Chapter 3
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Joe pov

After Cameron left I double-checked that I had everything, and called David as I went to the kitchen, and found the roll of bandages I'd hidden a few days ago.

Taking off my shirt I winced at the dark bruises on my arms, I'd worn a hoodie to cover it up, to make sure Cameron didn't worry.

"Hey, Joe!" David's cheerful voice came through the phone as I put it on speaker.

"Hey, is it ok if I come over now?" I asked, my legs now shaking as I wrapped the bandages around my arms.

"Of course, my parents just left for their business trip so you can come over right now."

I smiled slightly, the excitement of being out of here giving me hope.

"Joe, is everything ok? Like at home?" David's question made my stomach drop. "I'm asking because you seemed pretty frantic to come over here. Not that I have a problem with that, just want to make sure everything is ok."

"Yep, everything's ok, like I said things are just a bit tough at home, mom and dad are really busy, they've turned the apartment into their office, "I replied as I finished with the wrapping and tied the bandages.

A chuckle was heard on the other side. "Can't wait to see you." I smiled at that as I put the bandages back in their hiding spot and put my hoodie back on.

"Can't wait to see you too, I really miss you..." I trailed off, smiling slightly, despite the pain in my arms.

"Strawberry or chocolate ice cream?" David asked.

"Strawberry." I smiled, he always asked this, I found it cute.

"Ok, I'll go out to the store to buy some now."

"I'll send you a text when I head out," I said as I plugged my earphones into my phone, grabbing my bad from the corner.


"Hey I have to go, I'll call you later." And I hung up, my blood running cold.

The sound of the elevator door opening and footsteps coming up the stairs made the panic return.

I hurried to Cameron's room, which had plenty of hiding spots, including a walking closet, which she used as an office of sorts when she was here.

I heard the keys in the door.

Switching off the lights I went into the closet, taking my bag with me.

She somehow managed to get a small couch in here, and she made a makeshift fort of some sorts, putting two nails into the wall on either end of the couch, she'd gotten a wide board of some sorts and propped it on the nails and the couch that was many fully against the wall, leaving a little makeshift hiding place.

I crawled into it, turning my phone wifi off, and lowering the brightness too as I stayed silent.


Cameron POV

"I'm so sorry," I panted as I leaned against the door, sliding my bag to the floor, trying to catch my breath.

"Did you Run?!" Elliot exclaimed as he got me a glass of water.

I nodded and drank the water in one go.

Pulling a chair out, and closing the door he led me to the chair and sat me down.

"What happened?" Elliot asked, placing his hands on my shoulders to steady my shaking form.

"Nothing." I stayed, trying to calm down.

"Don't nothing me, something happened, is it something bad?" Elliot looked frantically worried, I felt the guilt creep up.

"Family stuff," I whispered.

That was the only thing I could reveal, the only thing that I felt wouldn't get me in trouble.

Elliot looked sad as he pulled a chair and sat down next to me.

"Do you wanna talk about it?" He inquired.

I shook my head." Not now.." I trailed off.

He nodded and patted my shoulder.

"If you need to go I'll lock up when I'm done here, I'll clean up the shop."

He nodded and stood up. "Thank you." And left the store.

I closed the door after him and locked it, placing the keys on the counter as I walked to the back room and flopped on the bed in the corner.

My phone rang and I groaned, sitting up and answering the call.


"Hey, darling." I smiled, Emily always made me smile.

"Hey, could we do a rain check?" I asked laying back down. "I have the clean the coffee shop and then I have some projects and schoolwork to do."

I'd finished my school work yesterday, missed my shift, and worked most of the night, I'd stayed awake with the coffee.

"I also didn't get any sleep..."

"Go sleep, we can reschedule, you need rest," Emily Said sternly.

"And actually sleep, no music."

I chuckled.

"Of course M'lady," I replied.

I ended the call and closed my eyes, drifting into sleep.


Joe pov.

I lay on the floor, wincing in pain, knowing I'd have to reapply the bandages.

They'd found me, well dad did, he was the one who came home.

I'd forgotten to clean the kitchen, well it was Cameron's duty, but she was busy enough.

I'd gotten the punishment Cameron would have revived had she been home, I'm so glad she wasn't home.

He had left after he'd beaten the shit out of me, it's a miracle he didn't break my bones.

I opened my phone and sent David a message.

"I'm on my way. :)"

I carefully stood up and made my way to the front door.

Realizing I forgot my bag I went to get it and saw that I had a message

David- "cant wait to see you.<3"

I smiled and put my phone in my pocket as I slung my bag onto my shoulder.

Grabbing the spare keys, I'd made sure to get another set for myself when I'd went to get Cameron a pair,  I opened the door and stumbled out, slamming it behind me.

My brain seemed to be on autopilot as I walked to David's place, I'd been there so many times before.

The fresh air cleared my head a bit, the sun beginning to sink into the horizon, my vision getting 

blurry, my head feeling light.

I somehow managed to make it and rang the doorbell, the ringing seeming dull to my brain.

The door opened and David stood in the entrance, dirty blond hair, green eyes, taller than me, he was wearing shorts and a hoodie, I'd worn that hoodie last time I came over.

Just as I took a step forward, reached out hug him, he looked concerned, he asked me something but I didn't hear it through the ringing in my ears, I took another step towards him and then my vision went dark.