his hands and tried to show Shiki what he meant.

After a few minutes, veins popped on Shiki's head as he snarled, "You have a mouth, use it dammit!"

"Okay." Indigo immediately replied, making Shiki fume. "And no, sir. I would prepare the animals just in case, maybe it's Kaido? He is one of the only ones who can move so fast through the air. It would be bad if it was him." Kaido had a good relationship with Shiki, but that was the past. Their last meeting ended in a fight and that was 20 years ago, but Shiki didn't believe it was Kaido.

"It's not him, I have a gut feeling," Shiki said, leaning back and resting his head on the chair. "Now leave, my head is hurting. I should preserve some strength for the possible fight."

"Piro Piro Piro, alrighty." Indigo laughed and walked out, his shoes squeaking on his every step.

Just as Shiki's eyes followed Indigo's body, leaving through the door – his eyes sprung up as sensed something. Immediately, something large and fast came crashing into the throne room, breaking the walls!

"ROAR!" A roar deeper than any animal on the island startled Shiki off his seat as he looked at the face of a dragon in front of him.

"Kaido?" He asked, floating up with a frown on his face. "What are you doing here, brat?!"

Before he could react, the dragon head whipped as it went for a bite, catching Shiki off guard and devouring his body in its mouth.


Seriously? What's up with this bitch?!

"Oi, will you stop trying to get in my head?!" Shortmotor yelled towards the ground, towards the outer force that has been trying to get in his head. "My head is protected, super protected. I am a genius scientist, you think I never planned against a supercomputer trying to hack into me?"

No answer came for the first few seconds. But soon enough, a buzzing drone came flying closer to him as the voice of another robot sounded out. [That's why I am trying to break into you, to try and see what my limits are.]

"...Is this Boss' order?" Motor groaned. "Fine, do it. Try as much as you like, just a heads up: I am super secured. I am a tech God." He turned around and stomped his way out. This bitch was ordered to hack into him? Fine! He would show why his clones feared his genius.

'They don't call me Motor Gang's leader for nothing.'




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