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Chapter 208: Oops (1)


Raki kicked the ground, used Soru, and vanished from sight – well, from the sight of most people present at least. Charlotte Katakuri, the best Observation Haki user after Amon, could clearly see her movements.

Raki's twin swords dashed towards Katakuri's head but Katakuri himself didn't move from his spot. He used his master-level control over his devil fruit to mould his mochi-body as the two blades immediately went 'through' his neck.

On the other hand, Raki's golden eyes shone like a pair of Sharingans. She could see the movements of Katakuri's neck as it separated from the rest of the body, letting the swords flow to the other side. Unfortunately, while Raki's eyes are fast enough to see this, her body wasn't fast enough to change the trajectory of her sword and hit him on another spot.

Raki kicked the ground backwards and jumped back. "Interesting." She said, "It's just like brother… you have great control over your fruit, huh, Katakuri. You're not as incompetent as I thought you are."

Katakuri didn't reply, he just narrowed his eyes. Just now… that was close. Her blade moved almost as fast as his ability to control his body. If he didn't have his <Future Sight> by his side, it was no mystery that he would have been cut before separating his neck.

'I have to take her seriously… she has the power to back up her bounty.' Katakuri decided.

The next second his eyes shined red.


He watched multiple futures with different outcomes, every future based on any attack he chooses. He was again surprised at how the girl in front of him held her spot against each of his attacks.

Still, deciding on an attack, Katakuri raised his hand while his forearm got covered in blueish-ink-dark armament and became like a balloon as he threw it forward at a terrible speed, making his arms stretch far and reach Raki. Katakuri was a very fast man, fast enough for his attack to be unavoidable for a Gear Fourth Luffy. Very few people in this world would be able to dodge his attacks – very few.

Fwoosh! The fist flew at Raki's face but instead of dodging, which she could do, Raki tossed her swords and raised her own fist as green scales and fur appeared in her whole arm. No sooner had her arm turned green, reddish-ink-dark armament Haki covered her arm. With a breath in, she punched forward as her fist came into contact with Katakuri's Haki coated fist!


Intense shockwaves were released from the impact of the punch. While Raki's arm was firm, Katakuri's whole arm was flickering like water. Katakuri was pushed back as he stumbled upon his legs and almost tripped. He retreated his arm and glared at Raki using his Future Sight.


His vision returned to the present as he realised he had made a mistake. He saw Raki's fist just in front of his face. He was caught off guard as the fist hit him in the face and threw him back.

"..." Katakuri clenched his jaw tight and then spat out a tooth. 'She is strong.' He acknowledged to himself. 'I have to be careful.'

Meanwhile, "Yo, I hate Future Sight so much. The users of Future Sight just keeps dodging all attacks. Feels good to finally have landed an attack on you, you mochi bastard." Raki cracked her knuckles as she stepped on the tooth Katakuri spat out.

"I can see why you'd want to fight Mama instead." Katakuri finally said something. "Though you're still far from beating me. If this becomes a stretched out battle, you'd clearly win, so I should quicken the pace."

Katakuri's body split in two as a trident came out of him. He grabbed the middle of the rod and kicked the ground, blurring towards Raki he jabbed his spear forward at Raki's abdomen.


Naturally, the defence in un-transformed form is lower than her prime defence, so Katakuri didn't have to use Conqueror's Coating to penetrate Raki.

"Oh…" Raki looked down on her stomach with a raised eyebrow. "This hurts less than the time brother hit me in the crotch."

Katakuri frowned. He tightened his grip and tried to spin the trident inside Raki's stomach – but before he could succeed, Raki's hand landed on above his. "Na, na, that would probably hurt more. I am not up for it."

Raki shoved her palm vertically towards Katakuri's face, but his face just parted in two as he jumped backwards. Raki clicked her tongue. "Tsk, you're not that strong but you're annoying."

