Chapter 222
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Chapter 222

<Bioelectricity Manipulation>

By manipulating the electricity present in my body, I manipulated my body's adaptability system like how Seimei Kikan does to properly absorb the 'Oni Blood', that's why I was still alive, and that's why I would probably be the only Subject to ever come out of this exact elixir.

That's why I shot Law unconscious since his Room would have caused things to turn bad.

I succeeded… Bioelectricity Manipulation isn't something I had before. I gained this mid-surgery… My Goro-Goro no Mi has finally awakened.

I was able to surpass the urge to laugh out loud, but I wasn't able to suppress the soft grin from forming on my face. 

If my guess about my new powers is correct… then, it's not too far fetched to say I am a real God.


I looked at the girl in my arms as my grin turned to a smile.


They looked in front of them where Raki had her head buried on Amon's chest while the latter had a rare genuine smile on his face. They assumed the smile came from Raki, and they weren't 'entirely' wrong.

The two siblings didn't say anything and stayed like that, as Yamato finally broke the ice of silence, "Um, are you feeling okay? You're still Amon right?"

She asked slowly, worry present in her voice. Amon looked at her and smiled. He liked good girls like her. Easy to mani- he stopped thinking anything like that for now and shook his head. This wasn't time for that.

She then looked at his human-sized body hugged by Raki, "And also, what's up with your body? It was huge just a minute ago."

Amon blinked at her question. "I am Amon, not to worry about that. And about my body, well, basically, I can control the size of my body at will, it is one of the powers of my fruit. Like this-"

Under Raki's hug, Amon's body slowly became small and took the form of a 12-year-old child. Raki raised her face to look at him for a second before hugging him again, this time, Amon's face was buried on her chest, instead.

Peeking from her shoulder, Amon then continued, "Previously, my skin turned blueish-white, but now… well, it seems my fruit <Awakened>, so I can control the colour of my lightning at will. That's how I am maintaining this natural human skin colour."

Nobody in the room cared about the awakening of his fruit, since nobody understood just how much it changed things. 

"Oh… okay. If you're feeling good then." Yamato nodded. "Nice horns, by the way."

Amon smiled cheekily at this. He could feel two small horns on his head, indeed, and they were quite sensitive right now. 

He then eyed the woman- no, the little girl hugging him.

"Um, Raki."

At the child Amon's call, the little girl simply hugged him tighter.

"I guess it's my fault, I shouldn't have joked like that… but, can you free me? I want to test my new powers- Mmhmm!"

He couldn't finish his words as his child-like head was simply pushed inside two soft marshmallows.


Raki apparently liked Shota Amon, so he had to quickly put her to sleep before she could get any weird ideas. Next, he was inside his personal training hall with a huge house-sized dumbbell in his right hand.

He raised it to the air and lowered it, and continued the motion. It was… easy, very easy. Amon was strong, very much so, but he was also aware that he was nowhere close to so casually lift this dumbbell, at least not before.

It meant one thing, this worked. The 'Oni Blood', the second elixir, was made to strengthen Amon's body like an Oni, like Oars and Kaido. It not only worked, but because of some other unforeseen situation, his true form was now a small giant. 

The important part of all this was – he could feel the enhanced defence that Big Mom once had. It wasn't at her level, of course, but he could feel that if trained right, he would be able to even surpass her because of all the other DNA in his body.

In this world, Lineage was the most important after the mythical Inheritance of Wills. Amon has the first one now, and probably the second one too since he is the descendant of Kalgara. So he was ready to go and become the King of the World.

"Actually, Big Mom's defence came from the skin-hardening technique she used, kind of like  <Tekkai> but a stronger variant. But this wasn't a learnable skill, this was like those abilities that Judge's children have, basically a Gene Ability."

Amon muttered to himself as he closed his eyes. And no wonder, he could feel his skin clenching themselves and getting hard, rock hard.

"Though I can't keep it passively yet. But at least I can move around with this skill turned on."

It was almost like learning Tekkai all over again. Either way, this is everything he got from the physical enhancement: STR and DEF, a lot of it.

He already had AGI before, so no need to worry about that. He was the Master of One before, but now, he was the Jack of All Trades AND Master of All, too. He could safely say he was now unkillable, no matter who the opponent was… 

"That's not all, though."

Muttering such, he threw the dumbbell away, which created a crater where he fell.

He first looked at a corner of the room where a girl with horns on her head was eating fruits. 

"Yo, Miss Yamato."

