Mysteries (1)
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Chapter 212: Mysteries (1)

2 hours later,


Raki rolled on her bed while screaming.

"Why did you come!?" She cried. "I almost got her!"

"Stop being annoying." Amon was sitting on a chair, staring at her with a deadpan look on his face. "You'd have been split in half by the last attack."

"Hah!" Raki sat up. "How do you know? I already blocked her strikes before!"

Amon sighed. "You think I came at the last moment? I was there from the time you stopped the Ikoku Sovereignty, and I knew about this bullshit challenge of yours from a week ago, and before you ask, no, it was not Robin."

Raki's annoyed look turned into surprise, he continued.

"I wanted to see how far you'd be able to go," Amon answered. "You did good, but you're far from being the 'Strongest Woman Alive'."

This caused Raki to frown. "Wait, what? Why? If Big Mom is dead, I should be the strongest woman left, right?"

She was genuinely confused. From what she knew, she was the strongest after Big Mom. The only other name she could think of, Boa Hancock, wasn't on the same level as her.

"Is there anyone else above me?"

Amon laughed. "Well, not many. Only one. She's Kaido's daughter, Yamato. From what I learned from Reo, she recently moved out of Wano in search of someone."

Raki frowned. "Yeah, I remember you talking about her. What makes you think she can beat me? How strong is she?"

Amon thought of a proper example before saying, "Basically, she is strong enough to beat you and fuck you with a strap-on."


Raki stared at him with disbelief, not digesting his words... but she soon realised her brother wouldn't lie to her.

She rubbed her temple. "Okay, so, why is she so strong? A special martial art?"

"She has Advanced Conqueror's Haki."

"...Argh!" With a groan she fell on her back. "That shit again, I hate it so much...!"

Why did everyone have it?? Even Hancock has it, does that mean one day Hancock would surpass her?

Suddenly... Raki blinked and got up. She ran towards Amon and sat on his lap, wrapping her arms around his neck.

"Hey, big brother~"


"Do something~ I want to become the strongest woman!!"

She looked at him with puppy eyes while Amon stared at her with dead eyes.

'You're not even a woman yet.' In the end, he sighed. "You know, you're being too bratty these days, this all could have caused me a lot problems, imagine if the Sins died, you were too overconfident." He sighed. "I can give you a pass since I didn't stop you myself, even though I knew about it, but just don't do anything stupid like this before."

He then started at her eyes silently. She didn't say anything, but the words did reach her. He was sure she wouldn't do something so irrational again, well, at least not against Emperor level enemies.

Amon then shrugged. "Fine, since you're so genuine I will do something."

He dropped Raki from his lap, all to the girl's grief, and took out a piece of paper from his pockets.

He tossed it towards Raki.

"Go to this address and tell them you want to learn «Hasshoken». Recognising you, they'd teach it to you. Though it depends if you can even master it in this life."

Raki caught the paper and stared at it with a tilt of the head. "Happo Navy? Wait- it's those people who we allied with 5 months ago?"


Amon quickly shot a look around the room. This was the medic room of the Suzdal Kingdom where all the Sins were laying on the bed.

Amon gave them teardrops of the Dwarf Princess from Dressrosa, so they don't need any more medical help.

"Anyway, I am going out."

Raki raised her head. "Where?"


Amon smirked, death flashing in his eyes. "I have had the curry, time for the dessert. Her people would cause too many problems later on if I dont 'eat' them right now."



2 days later,

What if – Flash grabbed a blade and slashed everyone in sight while running at the speed of light?

A blood bath. That's what would happen.

Something similar had occurred in Wholecake Island 2 days ago.

In a matter of minutes, the cheerful island where all kinds of races used to live was dyed red.

The people who were confused when all the homies suddenly fell 'asleep', didn't expect an unavoidable attack at all.

Amon killed them all. From people who would die for Big Mom, to people like Pudding – who wouldn't mind backstabbing her own mother. Not even a dog was spared.

Their first mistake was, they were his enemy – their second mistake was, they didn't have any use for him.

So he simply eradicated them all.

But of course – some, who were his enemies, did have use.

Such as them,

"They are the strongest of Big Mom pirates." Robin pointed forward.

Smoothie, Cracker, Perospero, Daifuku, Oven and some people not worth mentioning – were on their knees, their hands cuffed behind their backs with sea-stone.

