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Su Sheng slowly opened his eyes.

He was a bit unclear about the situation. The medicine he was given wasn't a small dose. It was already amazing that he managed to wake up.

Slowly, his expression became alarmed, and he turned his head to look at Su Wenyan who was sitting by the bed's side. The confusion and panic in his eyes disappeared.

The weak and helpless appearance made Su Wenyan's heart soften. He extended his hand and touched his brother's head: "You have already taken the medicine and I took off your inhibitor a moment ago. Go back to sleep."

It wasn't long that Su Sheng fell asleep again. Su Wenyan patted the youth's back gently, letting him sleep a bit more comfortably. The boy breathing gradually became deeper.

Su Wenyan slowly stood up and rushed to leave. However, when he left, he didn't go back to his room.

Outside was parked a luxurious black car. The car was warm and comfortable, and right before he relaxed, Su Wenyan suddenly said: "Thank you so much for sending my brother back."

Cao Feng's face stiffened: "Anybody in my spot would have done the same thing."

Su Wenyan wasn't aware of wearing Su Sheng's clean scent. One could compare it to 'a fresh load of laundry or walking outside after it rains'.

Cao Feng went out only with alphas or betas. He hated omegas and always found their smell disgusting. But now he was caught off guard by how soothing this scent was.

It was overflowing in his head.

Naturally, Cao Feng didn't stay long in the area where the Su villa was located. He wanted to get home as soon as possible because the heat in his body started to spread uncontrollably.

Cao Feng never left his room for 3 days straight and only kept a minimum number of people around him. He completely lost control over himself.

Although it was very rare, alphas could go into a rut.

To Su Sheng's surprise, when his condition improved, Yan Ling took the initiative to come to his house. Su Wenyan was pleased to see this. He changed his opinion of Yan Ling when he found out that he is also an omega. He even led him to the room in person and personally prepared some deserts and fruits so they could enjoy themself as they wished.

Yan Ling sat beside Su Sheng, taking an apple and gnawing on it. As he was still chewing on the apple, his speech was unclear as he asked: "Did your heat was troublesome?"

Su Sheng was dumbfounded. He never expected that Yan Ling would suddenly ask this sort of question: "No. To tell you the truth, I don't remember too much about it. And how do you know that?"

Yan Ling carried on gnawing on the apple: "So you don't recall how you left the club?"

Su Sheng turned to face him, his face serious: "Tell me."

Yan Ling threw the apple core into the rubbish bin and wiped his hands: "Oh. Okay. In the princess carry way by a man with a tall structure."

After thinking about a certain person, Su Sheng couldn't help but shake his head, laughing in spite of himself. Nowadays, he could actually think of this kind of unrealistic thing.

Su Sheng smiled awkwardly: "By my brother, right?"

Yan Ling shook his head: "No. Su Wenyan was with me at that time."

Su Sheng's expression was not good. For him to find out about the villain doing this kind of thing, he could only feel extremely upset. He was not grateful to him at all.

What was Cao Feng thinking doing that? 

When Yan Ling left, Su Sheng was laying in the bed with his eyes open as he started recalling everything he remembered about "Mark Me".

After calmly thinking about it, he remembered that the protagonist had a pure outer appearance, but he was a vicious black-hearted lotus inside. He not only won male leads love but his schemes never were exposed. In the series of romantic confrontations, he also established a connection with the villain. In the end, he had become the male lead wife and shortly after that he gave birth to a healthy baby boy. Su Sheng was merely negligible cannon fodder.

The original was the innocent party in this story. He actually never suspected the protagonist. Even until death, he never understood why the villain didn't marry him. 
Su Sheng, under the protagonist's encouragement, did so many regrettable things. The protagonist was the mastermind behind it and in his opinion the biggest scumbag of the story.

[System: Do you want revenge?]

Su Sheng pointed his nose and slowly said: "I'm not that petty but I will fight back when I'm wronged."
He continued: "Tell me, my sweet System, did the protagonist already meet the male lead?

[System: Yes. According to the plot line he is the artist under his company and they are dating in secret.]

Su Sheng stroked his jaw, then decided to wait for the protagonist to appear and attract the attention of the villain. Let this be a lesson to him. He wondered how the protagonist can handle an overly fateful admirer without him.

He was looking forward to the future.
Su Sheng curled up his dark red lips, he felt very happy and satisfied.

After thinking about it, Su Sheng lazily stretched his waist, then walked to the huge French window to bask in the cold light of the moon.

[System: I can help the host to reach the peak of life...]

The window was open, and he seemed to have heard the sound of the falling rain: "No, I have already figured out everything."

[System: How to eat and breathe?]

Su Sheng subconsciously said: "I'm gonna go wash."

[System: It can't end like this? Heh?]

That night, Su Sheng experienced the focus and tenacity of the System.