Next Phase (2)
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Chapter 189

Title: Next Phase (2)


"I would go!" Ace yelled on top of his lungs. "H- he killed one of our brothers! Your son! So why are you still not going after him, pops!?"

Hearing his arguably rude tone, many of the Whitebeard Pirates frowned, but they stayed silent, letting their pops decide on this.

"Argh..." the living legend, the behemoth, the strongest man alive, simply groaned. "Ace..." Whitebeard sighed. "Teach did a bad thing, I have failed as his father. I haven't gone after him because I am sure, I would kill him if I meet him." He looked Ace in the eye. "Fine, if you think you can take him on, then go. I won't stop you."

Ace smiled. "Pops -"

"That's enough, leave, Ace. I don't want to see your face." Whitebeard's tone was stern, heavy, and harsh like a parent disciplining their children. "You've decided it yourself, so you have to see an end to it. Don't waste time talking with me, do what you think is befitting. Don't return before doing so, understood?"

Ace paused before parting his lips.

"I-" He stopped midway. For the first time in his life, Ace felt a lump on his throat that he couldn't just yell out. After gulping hard, he straightened his back. He had decided. He won't let the Kaido scenario repeat itself. He won't sit back and do nothing after someone had killed his close friends.

'Fool, my friend. I listened to you last time, but I am sorry – I have to take this revenge to fulfil my own promise.' Ace steeled his resolve and looked Whitebeard at the eye, nodding lightly before turning around to go to his room, pack the last of his clothes.


Ace had quite a few sets of clothes, but he didn't take much with him, this wasn't a vacation. He just grabbed a few short pants and his hat. He didn't like wearing shirts after becoming one of Whitebeard's sons, he wanted to proudly show off his tattooed back – so he didn't take any.

Putting the last pair of pants in his bag, just as he pulled the chain upwards, a knock fell on the door.


Ace turned around. He tried to sense who it was but failed. Observation Haki was not that versatile, it could sense people, but it couldn't sense who the people were. At least his version didn't. He heard the Sky Emperor and Charlotte Katakuri could do so pretty easily.

Still, he could guess who it was as he sighed. "Come in, Perry."

The figure of a brown-haired beauty entered the room shortly after, a concerned look on her face.

Ace turned around and kept packing his other things, ignoring Perry for minutes, Finally, after a while, Perry parted her lips, "Um... Ace, you... you should-"

"Don't beat around the bush, I am not in the mood. And if you're here to stop me, then return. I promised Mr Fool that I won't go after Kaido until I am strong enough, but this time – this time, I am strong enough, stronger than Teach at least." Ace blurted, as Perry sighed.

She hesitated for a second. Seeing this, Ace wanted to repeat himself – but Perry quickly announced, "Ace... You should take me with you, I want to go with you."


Ace blinked.


East Blue, Cocoyashi Village

Arlong hadn't expected this. He knew humans were daring, but he still didn't expect a single man to outright attack his Park.

"Who are you, human?" He asked, looking at the blonde man who was being pinned by a Fishman, his head down. This man had defeated 10 of his brothers just by kicking them, even going as far as shattering their skulls. "A bounty hunter I presume?"

He didn't talk much with humans. Normally, he would have just killed this man for what he did – but today, he didn't kill him precisely because of what he did. He kicked his brothers and made them cry in pain! How dare he!

'So you will die a slow and painful death, human.' Arlong decided. "Why aren't you talking?"

"Hah," The blonde man released a breath, raising his head as Arlong's brows twitched. He was smoking? When did he– "You made Nami-san cry, scream your name as she stabbed her tattooed arm with a knife. You disgrace, you don't deserve to be a man."

Arlong paused before a chuckle left his lips. "Ah, you're that type. Nami did that? Hmm, I need to make her pay for getting rid of the Arlong tattoo then."

The blonde scoffed. "In your dreams. Wait for a minute, they would be here soon. My captain will kill you."

"Oh?" Arlong raised an eyebrow. "Captain? You are a team, huh? Tell me, why did you come alone? You should have waited and attacked at once, why are you here by yourself?"

He waited for an answer, but the blonde simply took a puff. Arlong frowned. Fine. Then be it. He would talk with this Captain of his. Nami needed to be taught a lesson this time, and killing her potential saviours would be the best choice.

He won't kill Nami, she is too valuable for that. Rather, he plans to meet his idol, Sky Emperor, and present him Nami as a gift. He had realised Nami is too valuable to keep her here with him, she would be a lot of help to his idol, for sure. Her world-class navigation skills and map-creating ability... they are incredible. Who knows, maybe he can even get close to him this way?

Arlong laughed as he kicked the blonde's face, throwing the cigarette in the process.


He didn't just love women, he respected them. So when he saw Nami stabbing her arm with a knife to remove the tattoo, screaming Arlong's name with hate and disgust, he was pissed. He should have waited for his Captain because he was sure Luffy would be pissed and want to help Nami as well. But... a part of him couldn't wait.

Two years ago, something big happened. Germa 66 was defeated, captured, and enslaved by the Sky Emperor. He didn't like his family, heck he even hated them! Considering this, he should have been happy that they were enslaved by the Sky Emperor. But–

A part of him hated it. A part of him hated the fact that his family, his loving sister, was now a slave to another man. So when he saw that look on Nami's face, her tears falling down her cheeks – he thought – was Reiju suffering the same fate? Or was she experiencing worse?

Sky Emperor was quite known for his playboy tendencies. Of course, being in east blue, Sanji didn't know that – not until he started doing his research after Germa was defeated, at least. So it won't be a surprise if Reiju, right now, is on her back, moaning under a fucking manwhore. What irritated him more was the fact that she might didn't have had a chance to refuse either, maybe she was forced to do what he wanted?

...Sanji sighed.

This was the true face of the world, under the mask of humans, there is a monstrosity. The weak have to submit to the strong, they have to silently do whatever the strong orders. That's something Sanji experienced first-hand... by his own family.

Yes, he might be overthinking, maybe nothing of that sort was even happening, and Amon might only be using their technology, but the thought was still there in his mind. So Sanji had a new enemy, an enemy he knew was out of his league. Still... that wasn't the point, the point was when Nami cried, his sister's face sprung up from her expression as something kicked.

Groaning, he ran forward, kicking the gate of the Arlong Park open only to be single-handedly beaten by the blue-skinned monster.

Still... Sanji grinned as a voice entered the place.

"My, Sanji. You have got yourself into quite the tight situation, have you not?" Sanji chuckled as he agreed, he was pinned to the ground after all. "Still, the fact that you care about a female's dignity so much has earned you some of my respect, you pervert."

Sanji laughed again as the figure of a blonde beauty entered his sight. She jumped up, vanishing from her spot as she kicked the Fishman above him and flung him across the Park, throwing him in the water.

Sanji smiled. "Ah, my Queen, you're here finally, and here I was thinking my time was up."

The blonde grinned, showing her white teeth. "Not in my watch, kid. Time's up for the fishes instead." Under her shining smile, Sanji stood up as he patted his dusty suit.

He glanced at Honey's face... Maybe he was in love for real this time?

Honey Queen grinned lightly as she brushed her hair and locked eyes with Arlong, making the monster groan.




A/N: Amon has made two of the Straw Hat his enemy; Nami and Sanji. What is his plan? How would he 'team-up' with them if they all hate him?