Chapter 223
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Chapter 223


One of the four fundamental forces of the universe, and arguably the strongest among them as well.

That's exactly what my Goro-Goro no Mi can control now. 

Previously, I only had control over 'lightning' and 'thunder' which was basically electricity-powers with the bonus of a bit of sound-generation ability. However, now all of that has evolved to this….

Keep in mind, Electricity and Electromagnetism are two similar yet entirely different things. Not to be confused.

I could control a bit of EM before, but that was so little that it shouldn't even be counted. For example, in the past I could mould gold and shape it in whatever way I desired – I could do it by messing with the electromagnetic bond of the gold, but I also needed the additional help of heat in such a case but now, I wouldn't need it.

I am honestly excited after this… I can do so many things with this alone now. I recall some truly powerful fictional characters whose main powers were based on Electromagnetism, and now I had my hands on this too.

There are many powers I know I can use by training and learning. Some of them are, well, Godly.

<Wormhole Creation>, 

<Molecular Manipulation>, 

<Solar Wave Manipulation>, 

<Nuclear Manipulation>, 

And finally…. 

<Electromagnetic Warping>

The last one is the one I am most excited about. Manipulating reality using the electromagnetic field that is present almost everywhere in the universe. This... all sounds fictional, I am aware, but let's not forget this world itself is based on fiction as well. 

Though the thing is… I can't do any of the above-mentioned things, not yet, they are things that I can only do after decades, or maybe centuries of training. However, what I can do right this moment is more than enough for the Emperors of the Sea.

It was then...

"Um… can you move?"

...The woman who I was sitting above, muttered.

I looked down at Yamato who was on the floor, lying face first, while I was sitting above her for whatever reason. 

What am I doing?

Fucking fuck. Instincts? I guess nothing artificial is perfect. It seems I inherited the instincts of Oars and Big Mom, those two beasts. Not a bad thing, truth be told, I just need to make sure to not do silly things. 

I stood up from on top of her. "My bad, kwahaha-"

-I stopped again…. Fuck. And would someone explain why I am laughing like this again? Fucking useless add-ons, sigh.

Just as I stood up, Yamato also slowly got up from below me and tidied her dress before looking at me with thinned lips.

"I guess none of the strong people is fine in the head…" 

I am fine in the head. Right? Yes. I am sure I am fine. Probably.

"Also…" she turned her face around her, eyeing the training hall. "You should be careful of your attacks…"

Looking at where she was staring, at the training hall that was shattered as if a certain Whitebeard had smacked it with his Tremor fruit, I couldn’t help but grin.

With widened lips, I answered, "Not really, I have money. Every damage was done whilst training is tolerable."

How did I cause such damage you asl? 

Electromagnetism is everywhere,  in the air, in the sky, and even in the exact space in front of us. So what if, using my fruit which now lets me see and touch the EM bonds present in the air, I just yank the bonds off with my bare hands?  

The space will collapse - that’s what’d happen.

It’s kinda like that move Whitebeard used in Marineford War, but I guess it’s a little weaker. Anyway,

I patted Yamato’s shoulders who wiped her bloody lips. I went kinda harsh on her with my Fruit, yet she is pretty much fine. The regenerative powers of the Zoans… truly dangerous, that’s why I want the best regenerative zoan, that’d cover the only side I lack right now.

“Yamato, take a rest, I would suggest you be at your top condition considering… what is about to come.”

Yamato looked a bit confused as I contemplated my actions for the… Marine Ford War.


A few days have passed since Amon officially dropped his Humanity, and today, right now, at Saoboady Archipelago, something important was happening.


Dark King Rayleigh’s sword clashed with Admiral Kizaru’s arm, his metallic left arm.

“My, Kizaru, haven’t you changed your looks since the last time we met?”

Kizaru growled at Rayleigh poking at his sore spot, but he just made his usual ‘Oooo’ sound.

“It’s all thanks to a certain someone, of course~”

He kicked Rayleigh who simply dodged it by backing off a step. Rayleigh laughed at his words. To think that one kid he talked about Haki 6 years ago was strong enough to injure an Admiral like this, heh.

“A certain someone, you say? Yet I don’t see any seriousness in your eyes, you haven’t learned anything, have you?”

Rayleigh was half wrong and half right. Kizaru wasn’t serious, true, but that’s because he didn’t see this situation as something serious. However, his other statement, “You haven’t learned anything.”, irked Kizaru. That was not right. He has… learned a lot. He learned a lesson that finally forced him to let Dr Vegapunk implant something in his brain that the Five Elders were asking him to implant for years… That’d assist his brain in surpassing its processing speed, thus giving Kizaru a chance to Overspeed Amon.

He didn’t feel like using it on small fries as it does have some drawbacks, so Kizaru scoffed with a lazy smile. His eyes drifted far where Kuma was blowing a certain crew of Straw Hats in the air.

“You are good at buying time, Dark King. But...” 

Kizaru then snapped his finger, causing a cloak of light to cover the area briefly before it returned to normal.

Something flashed behind Kizaru but Rayleigh couldn’t focus on it just as Kizaru’s metallic arm glowed golden, heating up. This was one of the killing techniques that he learned.

“I believe we’ve played enough, let’s finish this.”

Rayleigh simply chuckled, he could already see his attack’s trajectory. Heh, and this same Admiral once was known as the Fastest Man Alive? Truly pathetic.

As Kizaru’s heated-red arm punched towards him, he simply kicked the ground to back off, however, shocking him to the core, he realised someone had just grabbed him from behind, restraining him.


Rayleigh turned behind to find another Kizaru behind him who was restricting his movements while the 1st Kizaru punched at him with the glowing arm of his! He soon realised what the flash behind Kizaru was, it was his… ‘reflection’.

As the realization hit him, and as the metallic arm came closer to his face, Rayleigh’s shocked face formed a smile.


As the blinding light caused his vision to go white, the back of a man wearing a red captain’s coat appeared in his vision who turned to him and offered him a hand.

“It seems we are going to meet again… Roger.”


With the sound of a loud explosion, everything went white as a rare laugh left Kizaru’s lips.


While Kizaru was busy with Rayleigh, Bartholomew Kuma was also finishing his job.


Luffy glared at Kuma who simply walked closer to him with heavy steps.

Luffy was on his knees, blood dripping from his injured right arm that was damaged by a certain Eusstas Kidd. So he couldn’t muster any strength.

“Why are you doing this to us?!”

That was the last thing he could say before Kuma blasted him with one of his paws, just like his other crewmates, sending him somewhere… where he’d be safe and sound, and receive the chance to get stronger.

And thus, the War of the Bests was now one step ahead.




Author's Note: The War of the Best chapters were a pleasure to write. Oof, poor Ace.

We only have about 20 chapters left until RAS ends (in Patreon), so I will probably start updating everyday soon. That's a good news.