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The headmaster continued with his boring speech for a few more minutes until finally signaling the end of the ceremony. While the second and third years were told to go back to their respective classrooms, we were told to remain for a tour around the academy. After a while, a staff member had arrived with 5 other students. Those 5 students were the ones who were on stage earlier, including Liz. The staff member then spoke.

"Greetings, freshmen. I am Professor Balthazar Ferrum and I will be acting as your homeroom teacher this year. You may either call me Professor Ferrum or simply Professor. Now then, follow me as I guide you through the academy. When asking questions, I would like if you raised your hands and wait for me to acknowledge you." (Professor)

Professor Ferrum, the homeroom teacher for this year's freshmen, also known as the Iron Sentinel. He is known for being one of the few individuals who have been bestowed a name by the king. Formerly a commoner, he had awakened a special kind of magic that makes his skin tougher than steel. As a child, he had to survive by himself as an orphan. When he was in his teens, he registered as an adventurer and made his way as a B-class adventurer before being recruited by the current king. He was then bestowed the surname of Ferrus and pledged loyalty to the current king. From what I recall, the only reason why he, one of the King's personal guards, had come to teach this class is because of this year's lineup of V.I.Ps. But despite that, he remained fair and unbiased as seen when the player gets punished for getting a low score in an exam.

As I was trying to recall more about him, I suddenly heard someone call for me.

"Psst! Hey Rie–" (Liz)

Right before the airhead could finish her sentence, a small iron ball was thrown and hit her square in the forehead.

"Ouch!" (Liz)

"No interruptions during the tour. Next time, it won't end up with just one iron ball, understood?" (Professor)

"Yes." (Liz)

"I said, understood?" (Professor)

"Understood!" (Liz)

"Good. Now, if there are no further interruptions..." (Professor)

Ah, I remember now. Professor Ferrum was also well known for his chilling anger. Despite his face being calm and unmoved, his silent glare can make even a lion whimper. As for the airhead, I guess there's at least one more thing to make fun of her for. But if not for the professor, I would've gladly talked with her. Don't get me wrong, the tour isn't boring at all. The only problem is that I know that most of the rooms are going to be useless. This is because out of all the facilities available, I wouldn't be able to use most of them. This is because of how the academy works. 

There are only a few mandatory classes and most of the classes are optional. The optional classes include stuff like territorial management, war strategies, advanced alchemy, swordsmanship, magic, and other stuff while the mandatory classes include history, math, language. As for me, I already knew which classes I'm going to be taking. 

"And lastly, this is going to be our classroom. We will be using this classroom for all mandatory classes. That marks the end of the tour. Any questions?" (Professor)

Shortly after, one of the students raised their hands. The professor then nodded. The student then asked.

"What are we supposed to do now?" 

"According to the schedule, the rest of the day will be spent for you to socialize and familiarize yourselves with each other. You are all supposed to stay here together for 3 straight years so you should all start on that. Well then, I will now be leaving all of you alone and will be going back to my office. If anything major happens, please come to my office and report any incidents. Well then, I shall now be taking my leave." (Professor)

He then left the classroom. After a short moment of silence, the airhead decided to break the silence.

"Riel! I didn't know that you got in!" (Liz)

I had to ignore her. It was just too embarrassing to respond now.

"Hmm? You okay?" (Liz)

I knew that anything that would come out of my mouth would make everything worse.

"Heeh~ Are you back to being a tsundere?" (Liz)

As if that entire incident back then wasn't embarrassing enough, this is happening. It's fine. Just close your eyes, and breathe.

"Geez~ I miss deredere Riel~" (Liz)

Ignore the airhead. She doesn't exist.

"C'mon Riel~ Say something~" (Liz)

It's fine. Inner peace.

"Heeh~ Well then, I guess I'll have to tell everyone about our escapa–" (Liz)


I then introduce the airhead to one of my strongest moves. The iron grip.

"Ouchouchouch!!! It hurts! Let go~" (Liz)

"Hmm... Maybe if you  apologize for what you did, I'll think about it." (Riel)

"Apologize for what? I did nothing wro–ouch you're gripping tighter!" (Liz)

"Repent." (Riel)

"Ouch! Okay okay, I'm very sorry for what I did now let me go!!!" (Liz)

"Hmm... Nah." (Riel)



Seriously, this girl doesn't know what she did wrong. Apology my ass, I felt no remorse from you. This is what you get for embarrassing me in public. Now, how am I supposed to face my classmates? After all that dumb bullshit you pulled, my social life is ruined! Now I'm going to be known as the guy who swore against a noble!

W-wait a minute. I just realized. This is all happening in public. I'm iron-gripping the only daughter of the Harmonia Family in front of so many nobles no less. Hahahaha, mom, papa, I'm so fucking screwed. 

And that was the day my social value had plummeted from a mere commoner to a dead man.