Volume 01: Reaching enlightenment in all the wrong ways (2)
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** POV Kuina **


Amongst the beastkin, there is a story about how from time to time a beastkin is born with an exotic color. Not only is this exotic color unnatural making it hard for the beastkin to hunt in the forest without detection, often times these beastkin are born with deficiency such as blindness, deafness and retardation. These beastkin are referred to as “retards” in our clans. Often times we even isolate them for the protection of the clan.


Personally, in the 15 years I have been alive, I have never met these so called “retards”. And while I do not doubt the stories told far back by our ancestors, as these stories have rarely if ever been wrong. But they are not without their exaggerations.


Of course with the living example showing up in front of me one day, I’d argue the ancestors were being modest.


Originally, beastkin are not native to this continent. We either came here through willful migration or captured and forced here by slave merchants. This continent overall is harsh on beastkin and discriminates against them. Even in the few countries on the continent that have lesser discrimination, it is virtually impossible for a beastkin to live their lives normally in these lands. The majority of the beastkin are slaves and are treated like disposable junk. This has gone on for over 1000 years.


Then one day comes this retarded Level 4 Catkin out of the blue, walks into an inn and asks for a job like she is a [Human] or something. Then after being thrown out, she still followed humans with no apprehension. I mean talk about retarded! Where has she been her entire life, stuck in some hole under a rock?!?!


And that isn’t even scratching the surface!


Every living thing that is born in this world is born with a preset knowledge. That preset knowledge is engraved in our very existence and allows us to know how to level up and gain classes. Even if someone were to lose their memories they would still know how to properly level up.


Of course not this retard! This retard didn’t even know something as simple as that! I mean seriously, what world is she from? It definitely isn’t this one...


I am used to being discriminated everywhere I go, but the stunt she pulled off in the guild was utterly embarrassing. She might as well have just screamed out “Hey! I am a retard!”.


Even worse, I got stuck babysitting this retard! Which has been easier said then done! My job is to make sure she does not do anything stupid, and all she does is stupid! When everyone runs away from monsters, she just runs at them head on! I am surprised how she even lived till 12 years old. It must have been some miracle or some dumb luck.


Well she isn’t lacking in dumb luck that is for sure. How she finds 15 herbs by the end of the day is beyond me. I mean even Ryo who has [Smell Sense] Level 4 would not find herbs as quickly as she did on the first day. I wonder what’s this retard’s [LUK] stat at? I would ask, but somehow I get the feeling she would ask “What is a [LUK] stat?”...ugh...my head hurts just thinking about her stupid face…


Most people who train for combat do so through 2 routes. First route to advance is to work towards their non-combat class and then level that up to a combat class. The other way is to train in skills, once you attain skills, you go in with groups to level up safely. Those with money even capture monsters to help them level up to a combat class quicker.


But this retard just rushes in blindly! I mean I have to admit, she sometimes is pretty fast on her feet...that last time almost made it seem like she used [Sprint]...but that is impossible...ugh! I must have been seeing things and her stupidity is infecting me…


I can’t say my life is a good one, but I know I have it better than others. While the master who uses us as bait is often times cruel, he is reasonable. He keeps things professional and rarely goes out of his way to torment us outside of bringing order or doing our jobs. I know many beastkin who are abused on a daily basis and I am thankful I ain’t one of them. The only thing I need to worry about is surviving as bait, and with my experience the risk of dying is rather minimum.


Most of the deaths are among the newcomers. And I have seen plenty of newcomers die after their first few assignments. To the point I stopped even caring about their names. We live in a world of survival of the fittest. If they are weak, they die. Simple as that. In that sense, I am shocked this retard is still alive...what dumb luck…


The only thing I have to look forward to in this life is breakfast and dinner. It isn’t much, but as slaves even that is a lot.


And what is this retard doing right now? She is giving away her privilege of larger portions for 5 days in exchange for information that everyone who is a slave should know. She might as well be chopping off her arm for learning what the weather is like today...But hey, I am not going to complain, more food for me! In this world, everyone is for themselves and anything that benefits me, I’ll take. Your loss is my gain. You can only blame yourself for being so retarded!



“I am no expert of [Slave Collars] and I do not know how they are made or the likes. What I can tell you is the basics that every slave should know. Again, you better not take back your word if you don’t like the content...or else...” I threaten again, then continue on “When a [Slave Collar] is put on you, information is usually pushed into your brain. This information includes the preset conditions that the slave merchants have set up, plus custom conditions. The most common conditions include not hurting the master, not to commit suicide unless told to and to follow all [Orders]. When you go against a condition, you will begin to experience pain. In some cases even thinking about going against the conditions can cause pain. Which is why it is nearly impossible to disobey an order accidentally, because any attempt to do so will bring upon pain...of course with a retard like you, I wouldn’t be surprised if you messed up somehow. If you are concerned, you can always check the list of standing conditions and [Orders] in your [Slave Collar]’s menu. Will save me the time of explaining all of them to you” I add.


“W-what do you mean menu? Do you mean the Status menu?” she stupidly inquires with wide open eyes.


Argh! That stupid face really ticks my nerves!


“No you retard! It is under your equipment menu! You know, open up ‘Equipment’ and view the details of your [Slave Collar] ” I yell getting more and more irritated at her blunt stupidity of things everyone should know.


“...Eh...Eh?!?! EHHHHHHHHHHHHH!?!??!?!?!?” she stops and suddenly yells.


I don’t think you need to over exaggerate about finding out there is an equipment menu...but then what do you expect from a retard…


Suddenly she begins to wobble and her knees give out and she falls on the floor. She then grabs her hair and starts messing it up while screaming..




She really has some mental issues…


“I AM A TOTAL IDIOT!!!” she screams, then starts rolling on the ground like a maniac repeating “The shame! The shame!” over and over…


She then bumps into a tree while rolling, gets up on her knees and starts whacking her head against the tree repeating “Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!” over and over.


At this point, it is getting rather strange even for this retard. Even I begin to worry. Of course my worry lies in the fact that if she kills herself this way, I’ll get in trouble. So I go over to her, grab her shoulder and say:


“Stop retard! Are you trying to kill yourself or something?” I reprimand.


“Kuina! I am a total idiot! A total idiot!” she conveys while grabbing both my shoulders.


“I know” I respond being told the obvious.


“No! You don’t understand! I am a total idiot! Ugh!” she screams.


“I assure you, if there is one person you don’t need to convince, that is me...” I reply while tapping her shoulder in assurance.


This retard really likes repeating the obvious ha…Anyways, I better put a stop to this…because it is getting really annoying, on top of that...


“Look retard, I frankly could care less what you do all day. But if you don’t bring the 15 required herbs, then I won’t get my larger portion! We are already behind due to the whole monster incident so hurry the hell up and get yourself together!” I reprimand knowing my priorities.


“...eh?...You are right!” she exclaims and gets up on her feet.


I sigh in relief that my food increase is safe and sound for the time being. Judging by how shocked she was by the equipment menu, I wonder once the 5 days are up if I should trick her into handing more food for the knowledge of the title menu. Hehe. Not that it would be useful to her anyways, at best she’d have the [Retard] title.


Either way, knowing that I’ll have more food when we get back makes dealing with this retard just a tiny bit more bearable...





[Slave Collar] Details

Status: Inactive


Locking mechanism: 100.00% [Complete]
Establishing link to organism: 100.00% [Complete]

Force opening link to mind: 100.00% [Complete]

Establishing link to master rune: 100.00% [Complete]

Taking over organism via mind to system link: 0.00% [ERROR]


- Insufficient mana. Please insert more mana to resume the process -