The Inn Keeper
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" oh, you're awake " she whispered in surprise

" I couldn't sleep since I'm not tired," I said as I moved my hand to her butt and grabbed it

" naughty boy, I guess I have to help you get tired," she said as she grabbed my meat

" will you be able to last long enough to tire me out," I said as I continue to caress her juicy ass

" oh, is that a challenge," she said as she rubbed my sausage

I then smiled and moved my hand from her ass to her tits and began rubbing she let out a light moan *Mmmmm* I continue to rub her chest through her bra getting her more excited than I quickly move atop of her putting my face right next to her ear then I start licking it causing her body to start fidgeting...

I move further down to her neck and start lightly licking it, she lets out another moan *AAAaa* I then started to lick faster around the base of her neck, then I move up to her face and stare into her eyes as she smiles

" you're better than I thought you would be," said Mayla

" I'm just getting started, don't get too excited so soon," I say as I move closer to her face

I put my lip's up against her Rosey lips initiating a kiss

I slip my tongue into her mouth as she begins to open it I start to feel the warmth of her mouth as I move my tongue towards her feeling it's slimy texture, at first she slightly resisted pulling her tongue back as I entered but now we're both moving our tongues in unison in as if out tongue's were fighting for power, we continue to swap spit for a few minutes causing Mayla to audibly breathes harder through her nose I then disconnect my lip's from her creating a bridge of saliva

It was time to get serious so I moved down to her breast moving her bra out the way as I start to slowly caress it I then start to lick her nipple's while pinching her other nipple *lick* *suck* making her start to moan louder *Mmmmm* she starts to tightly hold on to my head pulling it into her massive tit's I start to lick faster and fondle her breast's more vigorously *Mmmm*  I continue doing so for another minute the I move down to her p*ssy, as I saw how Wet she had become from me just sucking in her tits

I decided to tease her a little so instead of licking her slit

I start by feeling her inner thighs *Aaaa* she let out yet another moan I guess her inner thigh is sensitive I then begin licking it moving slowly to make sure she felt the full sensation, I see her pantie's progressively getting wetter and wetter I move my hands to her ass and start caressing it my sausage getting harder as my fingers dig deeper into her plump butt I then stop licking her thighs and move to her slit putting my mouth against it with her panties being the only thing separating my mouth from her honey pot

I move my finger's up against it and start rubbing  *AAaaa* she moans and starts to breathe even harder, I start rubbing her wet slit faster I continue to rub her slit until I notice her body start to shake, she was about to cum I continue rubbing for a little bit then I stop looking up at her pleasure-filled face

" you can't cum yet, I haven't even put it in yet," I say with a mischievous smile

" I want to cum! Please put your c*ck in my wet p*ssy!! " said Mayla with lust

As soon as she said that I quickly took my pant's off  then lifted her legs then taking her panties off, and begin to rub my long sausage against her cute slit

" I don't think my p*ssy can handle you all that," said Mayla

" I sure you can, I'll put it in slowly," I say while pressing my piece on her slit

I ever so gently move my sausage a few centimetres into her slit as I start to feel the warm and wet inside of her p*ssy *MMmmm* *AAaaa* she starts to moan louder and more frequently I tell her

"Tell me if it's too much to handle, okay"


The moment she finished saying that I plunge my entire my member into her surprisingly tight walls *SQUELCH* causing her to scream in pleasure *AAAaaaaa*!!! I start to pull it out then I thrust it back in *clap* making her begin to loudly moan *AAaaa* I continue to thrust my sausage in and out of her *squelch* *squelch* causing her tits to rock back and forth

" If you keep screaming like that you wake up Lilith," I said as I continued to pound her p*ssy

" you afraid you'll get caught? " said Mayla in a smug tone

" no, she has had a tiring day so I wanted to let her get some rest," I say as I start to pound her p*ssy even harder as punishment for mocking me *AAaaa* !! *MMmmm*!! She moans even louder so I put my hand over her mouth to keep her from waking Lilith, her p*ssy got tighter the moment I did that

" I guess she likes it rough," I thought

I then use my hand's to spread her legs even more as I lean towards her and pin her hand's down to the bed feeling her unkempt tit's rub against my chest making me even harder as I thrust my meat deeper into her I then grab a hold of one of her tit's that was bouncing around like crazy and start sucking on it. Her previously mature and experienced demeanour was now completely taken over by her submissive side

I tell her to turn around so I can f*ck her from the back and she quickly does it, so I plunge my piece into her faster as a reward

" you like it rough don't you! " I shout


[ subject has completely submitted to you, would you like to use your slavemancer skill on her?]

