Chapter 37: The first day of school (3)
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As I was dumbfounded at the fact that Liz is the main heroine, both our eyes had met. I then saw her courtesy smile warp into a mischievous smile that she would make when she's up to something. I began to panic as I became scared of what she would do. Nobility? That won't stop her. I know that much.

"But not only are the members of the great families joining us this year but so is the crown pri—"




"Riel? Who's that?"

"Master?" (Tsurugi)

"Ah, shit." (Riel)

With that one destructive phrase, all eyes were on me. As if I didn't stand out enough, headache #1 decided to point the spotlight at me. And to make it worse, this all happened just before the crown prince's introduction. As a certain overly buff multilingual high schooler would say, "yare yare daze". Sigh, I swear, noble or not I'm gonna kill that damn idiot the next time I get to. But for now, I'm fucked.


"U-uhm, Eliza—"


"Elizabeth-sama, plea—"


"Elizabeth-sama, please stop for a mome—"



Fuck! I just wanted her to stop. Now I'm going to get killed for treason. I just swore at nobility, and a member of the 5 great houses no less. Mom, Papa, thanks for everything. 


Argh!!! Can't that idiot shut up? I swear, if I'm gonna die, I might as well bring her down with me.

Prince POV

What are those idiots doing? I can't believe she's from the Harmonia family! She might as well be a commoner with how she's acting. And Riel? Isn't he the one commoner who passed this year? And they know each other? He should be punished! Not only has he swore at nobility, but he might have corrupted her as well! These two have no respect for the crown! But is that woman really from the Harmonia Family? From what I've heard from Father, even though they are one of the 5 great families, the Harmonia Family holds power that is almost on par with the Royal Family while the other 4 couldn't even compare. If they have that much power, how could it possibly be left in her hands? Oh God, this kingdom may very well be doomed. 

Markus Agnis POV

What in the world did I just witness? When I first saw her in the room we were supposed to stay in until our cue, my first impression of her was that she was a sweet and polite girl, especially since she was from the Harmonia Family. But I was wrong, she wasn't just a naive girl who was ignorant of her situation and standing, but rather I saw a cunning devil in the guise of a cute and harmless doll.

I saw, right before she interrupted the event, she wore a face that resembled the face of a hunter toying with its prey. She knew just exactly what she did. What only made it scarier was the fact the smile wasn't one made out of habit or instinct, but rather one that was purposefully made and shown to the victim. She could've acted ignorant and kept pretending to be clueless, but she opted for that instead. That girl, I'm scared of her. I can't ever get on her bad side, but I also don't want to get on her good side either, I mean, getting on her good side also means being close to her and I don't want that at all!

Anya Strom POV

You go, girl! That's how you get your man! What other way than by marking him so that no one else is gonna aim for him? She's a pretty interesting fellow, let's go make friends with her later.

Luke Tempest POV

Aren't those two the "lovebirds" we found last week? This must be some childish prank she did to get back on him for something. From what I remember, he kept making fun of her so this must be her way of payback. Even though this is pretty rude, I've gotta admit that it's a pretty sweet sight to look at. Close friends becoming lovers, wouldn't that make for a nice story? 

Albert POV

So those two are my kouhai huh? I can't believe that I have two cute kouhais this year. But still, love between a commoner and a noble, sounds like the plot from one of those popular romance novels. This might just be a very interesting year for me.

Tsurugi POV

Haha, of course, Master has a beautiful girlfriend, this is Master we're talking about after all! And to top it off, she's from a good family too. A woman fitting for Master. In fact, Master should have multiple other women. It wouldn't make sense otherwise. Master is just that magnificent!

Prince POV

After that entire debacle had passed, it was finally my time to shine.

"Well, now that we got that out of the way, everyone, please put your hands together for the crown prince." 

I then appear on stage as everyone greets me with applause and cheer. Well, everyone except for those two. That commoner scum should repent for the corruption of a noble. But, that can be done at a later date. For now, it is my time.

"Hello everyone, as all of you should know, I am the crown prince of the Hecaron Kingdom, Louis Mikhail Hecaron. As the headmaster had said, I am now a freshman of Aerith Academy alongside the children of the great families. And even though we are people of high status, it doesn't mean that we got in without any effort. Just like the rest of you, we have also taken the exams and have been accepted due to our results. And speaking of the results, I am here to congratulate the top achievers of each of the three exams." (Louis)

Of course, I'm going to be the top achiever in all three of them. And in the off chance that someone else takes first, I'm at least guaranteed to be the top achiever in one of them.

"For the academics exam, the top achiever is Riel...Lostbelt?" (Louis)

Hah? Him? Out of all people, him? Wait no, let's leave it there. If he's that talented, then I guess it makes sense for him to be here. Proper results should be rewarded justly. It doesn't mean that he's free from punishment though.

"Well, please come here to the stage to be acknowledged." (Louis)

He then awkwardly walks up to the stage. When he arrived, I handed him a certificate that says "Academic Category Top Achiever".

"Well, then, for the combat category, Riel... Lostbelt?" (Louis)

Huh, what? Again? T-this can't be possible. I-it's the same exact name! 

"Well, here's another award I guess." (Louis)

I hand him another certificate. 

"Well then, for the magic category is..." (Louis)




"Riel Lostbelt."

You've gotta be fucking kidding me? Him? Again? Hahahahaha, this world is doomed!!!

As for the name switch between Anya and Luke, it wasn't an error. In fact, the first naming of them is the error. I'm going to fix the last chapter.