Chapter 2
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“I’m home,” I say as I walk into my apartment studio.

I officially live alone now, but it is a comfort to call out as though I'm still at home. My expenses are paid by my super-rich aunt, cause she didn’t want to have to see me every day. Okay, she’s not super-rich, but who would rather pay for a whole new set of bills than just move a single person into the guest room? She acts like she has a ton of money.

It is time to job hunt if I want some internet up in this place. There is an internet cafe down the street, so I guess I’ll go there after I shower. I will either try to work there, or I'll have to settle for fast food.

I make my way down the street. It is pretty busy with a lot of cars, but in terms of pedestrians, it is not bad at all. It is even pleasant, really. Fall is just settling in, so the few trees lining the sidewalk have already started changing colors.

The bell above the door rings as I walk into the place. There was the front desk right by the door, and to either side of the place, were cubicles of computers. Towards the back was a little area with tables and chairs as well as a small stage. The lighting is dim, but blue and purple neon lights made up for most of the light source.

"Hello, how can I help you?" The girl in the front asks and I realize it's Britney.

"Hi! Britney, right?" I offer her a smile. It is good to see a familiar face.

"Cherry! It's nice to see you out of school hours. So are you here for cafe or pc?"

"Um. Computer."

She leads me to an empty cubicle and I begin job searching right away. I find a job posting forum for the small town, and I scroll through. There is mostly fast food or any food chain restaurant searching for crew members.

“Vampire hunter wanted.” I read out loud and almost laugh. Small towns always have their lunatics I guess.

I keep scrolling, and then all of a sudden, there are squeals coming from the stage area. Standing up, I spot Mars. He is walking up onto the stage and settling into the stool in the center. I wonder if he gets paid for singing here. Instead of returning to job hunting, I think I will just go take a seat up there myself.

When I get there, it is like a war zone. What the hell was wrong with these girls? Even old grannies were squealing. They should be at home knitting or something, not shaking their saggy tits around in an internet cafe. I barely find a seat, and it’s on the ground, but at least it was close to the stage?

Mars clears his throat and begins strumming away at his guitar. The spotlight made him glow like some sort of angel. When he starts singing, I feel as though I am about to melt into the floor. No one had any business possessing such an angelic voice. It was deep and raspy but still made me have eargasms all the same. Despite their chaotic energy before, everyone was quietly swaying side to side now, holding up their phones with the flashlights on, or just their screens to extreme brightness.

I take out my phone too and put its brightness to the max, then I wave it in the air. Mars’s eyes glide towards me and our eyes meet. There seems to be a falter in his voice, and he lets out a half laugh and then covers it up with a cough. When he looks away from me, I look at my screen, and it’s a photo of me with make-up on. I admit, I look like a clown, but he didn’t need to break his professionalism for it. I tuck my phone away and sulk for a bit until I decide to go back to job hunting. Yea, I’m never wearing make-up again.

Just before I get to my cubicle, I trip over my shoelaces, as they are both untied. Then as I begin to get up, someone seems to trip over me as well, leaving me with pain in my side. I roll in place, holding back curse words.

“Arghhhh.” The person groans and I look over to see that it is Jacob. He’s wearing a maid cosplay outfit. Yes, the kind you see cute anime girls wear. I can’t help but break out laughing!

“Oh, wait.” I say between breaths and pull out my phone to take a picture, but he snatches it out of my hand.

“Were you going to take a picture?” he asks with his cheeks flushed. He looks so cute, I can’t look away.

I just nod, holding in more laughter.

“W-well, you should look in the mirror yourself, you’ll really have something to laugh about then!” He stomps off with my phone.

“HEY!!” I scream, but the girls by the stage scream louder and he disappears into the crowd.

Sheesh, he didn’t have to hit so close to home. At least he looks good in that outfit. I can’t say the same for myself. I could just get my phone back from him tomorrow-- if he comes to school. Britney said he was the school’s genius, so I guess there is a high chance he will show up. Maybe that also means he’s a goody-two-shoes, so he should be planning to return my phone, right?

I think it would be funny if I found the guy who put up the vampire hunting job offer, and they seem to be paying really high: $20 dollars per hour. That’s like twice the minimum wage! I apply for a library assistant position too, and then I leave. Luckily I had a few allowances saved up, and my aunt also gave me food money, so I could afford to pay for my internet time.

Right when I get home, I knock out. It was sure a strange first day in this little town.