" should I? I mean she's sexy and her honey pot feels great and if I could increase the popularity of her inn it could be a great and reliable source of passive income… yes I'll make her mine "

[ slavemancer skill activated]

[ Mayla is now your slave ]

[ updating status menu… update complete

name: Frey Armstead

race: human, demon

titles: hero, slavemancer

level: 1




fire: unlocked

water: locked

air: locked

earth: locked

light: unlocked

dark: unlocked

null: unlocked

skills: holy armour, slavemancer, analyze, copycat, fireball

Current slaves:



missions: Complete a guild quest ]

Just as the system updated my status I feel Mayla's muscle begins to twitch

" I'M GONNA CUM!!, FUCK ME HARDER MASTER!! "  she screams with pleasure

" I'm about to cum too let's cum together " I shout

I let go of her butt and hold on to her arms so I could start thrusting my meat into her even harder *SQUELCH* *SQUELCH* she moans loader *AAaaa* then we both cum she lets out another scream of pleasure, making her so enamoured by the pleasure that she can't think of anything else as I shoot my how cream into her wet p*ssy filling her up causing my cum to gush out of her slit like a fountain

As soon as we finished cumming she dropped on the bed hyperventilating with her tongue sticking out and her eye's looking blank, I lay next to her also breathing hard

" That was amazing " whispered Mayla trying to catch her breathe

" Wanna go again? " I say

" I would love to but if my body receives any more pleasure I might go crazy," she said

I lightly poke her in a teasing manner causing her to moan and then pout

" looks like you lost the challenge," I say in a smug manner

" I'll have to try again next time," she says flirtatiously

After that we continued to talk for a while, I also told her that I made her my slave but she didn't mind at all

" I guess I should call you master from now on," she said

" sure, if you want to " I replied

I put my hand around her as We moved closer together and felt each other's warmth as we both fell into a comfortable sleep. When I woke up the first thing I see is Lilith at the foot of my bed looking angry

"Oh, Lilith you're up," I said as I got up

"..." she continued to look at me with anger

" what's with the anger," I say in confusion

" master, it's almost midday we have to go to the guild to complete our first quest," she said with an attitude

" oh right, you might want to wake up that woman," she said passive-aggressively

" oh I forgot she was here," I say as I look beside me and see Mayla sleeping completely naked

" Mayla, wake up," I say I lightly shake her

She wakes up in a daze and looks at me

" oh, master you're awake," she says with a smile

" MASTER!? Why is the inn manager calling you that " she says as a vain bulges on her head

" ... " I say nothing

" why do you? it because master made me his woman last night " say's Mayla as she wraps her hand around my neck and moves my hand to her large breast  while lustfully staring at me

" ... "  Lilith remains quiet

" ... " I just stare at her

" master, you should go take a shower we have to go to the guild " say's Lilith calmly

" I am feeling pretty sticky from last night, " I thought so I decided to go take a bath.

" Taking a bath for the first time in this world was pretty refreshing, " I think as I walk out of the bathroom and I could swear I saw electricity in between Lilith and Mayla as they stand still aggressively staring at each other

" master, get dressed let's go before another slut tries to have seduce you," say's Lilith in an angry tone

" slut huh, it's not my fault master like's my p*ssy more, you're just jealous "

" he doesn't like you more, master only did it with you once but we did five times "

" well… wait how did you know that, did you perhaps wake up and watch us do it?" say's Mayla with a curious smile

" h-how was I supposed to sleep when you were screaming so loudly " shout's Lilith while blushing

" How could I stop screaming when master was f*cking my wet p*ssy so hard " say's Mayla while she held her breast in her hand and put her other hand near her slit while recalling the events that occurred last night