Chapter 221
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Chapter 221


Raki couldn’t help but laugh out loud as she saw ripples leaving her hands.

Her armament-covered fist hit Don Chinjao on his head, on his flat skull, creating ripples in the space upon contact.

Don Chinjao, the greatest Master of Hasshoken, couldn’t help but feel proud of his disciple.

“Hah….” Chinjao gasped, feeling the great strength clashing with his head. “To think such talent existed!”

This little girl came to him around 2 months ago to learn Hasshoken. He didn’t want to, but he had to teach her his family technique as it was one of the “Conditions” of the Happo Navy’s and Einherjar’s alliance. So when he started teaching her things, she got it on the first try! How crazy was that?! She did say she knew similar techniques that used ‘shockwave’ as a base, a thing called the ‘Rokuougan’ or something, but it was nonetheless an impressive feat.

And if it wasn’t impressive enough, she reached an outstanding- no, an unbelievable level of mastery in less than 2 months. No, it wasn’t as good as his prime self, but it was at the same level as his current self! That alone speaks a lot.

Chinjao didn’t know, but this wasn't talent. It was cheating.

If talented people like Luffy were to be here, he’d have learned it in maybe a week? Luffy did learn Ryou in that time frame in canon, after all. However, Raki didn't use her latest, she simply cheated her way to the top.

Raki wouldn’t have normally been able to reach this far so early, if not for the fact that she was already at a good level with Rokuougan and had her <Wisdom Eyes> which let her imitate techniques to a degree. Since her teacher was old Chianjo, she imitated his current technique, if she was lucky enough to get teaching from Prime Chianjo, she could have reached this prime self.

Just as Chinjao finished his internal monologue, he felt Raki’s fist hitting his head again, this time he felt a sharp pain in his head, almost as if something that had been slumbering for a long time… arose.


Raki stopped punching and exclaimed.

“Hey, old man, your head is weird, it's pointy all of a sudden.”

Chinjao forgot about the spar and ran to find a mirror, and to his shock, no, to his amazement, he found… a lost treasure, that is his head.


Things in the Happo Navy’s HQ got weird so Raki quickly took leave after confirming that Chinjao wouldn’t be able to teach her anything better anymore. Now, this was a journey of her own.

She laughed softly and raised her palm to her face. Upon concentrating the strength in her body, not her haki, ripples came out of her palms and vibrations hit her face. This was so awesome… but not as awesome as Conqueror’s Coating.


She groaned and shook her head. That might be true now, but if she could learn how to mix <Wind Style> with this, she’d be clearly able to match Conqueror’s Coating. This excited her a lot, so she couldn’t stop the giggle from leaving her lips.

"Hehe, I wonder if Brother knows Hasshoken… if he doesn't, I can flex at him."

As she giggled again, the Heaven's Gate entered her sight from a distance. She was in her Hybrid form, except for her head, so 6 wings had sprouted up in her back as she flapped them and went flying towards the Giant Jack.

The first thing she did was looking for Amon, but she soon remembered that he had gone to do the surgery from his chat with Robin using her SmartDial. So she instead made a detour to the branch of Giant Jack where Vinsmoke Judge's laboratory is located.

"Hey, where are you, bro!?"

She ran inside just as she stilled abruptly coming face to face with a huge incubator at the size of at least 3 normal humans.

"Whoa… who is inside that?"

She asked looking at the human figure floating inside that with his eyes closed.

"Wait… is that Brother!?"

Her eyes widened just as she heard an "Shh!" coming from behind her.

She turned to find Yamato standing there, eating an apple.

"Don't cause a fuss. He almost died twice. The incubator he was inside at first had burst out because of the sudden increase in his body size. If not for this guy," she pointed at a corner where Law was sitting. "The incubator would have broken and your brother would have died."

Using <Room>, Law was able to teleport Amon to a new incubator that was prepared in an emergency.

Raki's eyes widened. She at first wanted to slap the bitch for interrupting her, but the words that left the Oni's mouth concerned her.

"It's fine though – munch –" she pointed at the large monitor on the wall. "That thing is a progress bar or something, that kid said, it looks almost full."

Raki turned her head at the Monitor where the completion bar was 99%. This caused her to heave a sigh.

"Where is Judge?"

She turned to the girl and asked.

"He's not- oh, wait, he's here."

Just as Yamato finished her words, Vinsmoke Judge walked inside the room and greeted Raki.

"Hello, young miss, welcome back."

"Cut the crap. Tell me, is brother going to be okay?"

Judge nodded. "Of course. I can see your concern, as I have heard about his previous surgeries, but not to worry, he's completely fine now. This medicine has been tested on others a lot of times before, it shouldn't have any drawbacks."

"Huh," suddenly the small figure of Karna walked in. "That statement isn't really accurate. He's already experiencing a change in size. That didn't happen in others. If I have done even a tiny bit of contribution in this research, it was the changes I made in 'Oni Blood' that was supposed to make sure that the surgery wouldn't change the appearance of the test subject. But it's already looking bad… so we can't be sure. The 99% progress doesn't mean anything good, as the real problems occur just at this percent most of the time."

At this, Judge went silent.

He sighed. "I guess it can't be helped. We did do tests on others, but since the 'Oni Blood' used here is a mixture of Yamato, Moria, Oars, and even Big Mom's blood, the problem arose. Big Mom wasn't supposed to be included, but after Milord asked, and after the mixture came out a success, I didn't think adding that blood would be a bad thing… sadly, the only strong test subjects who we had on us that could survive the surgery are Big Mom's own children who already share her Lineage, aka DNA, so testing it on them didn't show any effect, obviously."

Raki frowned and turned to Amon's large body inside the incubator.