Katakuri didn't answer and just observed her, seeing which Raki rolled her eyes.

"Okay, this is getting boring. Let’s finish this quickly." Raki took the spear out of her stomach while the gap on her abdomen started to heal very slowly.

She then took a deep breath. "I don't like using this form, but fuck it."

Then, just like her left arm, Raki's right arm also started to transform along with her whole body. First green scales covered her body then green feathers sprouted out of the scales. Her hair also changed, it turned golden blonde, just like her eyes. In the end, a pair of red feathers sprouted out of her forehead like horns while her fangs became more pronounced.

This was the «Feathered Serpent: Form Second».

Katakuri was on full alert. He wanted to attack her right now… but the danger she posed in his Observation haki was too high, so he settled to trust his Observation Haki and not attack yet.

"Huff…" Raki smoked out a breath. Her breath was as soft as her feathers. While her gaze was… wise, unlike before. She looked at him with a bored gaze, seeming like a person who has seen everything. It was the gaze of a person who knows everything, a person who has seen it all – a person who can say, "Hey, I am Omniscient." and everyone would believe them. Raki was in that state, an ambiguous form where she was seeing the world differently, more wisely.

With her deep gaze, she watched Katakuri observe the future, again and again, finding ways to defeat her.

Katakuri kept searching. Every choice he would make, a different future would have happened. But in all the future… he didn't see a way to win. Not with his current strength.

If he became a mochi-donut-wheel and rushed towards her, she would rip him apart.

If he threw jelly beans at her, they would just bounce off her skin.

If he created mochi-hands in the hair and punched at her, she would just destroy them all

If he would… try to escape, she would kill him using her swords.

But if he keeps standing like this, thinking what to do – then...

"Hm…" A saturated voice left Raki's lips. She silently tilted her head and channelled her powers. Soon, many small light gates opened all over the battlefield, surrounding Katakuri in a blinding light. Weapons such as swords, spears, gauntlets, chains, katana, canons, guns made of light appeared out of the gates, pointing at Katakuri.

"Behold, my «Gate of Babylon»" Raki mumbled in a dazed voice. "Surrender, Katakuri. Cut your arm off, and you can live for today."

Raki seemed strange, her tone was calm, with no emotion present. But she still spoke like her normal self, albeit in a completely different tone.

Katakuri had a frown on his face as he was done calculating all the possibilities of this match. 'This is a sudden way to die.' He thought. 'Still, I am always prepared for death. This was not out of the realm of possibilities either.'

In the end, he breathed out and straightened his back. "I won't surrender. If I have to die, then it would be filled with pride."

"Oh," Raki blinked. After a short silence, she raised her hand. "Then goodbye."

The weapons rushed out of the gate, very fast, light speed fast. Katakuri saw them all coming, his future sight could see it all. He could clearly see how a spear would hit his thigh. He could see how a bullet would hit him in the arm. He could see how a sword would cut one of his arms off. He would see how a scythe would cut his… head off. He could see them all, but he – Charlotte Katakuri, wasn't fast enough to dodge light.

Chik - Chak - Chik - Chak!

Weapons of light penetrated Charlotte Katakuri's body as he stood in his spot, blood trailing down his body. Slowly, as he breathed out his last air.


Meanwhile, "Oh… he is dead." Raki looked at the man standing on his feet with her head tilted. "Huh, should I have done that…?"

It was then as she blinked multiple times. Her feather disappeared, her scales disappeared, as her body returned to normal. "Huh, the fuck." Her voice returned to normal too.

Raki can't control her Hybrid Form. Something happens to her Wisdom Eyes that makes her perspective on the world a little different and her mind a little numb. She doesn't use that form often, because of that particular ‘side effect’. But since she was getting annoyed at Katakuri's constant dodges, she was forced to use it.

The result? "Oops, I wasn't supposed to kill him." Katakuri is dead. "...Welp, peace was never an option."

Amon would laugh at this.