It's been a day, the news is yet to travel all over the world so Amon was busy finishing his job here before going back to seclusion.

Amon laid back on his chair, "I was in need of some strong experimental subjects. Good to have you here, hope we share a great work-life together."

His words went to the nerves of everyone present, but only one person was unable to control his feelings.

"You bastard! Free us this instant!" Cracker tried to struggle, only to get zapped by lightning, causing him to fall face first with charred skin.

"Haiyaah... just shut up." Amon shook his head, disappointed. "Considering you used to serve a Yonko, I thought you'd be smarter. What makes you think I would free you after capturing you instead of going for a kill?"

"..." They looked at each others faces.

"Did Wyper fry your brain cells?" Amon gazed down at him, as he struggled to get up.

As expected, a mere zap isnt gonna seriously injure a Yonko Commander.

"He's right, Cracker." This time, the calm Smoothie talked. "Asking for freedom is stupid, at this point. I'd rather have him kill us."

"Aw, so sorry." Amon apologised.

Wishful thinking. They were enemies, yes, but unfortunately – they had some uses left.

"Unfortunately, you can't die yet. You see, currently, I need test subjects for a useful experiment. You see, the current subjects are too weak so they always die without even passing the first stage. So I need vessels strong enough to withstand at least the first stage. You lot would do the job."

Every one of them glared at Amon. Not only did he kill their mother, but now they were going to die by his hands too, and that death doesn't seem like it will be a slow one.

"What makes you think we'd compile? Perolin..."

Perospero narrowed his eyes and asked, all to Amon's amusement.

"Interesting question..." Amon scratched his cheeks. "Robin, any idea you might have?"

Robin, who was standing beside Amon's chair, silently nodded. "I suggest we take Charlotte Smoothie as a hostage and turn her into a prostitute like that Celestial Dragon. It seems the customers are waiting for a new product for quite some time, she would be a great addition." She added, "She will be a prostitute as long as her brothers don't compile with us. The moment they act decently and we succeed at the "Project Oars'', she will be freed."

This caused Smoothie to frown and every other remaining Big Mom pirates to snap.

"You-!! How can you suggest something like that being a woman yourself!? You demon bitch!" A guy who Amon didn't know, yelled, trying to get up and attack him – only to fall face first.

To their reaction, Amon smiled. "That seems to be a good idea. Congratulations, Robin. You outperformed today."

Though the question was... would this actually work?


The news of the death of an Emperor of the sea shook the entirety of the world!

The 5 rulers of the world besides WG have been prominent since the death of Roger, but to think this day would come... every major power of the world were shocked to their cores.

The details of the fight were unknown, like always, the news was as following:

"The 5th Emperor of the Sea, Sky Emperor, has effortlessly killed Big Mom, another Emperor of the Sea!"

"The 5 Emperors have gone back to being 'Yonko'!"

"Will the Government sit still at this development?"

In a corner of New World, a certain red-haired Shanks was sitting on a stone while staring down at the newspaper while his red hair fluttered in the air.

"How much time did it take for him to kill Linln?" Shanks asked... but there was no one around him.

At his question, the air around him stirred, almost as if responding to him.

"Two...? Interesting. So he has already come so far."

At first, when he learned that a young man had become an Emperor of the sea, he really wanted to go and meet Amon. But, after Amon started to make moves on the world, he realised this young man wasn't someone who would sit still and talk if he went there.

"The death of an Emperor isn't something I should ignore..."

Previously, he planned to go and meet Whitebeard and warn him about bringing back Ace. He had a guess that this would end up in a war with the Marines – but now that Big Mom has died, some other ideas popped up in his mind.

If his guesses are correct, he needs to warn Newgate about this more seriously. Because he believed – if a war does occur, Amon would be a bigger worry than Blackbeard, or even the Marines.

At first, when Amon became an Emperor – causing Shanks to ask the "World" about him, he was confused as to why a soul who isn't a reincarnation of Joy Boy or Xebec possessed so much 'importance' to the "Will of the World".

To this day, even with his "Voice of All Things", red-haired Shanks hasn't gotten an answer to that.




A/N: If you haven't realised already, I have made Shanks a real buffed up character. His only drawback is his more-or-less human-like body that can't match Kaido or Big Mom.

Generally speaking, even a bullet would be able to kill him if he doesn't defend against it actively.