Glory…? (1)
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Chapter 210: Glory…? (1)

It's been a week,

Big Mom has reached the Suzdal Kingdom.

Her rage hadn't diminished in the past 7 days – in fact, it had only increased more after she saw the destroyed Yashuk Kingdom on her way here.

Big Mom's skin was itching. Her body was shaking with rage. Her pupils were trembling. She was impatient to behead the giant reptile that killed her favourite son.

The whole crew was silent, they were nervous. In their whole life, they hadn't seen their mother this enraged.

Some of them questioned, would she feel the same way if they were killed? Or was it only because the victim was Katakuri…?

They let their imagination run around that question. Because nobody was brave enough to try it out – or ask Linlin face-to-face.

Big Mom has bought only the strongest of her crew.

First, the three of the remaining sweet commanders. Smoothie, Cracker and Snack.

Then, there was Perospero, Daifuku Oven and Brūlée. They were the strongest on the ship. There were a lot more on the ship, but they weren’t strong enough to make a note for.

From Perospero’s perspective, things were going downhill. While he was also very angry that his younger brother had been killed, he was thinking a bit politically, instead.

Now that Katakuri was gone, after Big Mom’s death in a few decades, only he would be eligible enough to take over the BM Pirates. Kind of selfish, he knew, but it was what it was.


Hearing Big Mom’s call, Perospero turned to face her.

“Are we there yet??”

He checked the horizon with a pair of binoculars and said, “Yes, Mama. It should take 1~2 hours… perolin.”

“Hoh? Good…” Big Mom clenched her fist and turned to face her children. “We will start attacking from the shore, destroy everything and kill everyone! Including civilians!”

“““YES MAMA!”””

Everyone agreed with her. It would be a killing spree…

Or would it?



Mist, smoke, or fog – unclear of the exact word – started to engulf the area, the whole sea. The majority of the Charlotte Family started to cough.

"W- where is this mist coming from?"

Something was wrong.


At the shore,


The sea was boiling. Bubbles of hot water were exploding up and down in the sea. Steam was being released, covering the whole area in a veil of fog.

The whole area was hot.

Not unbearable for strong people, but pretty suffocating for people below a certain level of power.

"Uff, this is itching my skin." Raki groaned. "Wyper, tone it down a little."

Wyper had his hands dipping under the water, he was the source of the heat, the fog, the boiling sea.

"Shut up and bear with it." Wyper scoffed.

He was salty because he couldn't fight that Katakuri. Now, he wanted to fight Big Mom – but he knows his limit.

'Unlike a certain someone.'

He would be happy killing the other Sweet Commanders and help Raki focus on Big Mom. He was at least confident enough for that.

He would let the others handle the mobs.

Yes, all the Sins are here, who were standing beside and behind Wyper. Along with a few more.

"Yohoho, Raki-san, you can always clean yourself in a hot bath, you know." The skeleton, Brook, laughed. "Perhaps, I can even help you take a bath- AAA!"

"Don't move your mouth too much, or it will come off." Raki glared at him after punching him on the shoulder.

Brook has been with Yona since 2 years ago when Amon first helped him from Moria's clutch. He's been the Vice-Warden of the New Thriller Bark ever since. If not for the fact that he was positioned in that role, he would have been the 7th Sin.

"Ah, I can see them." A robotic voice said.

It was Shortmotor, the Automata.

Even in this foggy area, his robotic pupil rotated, zooming in the front, he observed the ship that was just a few hundred meters away.

"So do we attack right now?" Brook broke the silence that had fallen upon the Sins.

"No," Tsumi answered. "Let them come down here. Drowning them won't be as fun."

"Eh," Raki raised an eyebrow. "I don't think they'd be drowned, to begin with."

Before Tsumi could ask what Raki meant, the sea in front of them got covered by something – something that soon turned hard solid, thus practically freezing the sea.

"Charlotte Perospero,"

Nobody had to ask for what happened, as Shortmotor started to spit out information stored in his memory.

"Eldest child of Big Mom. He has the paramecia, Lick-Lick devil fruit, using which he can create any type of Candy. Likewise, he has used his powers to create a thick and solid layer above the sea surface – most likely noticing us."

"Good job, Motor." Raki slowly took out her swords. "And yes, they indeed noticed us. Or the mist wouldn't just start vanishing."

Yes. The mist had started to clear up. Soon, the figure of a huge ball of cloud with eyes, nose and a mouth became visible in the air.

Shortmotor didn't need to explain how the cloud must have sucked in all the mist since the Sins were at least smart enough to decode that.

Other than that – they weren't in a state to listen to Shortmotor's explanation either, because-


–A hungry predator was in the same sky, standing above the cloud, Zeus.

Raki narrowed her eyes as she moved her swords in front of her in a cross shape – seemingly wanting to defend against an attack.

Unsurprisingly, the predator had recognised her prey and had rushed towards her.

Big Mom had Napoleon on her arm as she prepared to swing it. Raising it in the air, she charged her attack.

"Watch out for the Spear of Elbaf!" Big Mom yelled as a shockwave surrounded Napoleon. "<IKOKU SOVEREIGNTY!>"

She swung her sword down.


And a ray of pink shockwave rushed towards the 6 Sins, Brook and Shortmotor.


"Sky Sword Style, Form Zero."

Raki's arms buffed up, green feathers covering them in less than a second. At the same time, her golden eyes shone. They shone as bright as the sun.

"<-!Copy Technique: Ikoku Sovereignty!->"

Raki swung her swords, a smaller but similar ray of shockwave left her swords and went to clash with the power of a Homie.


How will this fight end? Raki wasn’t so sure anymore.




Author's Note:

Raki's Wisdom Eyes were inspired by Sharingan, as you can tell.

She can copy moves too – but only the ones she can actually recreate. Like how Kakashi couldn't copy Kekkei Genkai attacks.

In this scenario, while Big Mom's shockwave came from the magical homie, Napoleon, Raki used an advanced version of the Six King Gun, instead.