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As I paced around my room my childish legs nearly gave out from exhaustion. Clearly I had a ways to go to avoid a destruction route. I'm definitely interested in the capture targets, but I'm not the heroine and my reputation is to say in such an unseemly manner equivalent to dog shit that you stepped in on accident. I have a unique ability to view the spirits such a thing Addeline couldn't even do!

According to my memory I should have the darkness attribute which will further push me into a corner when it comes to interactions of the magical kind. At least when I had a problem back on earth I could just ask a wiki... I'm not really digging the black hair either, it's so incongruous and is based on the beauty of a Japanese woman. I'm not of Asian descent nor do I adore the slick black hair.

With a loud huff I toss my face into a pillow.

"raaah" The pillow manages to muffle my anger and confusion which only caused me to scream louder until my throat hurt. On an unrelated note having to look at the beast people brought displeasure to her. The anatomy of such creatures threw the girl off immensely. What's with the ears on top? Do you also have human ears? Are they as dumb as the animals they look like? H0w could a mutt or stray cat and human be a good mix? She didn't consider or even see herself as "racist" but these thoughts fervently moved through her head. But the MOST unpleasant part would be she'd have to compete with some bumpkin who casually cucks other women and takes their men, she has no mercy and orders others around with her hands clasped together saying shit like "please don't fight over me" and the worst part about that is that she'd have to pretend to be a nice little Normie bitch. The people of this world are so incompetent and prone to violence that they'd wag their tails along to the ideas of a frog if it hopped in their path. Their intelligence seemed to stem so low that in her mind she could not see herself as anything but superior. Not due to race or small characteristics as she was raised in a generation that abhorred and scorned people with such thoughts. But due to the sheer idiocy that she would have to deal with.

Just imagining the path ahead of her she shuddered. 

"My birthday party is three months. Lore wise that's where I meet the heroine and get on her bad side by condemning her actions that violated common noble courtesy. In that span of time I would have to study, learn magic, and somehow get the people to look at me as a saint" It was such a task that I started to feel a painful pang in my head.

Not only did she not possess Addeline's memories, but she decided to cast out her own aside from her ingenuity, knowledge of technology, and game info. Crying over her family and loss of her previous life would just result in her losing precious time, and she needed every minute. To Addeline her head racked over a method to not stray too far from the world's future so as not to lose all the footing she had while also not dying.

The deepest part that aggravated Addeline was her previous experience of a vixen stealing her man without even trying. How could one go around and destroy every precious relationship one couple had built in the pursuit of her own happiness. The heroine was not innocent either, she knew of her unfair charm and beguilement and used it to her own advantage, from playing as the character for roughly two hundred hours Addeline had known and was even forced to go along with the tormenting cutesy poses and speeches. The rated eighteen and up tag was even more so bothersome as characters often suffered brutal deaths from which the heroine would have to reverse time to stop.

Noble as her intentions were it was still unfair for the heroine to snatch men like a bargain sale. To guarantee her safety Addeline would be forced to draw the heroine into her ranks, it would be hard and a battle of wits. Her cunning vs the heroine's. Despite not being all that smart in societal matters or mathematical the heroine had trial and error on her side. At this point she should already have experienced one reset, and cunning that could rival her own. Addeline needed to stay vigilant, reduce the amounts of resets, and not die. To say she had a lot on her plate would be an understatement. 


Addeline had a number of problems she needed to handle but right now she needed a nap.