Was that really necessary…? There were strong people in the God's Army too… or maybe not. From what she learned, other than exceptionally physically strong people of Big Mom's army, like Oven and even Charlotte Smoothie who was brought to experiment on too at some point, everyone else died. And as far as she was aware, there weren't many physically strong people in Amon's army. Most were strong because of their technique, not their strong genes.

There was only Urouge and herself. Amon probably didn't want to use Urouge since losing a Sin as strong as him might have caused him a lot, and Raki was just out of question. If not for a total emergency, he'd never test on her again, she knew that. It seems he didn't deem this as an emergency, for whatever reason.

Perhaps he was confident at controlling any backlash that might come at his body?

An 'Ah!' left Raki's lips. "Seimei Kikan!"

Before she could smile, she froze again. If Seimei Kikan was his master plan, it has already failed since it couldn't stop his body from getting larger… Then is he out of all his cards?

"It's fine, Big sis." Karna muttered. "There isn't much to worry about with that Law guy over there. Even if the operation fails, brother Amon wouldn't die, for sure. He may go to coma… but we can work around that somehow-"


Suddenly the incubator cracked.

"What's happening, Judge!?"

Raki yelled as the computer showing the progress bar suddenly went red and an emergency bell started to ring heavily.

[The test subject is getting overwhelmed!]

[The test subject is getting overwhelmed!]

[The test subject is getting overwhelmed!]


A loud and deep cry came from within the incubator, it was a painful cry, the great pain the man inside the incubator was feeling was clear from this cry alone.

The whole room went red from the alarm break, causing panic amongst the people below to spark up. Raki started to look around as millions of ideas started to pop up in her head. What should she do!?

"C-calm down everyone, I will do something!"

"What are you gonna do!? Call that guy over there!!"

Karna retorted Judge and pointed at Law.

"That's a good idea!!"

Yamato ran to Law and brought him back.

"You, do something!"


Law nodded at Judge’s words as he tried to open a <Room>, but just then, just before he could do so, lightning sparked on his forehead as he slopped down on the floor.

"What's happening?!"

The red beeping sound caused Karna to almost lose it as he cried out, but just then, Raki held her breath.

"Wait… wait… I think I know what happened."

She recalled her conversation with Amon once about the greatest devil fruits in the world. The Op-Op was one of them, so she knew what uses it had.

"That was a lightning spark… I recall inside a Room, nobody can experience pain, nor can they be hurt, and only the Op-Op’s user can do surgery, nobody else can. From the lighting spark, we can assume that Brother did it consciously so that Law doesn’t open a room and ruin the operation. Meaning the pain he's experiencing and everything that is happening right now is for his own good… I think."

Everyone stopped talking as they took her words into their minds. They slowly calmed their breathing and looked at the incubator with worried eyes.

"You think he's going to be okay…?"

Yamato asked, looking at Raki who's golden eyes were shining at the incubator. A small smile appeared on the latter girl's face.

"Yeah… he's strong–"


The incubator burst out before she could finish her line. Pieces of glass jumped towards all of them as Judge covered himself with the veil on his back, as Yamato transformed to her Hybrid form and crouched down, and as Raki grabbed Karna and protected him with her back, also in her Hybrid form.

A green gas soon enveloped the whole hall.


Just after the gas mostly subsided, Raki stood up but she didn't have to look for Amon, as the huge figure of a 30 feet man came into her view immediately.

She started at the figure with Karna in her arms with wide eyes.

He was naked, but because of the bit of fog that was still present, his face and the thing between his legs was hidden. She could see his large hips big enough to crush a mountain, his wide arms large enough to grab the clouds, and his chest that was wide enough to cover the entire night sky.

There was no general change in his skin tone, he didn't become yellow-skinned or anything, so Raki guessed that was fine? Of course, she didn't mind any changes as long as he was still… Amon in the mind.

So she jumped up and flew towards his face with her wings leaving Karna behind. Getting close to his face that had a stern and stone-like look, she froze briefly. There were two red horns in his head, just like Yamato. His eyes were sharp, very so, his jaw was heavy and his nose was high, he had his old shoulder-length hair too, but it was wet because of the liquid inside the incubator. His facial appearance also looked the same as before, except for the horns and the bit of…. 'dead' look within his eyes.


He didn't answer at first, but he did open his mouth after a few seconds.

"You are…?"

His voice was deep, but that didn't matter, what mattered was his question. 'You are?' What the hell was this bastard saying?? Was he trying to make fun out of her!?

"B-brother, it's me Raki."

"R...Raki?" He tilted his huge head. "Raki who? I am sorry… I don't think I know you. Are you sure you're not mistaking me for someone else… Also, where is this place?"

Raki's eyes widened as her lips quivered. This bastard. Why did he choose to add Big Mom's blood? That bitch was crazy, did that make him go crazy too?

She clenched her jaws for the last time.

"Are you… Amon?"

"Amon who?"

His deep voice finally caused something to break within her. Amon didn't have a deep voice… he would also never forget her… this guy wasn't Amon. He couldn’t be Amon!! Amon wouldn't lose his mind after a mere surgery, she didn’t believe so.

In anger, she curled her fist and punched him in the face. But unlike how she expected her punch to hit his large face, he simply… vanished.

There was no "bzzt~", there was nothing. He just vanished. She moved her eyes around but she couldn't find anyone. Just as she was about to look behind her, she felt a hand on her shoulder.

"My my, is that how you treat patients?"

She abruptly looked back towards the source of the voice just where a human-sized Amon was standing while wearing a white shirt and black pants. His hair was short, not reaching his shoulders anymore, and he had an everlasting grin on his face.

That same grin caused something to snap in Raki’s head.

"Also, you shouldn't punch your own brother. I was just kidding-"


A beam of light left her mouth, blinding the whole hall. Amongst the light, only the sound of a man laughing and a girl yelling 'die' could be heard.