Interlude #2 – Glory and honor is in the eyes of the beholder
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Today has been-ith a great bounty!


Thine-self and thine brethren have gloriously vanquished our foes and attained provisions.


As we approach-ith our most sacred of dwellings, I seethe a most vile scene!


My brozza from another mozza has been-th viciously stabbed to death by the most vicious of creatures! My brozza who wouldn’t even hurt-ith a fly was murdered-th ruthlessly and cowardly! Blast the monster! Me and my brethren shall embark-th on a righteous holy crusade to seek-th retribution against the vile creature!


We surround-th the vilest of creatures and bare-th our mighty weapons against its vile horrid presence.


My most bravest of the brethren rushes-th to put and end to this vile creature, with a righteous and valiant charge!


But the vile cowardly creature fleas-th and assaults-th thee ozzer brozza in the most cowardly of ways! What cowardliness!


While injuring my honored brother, he courageously attacks-th back at the vile cowardly monster, only for the cowardly vile creature to avoids-th his righteous glorious blow and like a coward the vile creature claws-th into his belly. How vicious this vile creature is!


But this vicious cowardly vile creature was not satisfied-th just yet! It hopped-th on my brozza and tore-th through his neck unjustly killing-th my brozza! Has thee no mercy?!?! This vicious vile creature’s transgressions can not stand-th!


And I stand-th for it no longer! Thine honored self charges at the cowardly vicious vile creature and injure its arm, only for the cowardly vile creature to flee-th yet again, assaulting-th another of my brethren! What cowardliness!


And like that, another of my honored and courageous brethren fell-th, as the vicious cowardly vile creature shred-th through his eyes! Does thy viciousness and cowardliness know no bounds-th vile creature?


While Thine was shocked-th by the overall hatefulness of the creature, one of my honored brethren attempted-th to vanquish its evil presence. But the vicious vile creature quickly countered-th and my honored righteous brozza only managed to knock-th the vile creature over!


My honorary righteous brozza attempts-th to finish off the hateful creature only for the cowardly creature to exploit-th him and cowardly attack him in the eye!


Thine could take-th it no longer and I assaulted the vicious creature pushing-th it down, only for it again to cowardly escape-th and murdering-th yet another of my brethren in the most cowardly of ways!


The vicious cowardly hateful vile creature then charges straight at me and assaults-th me in my eye and flings me into my last remaining brethren.



You have taken 329 damage. You are critically injured and severely bleeding


When I come-th to barely standing up, I notice the vicious cowardly hateful vile creature has ended the last of my brethren! And my glorious self has been-th critically injured!


But gods have-th mercy! The vicious cowardly hateful vile creature has collapsed-th on the floor and is unable to move! I move towards the hateful evil creature and with the last-th of my glorious strength, I prepare-th the final blow to end this monstrosity! Thine has avenged you my brethren! Even if thine shall join-th you and my ancestors in Valhalla, thine will take-th thee vile creature with me! Or so I swear-th in the name of Von Zon Allon Don Ron Zekaron Shon van Dan Jen Mellaren the 32nd Junior Of Vaizaron! As I move-th my glorious righteous hand to finish it off!



You have died due to excessive bleeding.





“So you wish to enter Valhalla based on the glorious battle you have fought?” said the mighty existence standing before thine.


“But of course! Tis was a glorious battle of valor!” Thine affirms in confidence.


“Let us see here … * click * click * click * … According to our records, you and 5 of your brothers... surrounded and mercilessly attacked a level 1 little girl?” the mighty existence inquired while frowning his brow.


“But tis was vile and vicious!” Thine insisted!


“You don’t say...” the mighty existence replied in a dismissive voice.


“Next applicant!” he then shouted.

With this, Volume 1 is done, Volume 2 next.