Aisa’s Worth (2)
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Chapter 193: Aisa's Worth (2)

To 'connect' something with me so that I can get authorisation over it, I need to touch it. Big brother said my limit of touch is supposed to be the weight of an object, if not I should theoretically be able to touch the ground and control the whole planet, which I can't do.

So his theory seems to be true. That's why Wind Style is my best bet. Since the wind doesn't have that much weight to it, I can easily 'store' tons of air under my "Authorization" and cause tornadoes anywhere. The same goes for water, the sea. If I had control over the White-White sea around us, I would be the bane of every devil fruit user around.

So currently, I am here, standing by the edge of the Shandora. I walked down the stairs that are going towards the White-White sea's edge. Brother Amon is standing beside me, guiding me. I stopped myself from thinking those bad things about him and rather appreciated his help.

"So, since we have figured out how your ability works on solid objects and liquid stored in a jar, it's time to figure out how it works on liquid that is roaming in the sea," Amon said. "How would your weight system work on the sea? I wonder."

"Try touching the water. Shiki could control water, so you should be able to do the same."

I nodded at his words and crouched down, placing my palm on top of the water, activating my power – this time, unlike when I touched the jar of water, I felt a huge weight over my shoulders as a click happened in my head.

Immediately, the weight vanished off my shoulder and I felt connected with the water… and since the entirety of the sea weighs a lot, it seems I am connected with as much water as my limit weight is. But that's where the cheat comes into action.

I raised my palm in the air, as a large chunk of water floated out of the sea, creating a gap that was filled as soon as it was created.

"Hm, nice."

Ignoring my brother's remark, I kept the chunk of water floating. The water weighs at least 100kg, yet I feel no pressure on me – so it seems the pressure only comes when I try to connect with something, not when I maintain the connection.

Now about the cheat, I dropped my hands on the sea again, as I activated my power. Immediately a huge weight fell on my shoulder as I felt connected with the water again.

I again raised my palm in the air as another large chunk of water followed suit. The two chunks of water got connected with each other as I got authority over 200kg(litre) of water at once. And since I don't feel any pressure while maintaining already 'connected' objects, I can control the water freely.

This… is a cheat, indeed. This way, I can get 'connected' with the whole sea. I can… possibly even beat Brother Amon by trapping him in a huge ball of water.

This power is–

"Alright, Aisa. Keep calm. Don't let power consume your head." Amon's sudden words caused her to freeze as she blinked.

She looked at the hand on her head, ruffling her hair softly. "Ah… yes, you're right."

Amon smiled again and said, "Alright, now I will vaporize the water. Try and see if you can control the vapour/air released from it. Since the vapour would essentially come from the water under your 'authority."

While Aisa nodded her head, he did just as he said. He raised his hand and shot a Plasma El Thor at the chunk of 200-litre water as it got heated up, releasing steam, immediately turning into gas – hot mist that covered the entirety of Shandora in an instant!

Aisa frowned as it got hard for her to breathe. She focused on the mist around her that was created from her water, trying to see if she could control it. She slowly raised her hands and clasped them together – immediately the mist rushed towards her as a massive orb of hot air was formed in front of her.

"Ohh, it works! Brother, look!" Aisa cheerfully called out, but Amon just scratched his cheeks.

"Hm, now, try to push the bond of the air particles together and transform it back to water again. Try if you can." Amon ordered as Aisa nodded, in a slightly detected face because of his interference at her achievement.

After that, she focused as much as she could as a large frown formed on her face. Her breathing got heavier and sweat formed on her forehead. She didn't even blink and just like that, 3 minutes passed by.

"Ha!" She released a breath that she didn't know she was holding and dropped her hands. "Brother… I can't. It's practically impossib- no, not really impossible, the correct term would be nigh-impossible. I feel I am close to achieving it, but I can't do it. At least not yet."

Amon drew his hand towards her hand and patted it, ruffling her hair and smiling at her. "It's fine, you are already good to go. Don't push yourself."

Aisa smiled too. Little compliments worked like a charm.

Amon blinked. "Oh, yes. What is your Fortune telling thingy going? Any progress?"

Aisa's face suddenly darkened. "No… no progress. Sorry."

"Again, it's alright. Not everyone learns things on their first try, take it easy." Amon placed his hand on her head and ruffled her hair. "Your Observation Haki is your gift, your strongest point. Remember that guy I talked about? Charlotte Katakuri? His <Observation Haki> is strong, yes, but you have more potential. Don't let small setbacks halt your will."

Amon told the truth. Aisa can read people's minds from the age of 7. Amon only learned to "guess" people's thoughts at the age of 14 – even though both Amon and Aisa had unlocked his Observation in their infant days. While Amon trained vigorously, Aisa just lived peacefully, yet – she is almost about to surpass him.

Amon smiled at her face, as she smiled back. 'My previous joke of a "Mental Defence" doesn't work on Aisa anymore. Because unlike before, she doesn't read the outer thoughts anymore, she directly reads one's mind from the root. The only way I am hiding my secrets is by blocking input and/or scrambling my own neural impulses thus forming a <Psychic Shield>.'

How it works is simple. Since the brain is made of neurons, and neurons travel by making electrical signals, Amon can create fake electrical signals in his brain and make anyone who tries to read his mind only see the fake lining. At the current level, this can't be called a "Shield" even if the name suggests such, it's just a way to bypass mind reading.

The past two years, he has done less training on increasing his volts, (since he already reached another Cap after training inside the thunder clouds of Raijin Island,) and rather has done more training in creating abilities that he could think of or/and remembers from different fictional series.

The half-transparent "Shield" that blocked Aisa's water bullet before was a self-made version of Raikage Armour. It grants pretty impressive defensive capabilities. He created it after realising his speed won't help him every time, he needed something to higher his defence as well – so he did.

But, these aren't the only techniques that he has formed. There are a few more dozens of everyday techniques and battle techniques that he has created the past 2 years. He is at his current peak, stronger than ever.

Other than that, he has tried awakening his fruit too, simulated his brain to recreate a life-and-death situation and many more techniques. But he hasn't been able to awaken his fruit yet. He has one last card up his sleeve. And he was 80% sure it would work like a charm.

"Alright, Aisa." Amon suddenly broke the silence. "Go call each of the Sins, I would need to do a practical presentation on what you're getting into and what type of strength you should look forward to. It's time for a small training session."

Amon grinned viciously, fantasizing about how he would test his new techniques on the people who can get hit but not die.




Author's Note: Amon has again hit a wall, but he isn't dejected like last time. Rather than wasting his time and waiting to increase his volts – he has rather formed new techniques of electricity, and I need to show them off. So a 6 v 1 battle is gonna happen soon!