Chapter 40: The brown haired princess’ destined meetings
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I'm beginning to think that my "promises" here are cursed. Every time I decide to promise you guys something, some new things decided to pop up. Well, it's kind of my fault, but that's besides that point. Anyways, here's today's chapter. As for tomorrow, there most likely won't be one since more not-so-distant relatives' business happened. Anyways, thank you, and please treat me well.

Well, I've gone and done it again. I once again messed up due to my carelessness. At this point, I'm starting to understand why people call me an airhead. I had gone and entered the wrong carriage. Because I arrived late, all the carriages were already leaving. Because I was panicking, I entered the carriage that was closest to me. I was supposed to go to the Northern Lake, but I ended up in a carriage heading to the Southern Lake. And of course, the glorious me decided to fall asleep in the carriage so I basically woke up when we arrived. 

After we got off the carriage, I just stood still and stared blankly at the scenery in front of me for a while. I was very surprised since I had seen pictures of the general area where the Northern Lake was, and the area around me did not look like it. I then asked the guy next to me.

"Mind if I ask?" (Liz)


"This is the Northern area, right?" (Liz)

"Nope. This is the Southern area. I think you got on the wrong carriage." 

"Ah—" (Liz)

I then looked around and finally understood my situation. This is the Southern area. I then ran back to where the carriages were at only to find out that all the carriages had already left. Out of desperation, I asked one of the people in charge about the carriages.

"Are there really no more carriages?" (Liz)

"I'm sorry to say this young lady, but all of the public carriages have already left. The same goes for most of the private carriages since it's pretty early in the morning and people have to get to work. There are a few private carriages left, but they're pretty expensive. However, they are worth the price since they're the luxurious ones that ensure a safe and comfortable ride. Would you like me to show you to some of them?"

"Uhm, I'll pass." (Liz)

"What a shame. Well, if you change your mind, you can come back later. Oh, and the carriages will come back in about two hours so you can wait around here." 

"Sure. Thanks." (Liz)

Crap. I guess I could wait here, but that'd be boring. I guess I could enjoy the place at least, but all my plans for the North ended up being ruined, I even stayed up all night planning this trip, but all of that went down the drain. Wait a minute, isn't it because I woke up late that I ended up in this situation? Hahaha!!! This entire plan was doomed from the very beginning!!! Hahaha, I might as well make the most out of my dumb mistakes then!!!

When I arrived at the lake, I managed to spot a familiar figure. Taking a gamble, I decided to shout loudly.


Mary POV

"Master, are you sure that I don't have to shadow Liz-sama?" (Maria)

"Yes. In fact, you aren't allowed to." (Duchess)

"May I ask why?" (Maria)

"Well, for starters, if you get caught by that boy, you're gonna end up hurt, physically that is. Plus, Liz is gonna be fine with that boy around." (Duchess)

"But what if that boy isn't there?" (Maria)

"Do you believe in destiny?" (Duchess)

"Are you saying that that boy will be there?" (Maria)

"Yes. I am 100% sure that he will be there too." (Duchess)

"Master, forgive me if I'm being too disrespectful, but isn't that a bit improbable? I get that it's strange that the past few times he was there, but isn't it too risky to bet your chances on him being there again?" (Maria)

"Maria, this is an order. We treat you as part of the family which is why I don't do this, but as both your Master and your family, please trust me on this one." (Duchess)

"Master... I understand. I will obey your wishes." (Maria)


I, I don't know how, I don't know why, but I managed to mess up again. How is it that I forgot to book a reservation for the restaurant? You'd think that I'd learn from the theater incident, but I managed to flub it up once again. Am I really that much of a lost cause just like Riel said I was? Am, am I really this unreliable? I wanna say that this is just bad luck, but even I know that this is the result of pure negligence. I, I really am an airhead.

As I was contemplating my stupidity, I once again saw a familiar figure in the distance. I began to wonder about whether or not I was hallucinating, but I decided to just run up to that figure and greet him with a smile. 

"Yo Riel!" (Liz)

"Yo." (Riel)

Maria POV

Today, I decided to just check on Liz-sama and quickly leave before that young boy comes. As expected, our clumsy and airheaded Liz-sama once again screwed up her plans. And right on cue, the tsundere prince charming appears to save the day once again. At this point, I might as well kick back and relax. Destiny sure is one hell of a thing.

  Liz POV

"Liz?" (Riel)

"Riel?" (Liz)

"What are you doing here?" (Riel)

"That's my line." (Liz)

"Don't 'that's my line' me you airhead! Wait a minute, don't tell e, you've been stalking me the entire time." (Riel)

"There's no way that I'm a stalker!" (Liz)

"You do have a point there." (Riel)

"See? I told you." (Liz)

"The Liz that I know can't possibly be smart enough to come up with the idea to stalk me in the first place." (Riel)

"Hey—" (Liz)

"Unless if she was actually pretending to be a klutz and is actually a cunning con-artist." (Riel)

"What—" (Liz)

"But I just can't see her like that. She's too derpy and careless that it's impossible for me to imagine her as one." (Riel)

"Geez! Fine, I'll prove to you that I'm not dumb." (Liz)

I then grab a book from the bookshelf.

"Hey, you do realize that that book is too hard for you to understand, right?" (Riel)

"I'll show you that I'm smarter than you by reading this book in no time!" (Liz)

"Sigh, I warned you." (Riel)

Fufufu, with this, I'll finally impress Riel with just how smart I am. How hard could this book be?