Chapter 225
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Chapter 225

Monkey D. Garp stood straight on top of a rooftop in Marineford.


He heard his friend, Sengoku's voice calling him, but he didn't turn back.

"I know how you're feeling, but you know and so do I, this is just baiting for that old Whitebeard. Ace wouldn't actually be executed, we will just put him in Impel Down, but he'd still live."

Garp had to agree that he wanted to punch Sengoku right now, but he also had to agree that Sengoku held a valid point. As the Marine Hero, he at least had enough power to keep his grandson safe.

The plan is, Ace would be stabbed in public with the two blades, however, the stab wouldn't be lethal. After that, Ace would be taken out of public and tend to his injuries, and then, he'd be sent to Impel Down.

Even the Admirals weren't aware of this.

There was no apparent issue with this plan… as long as nothing unforeseen occurred. His grandson would be fine.

Monkey D. Garp had two choices. Family or Job, and he, in this timeline, had chosen… both.


There were only a few hours left until the execution, so Admiral Akainu came to do his job in Impel Down.

He was disgusted by the scent of filth, the scent of evil. A part of him wanted to bring down justice right here by drowning Impel Down in magma. Criminals such as these shouldn't even get the chance to stay under a roof, no, they shouldn't even be allowed to live. But he held on regardless. Unfortunately, the grater law didn't work with his own. If he breaks the greater law, the Five Elders will take care of him, and he couldn't let that happen since he wouldn't be able to bring any more Justice if he died here.


He pushed the criminal walking slowly in front of him. Gold D. Ace, or his fake name, Portgas D. Ace. He was the Marine Hero's adopted grandson. Good lord, this made his skin crawl.

A great figure like Garp was nurturing a snake? This had instantly caused him to lose a large portion of respect for Garp. That man was a hypocrite.

At his push, the criminal, Ace, almost fell on the ground, but Magellan grabbed him by the shoulder and helped him stand straight.

Akainu grumbled. "Pathetic."

The motherfucking Pirate King's son? This guy was a piece of weakling trash!

He wanted to punch through his chest right at this moment.


Right now, Nico Robin was at another place, far from Marineford, far from Skypiea.

She wore a white dress, if it can even be called that, with revealing cleavage and side boobs, along with a blue feather coat. Her hair was styled like canon post-time skip, as she had a sunglass resting on her head. She sat on a couch, her right hand resting on it.

She came here with a 'gangster' look, intending to intimidate the person, or rather, the duck, she came to meet here.

Big News Morgan. The Albatross devil fruit user.

He's a special man, for many reasons. One, he holds one of the most dangerous powers in this world – The media. This is something that Amon wanted, but couldn't get, because of the second reason. The Albatross is immune to brainwashing. It's as if his brain had gone through the attempt of brainwashing multiple times before, so Amon had no choice but to negotiate with him, instead.

He tried forcing him before, threatening his life even, but none of them worked. The bird was simply too passionate about his job. He didn't want to write fake news, he didn't want to share his information source either.

Amon would have normally killed the bord, if a guy with such powers didn't join hands, he should have died. But Morgan had his uses. Such as right now.

"Mfufu, Mr Morgan sure knows how to amuse his guests."

Robin muttered as she took a sip of the tea, to which the Duck-man laughed hectically.

"Kuwahahaha, please, please, don't flatter yourself. I am just being courteous. Though I am curious why Miss Nico Robin is here. Surely, you didn't come here for the tea?"

Robin nodded at him. "Of course not. I am not free enough for that, unfortunately, I have actual reasons to be here… normally Luci- Amon would have come by himself, but he's a little busy, you see."

Robin giggled again, while Morgan grew nervous. What is so important that the Sky Emperor wanted to visit himself...?

Robin could see his concern, even through his duck-like expression, but she simply slipped her hand inside the pocket in her feather coat, and took out a note.

"Please, read this… you'd know what I mean by the end of this."

Soon, Big News Morgan would have a Big News to write. However… this one would be fake.


Just right then, Kaido, King and Reo were flying above the Red-line.

Everyone knows how big Red-lune is horizontally, but even horizontally, it was a few hundred kilometres long.

King had a strange longing look as he flew above the redline, his old home.

Lunarians are a race created by mating the Ancient Skypieans and Flame Elves, the inhabitants of Moon-6, the aliens who can use Fire-type abilities. The beginning of this race was an experiment by the Ancient Winged race to create strong slaves, so they married their people with the Flame Elves thus causing the birth of Lunarians. After that, as the Lunarians served the Winged race for centuries as slaves, they finally decided to fly down to the blue planet, there… They were worshipped as Gods.

No, they played God because they were the strongest….

Of course, none of the above-mentioned things was known by King, currently, only Amon knew this because of Seraph, the AI. That's not the point though, the point right now is – it seems soon, very soon, the Lunarians would return to their original place, no, they won't become the rules of this world again, rather… they'd become the slaves of Skypieans, because

Just then…


The distinguishable sound of Advanced Conqueror's Haki rang in the air, causing King to alert himself, but before he could realise anything, a painful jab fell on his neck as he flung downwards to the redline, his home.

At the same time, Reo was also falling with him, and the only one in the sky was Kaido, however not even 5 seconds later, the large body of Kaido smashed downwards along with them.

By the time they crashed into the red ground, which didn't cause the red-line to even bend surprisingly, dust filled the air, and as it cleared up…. The figure of a one-handed red-haired Shanks entered their eyes.

The man stood with a single sword in his hand as he started at Kaido who had turned into his human form, none of them even gave Reo or King a glance.

"Kaido, I gotta stop you here. Go back."

A grinding laugh left his throat. "Worororo! You wish!!"

At an instant, Kaido kicked the ground, his club on his hand, as he rushed to Shanks who simply took a stance with his sword.

Reo and King wanted to intervene, well, King did, Reo didn't have any intention to die here, but before King could, he felt a metallic pipe pressing down on his skull from above his suit.

"Puff…" the smoke of a cigarette covered his vision. "Don't move, Fallen God."

Beckman started at King's glaring eyes nonchalantly.

All the while… a real God was looking over the fight that was taking place in the ground of old Gods. God-King Amon stood above a fleeting cloud as his shining red eyes observed the battle.

He needs to make sure Kaido reaches there, so… a fight with Shanks is inevitable.




Author’s Note:

Also, I actually just found out that Morgan is actually a Devil Fruit user. And for the non-manga readers, King’s race actually used to rule the world back in the day, I just added the slave and experiment part.