The girl, Yamato, turned to him and dashed here.


"Help me test something."

At her nod, he explained what he wanted her to do. Strike him with her strongest attack, without using Ryou or Conqueror's Coating, of course. He was trying to test one of his defence techniques, but CC would make it useless.


Yamato didn't question much. She also wanted to see how far this man was from her current self.

So she raised her club over her shoulder and swung at him at full force, using her basic Armament Haki to its highest degree.


Her club couldn't reach Amon, no, far from that. It stopped mid-air, clashing with the transparent barrier that came out of Amon's raised palm.

"I call this <Force Field Creation>."

He smiled softly and motioned at her, asking her to continue.

His fruit awakened.

The Goro-Goro no Mi, or the Rumble-Rumble fruit, whatever you call it, is easily the strongest Logia. That's why Amon had been so desperately trying to awaken it, because he knew, with just the awakening of this alone, he'd be able to surpass the monsters of this world. 

Normally, DF awakening happens when a user reaches the top of the 'general' concept of a particular fruit, and just when the user tries to desperately reach beyond the 'general' concept, the fruit awakens. 

The general concept of lighting was using it to shock and burn people, enhance speed, teleport, or just simply blast a bolt of lightning – that's all. 

Amon has done such things already. In fact, he's been using some of the advanced techniques too. Like brainwashing by manipulating the electrical signals in the nervous system. Being a person from the 21st century, he had already met the criteria to awaken his fruit – he had realised this a long time ago.

If so, what was the thing stopping his awakening? 

He found the answer to this question too. It's just that, Devil fruits have a chunk of power stored within them, nobody can assess it from the get-go – and can only access it after the fruit awakens so that their bodies can be prepared for great power. So, if Goro-Goro's awakening happened before the surgery, meaning before his body was strong enough to contain the surging power within his body, he'd have been overloaded with such power and he'd simply blown up.

Amon didn't know, but after awakening, the fruit can be evolved further… until now, the fruit just lent its previously-stored power, but after this, it'd allow new powers that the user, Amon, would obtain.

Such as this one: Force Field Creation.

By manipulating the electromagnetic field in the air, Amon created a force field strong enough to withstand Yamato's strongest attack, not only once but… 900 times.

"Huff… huff… huff…"

Yamato, who used all her strength to try and break the transparent barrier in front of her, panted hard.

"Just what's up with this?!"

She yelled, not being able to contain it any longer.

"Just one of my new powers. Precisely, my 2nd power after the awakening. It can block any attack as long as it has enough energy backing it up." Amon didn't say that he had basically limitless energy.

Yamato wanted to ask what the 'first' power was, but from the smile on Amon's face, it didn't seem like he'd answer it.


Amon laughed, knowing what she was thinking. People's thoughts were also clearer to him. 

It was of course, <Bioelectricity Manipulation>. But she doesn't need to know that.

"Kwahaha…." Amon suddenly covered his face with his hand as another laughter left him. This time, the laughter was a bit… weird?

Although Yamato couldn't tell, Amon was feeling a little crazy… not bad crazy, but good crazy. Maybe Big Mom's blood did affect him just like Raki said? It didn't matter though. He was sure this effect would soothe by time, but for now, he was feeling great, feeling all-powerful as happy hormones dominated his brain.

Seeing Amon starting to laugh suddenly, Yamato stilled. Amon couldn't see, but from the outside perspective, he was looking mesmerizing.

[Image Here]

It was almost as if reality was playing itself. A God who's also a Devil? Wait, wasn't he an angel too?

Yamato thinned her lips. This man looked bewitching. She didn't know why he gave off a dangerous yet calming aura at the same time. Was he always like that? Just then-

Amon stopped laughing.

[`Can you hear me, miss?`]

...And suddenly a voice rang inside Yamato's head, causing her to jump up and look around. 

[`Hah, it's me, look in front.`]

Yamato slowly turned her head forward only to find Amon smiling with his arm raised in the air, almost as if he's calling for a certain hammer of lightning.

What was that!? Telepathy!?

Surprising Yamato, the window of the Training Hall shattered into bits as a Black Sword with shining Black Blade came flying into Amon's hand.

"`Master!? I was scared all of a sudden at what was pulling me!!`"

A voice left the sword causing Yamato to question her existence.

"Wait, why can a sword talk?!"

"That's for later." Amon raised his hand towards her. "How about a duel?"

He really needed a punching bag to calm his crazy, or he might go crazy.




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