112 – Alfi Titor – [Meincraft] Mining with Hana!✌(>‿◠)(^◡^) (Part I)
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For the authentic experience of the stream as an overseas bro, see [here] Jk, click [here]

A chibi Alfi sitting in a minecart with a chibi Hana in the front. Both with mining helmets and diamond swords raised. The two of them, racing down a dark mineshaft, with piles of dead zombies, bones, and ashes behind them.

With that as the thumbnail for the stream, the usual countdown continued to tick down.

[Meincraft] Mining with Hana!✌(>‿◠)(^◡^)
Alfi Titor Ch.
Live in 5 minutes
Sat, November 23, 4:00 PM

[indelibleviper - *Alfi AND Hana? Welp... time to become diabetic.*]
[lemnyx - yahallo]
[Stargazing_Moonfox - Alfi and Hana on Meincraft? Ungodly luck partying up with ungodly skill....F for aggressive mobs.]
[Stonelight - Can't wait for the stream with Alfi and Hana]
[Neutral - *aoko stream was a disaster*]
[Nanashi - Did the Stars align properly?]
[Wkppp - *love you Alphy! Don't worry how much you die in that freaking game! Just enjoy the game!*]

Live in 4 minutes

[Hedgeboar - Cool toes... my toes are cold, help.]
[Heilp_Meuh - inb4 John finds out it's Vain who-]
[This message has been deleted by a moderator]
[MOD: TITOR - No breaking the fourth wall.]
[breezywoodcock - Fourth wall? Someone roleplaying here?]
[MOD: Beta - Father? What are you doing here?]
[MOD: TITOR - This is a prescripted message. John is currently out at the moment.]
[MOD: Beta - ...Oh. A bot. Interesting. I should have considered that as an option.]

Live in 3 minutes

[incisiverat - Oh! UTube's finally letting nonverified users show their name in the chat!]
[improbablebacteria - About damned time.]
[Poppy Gloria - Good luck to the two of you, darlings! Have fun!]
[Alfi Titor Ch. - Thank you Miss Gloria! And thank you for always watching!]
[Poppy Gloria - No problem, darling! Love the hard work! Keep it up!]

Live in 2 minutes

[Quasitor - Hello]
[Cheshir3Cat - This thing is crazily good, and I am an expert in crazy stuff, I mean, I speak from a rabbit hole.]
[colorfulwoodchuck - I know right?! And they're really talented too!]
[Winder - Never thought I'd see a global stream being showed everywhere]
[Equinox: Hi people]
[Angry Sunset - Creeper...]
[yuu go - Aw man! How'd I get here?]

Live in 1 minute

[Mestreangel - I just realized that this exists. I didn't see it in previous streams.]
[: - ᵢ ₕₐᵥₑ FᵢₙₐₗₗY ₚᵢₑᵣCₑD ₜₕₑ ᵥₐₗₑ ₐₙd ₕₐᵥₑ ₘₐdₑ ᵢₜ ᵢₙₜₒ ₜₕᵢₛ ᵣₑₐₗᵢₜY! ₐₕₐₕₐₕₐₕₐₕₐₕₐₕₐₕₐₕₐ!]
[outrageousstoat - *The hell? What's up with that font?*]
[DaSH - Alfi and Hana face reveal!]
[MOD: Beta - ...Pft.]
[Yuzu02 - Beta pls marry me!]
[MOD: Beta - Disgusting.]

Waiting for Alfi Titor Ch. to start...

[MajesticBlobFish - *Miss streamer is late BabyRage Kappa I do hope Twotch emotes are easily understood in this sector of the internet*]
[thriftybullocks - *Goddammit, the Twotch cancer is spreading! Get out of here! No one wants to be a pogchamp!*]
[Luxeed - Let's gooo!]

[Play C418 - Sweden]

The thumbnail faded away, revealing Alfi's usual streaming setup. The game window was on the left side of the screen, currently on the pause menu. Meanwhile, the chat floated in the top right corner, hovering in a fluffy white box like a thought bubble. But unlike the usual setup, Alfi wasn't alone.

"Ohanayo!" A bright and cheery voice called out. Hana Homura, waving at the camera. Unlike her usual outfit, she had changed into a cozy orange pajama set with a tiger hood.

"Good afternoon everyone!" Alfi let out a shy smile and waved too. "S-Sorry for the delay. I was trying to figure out how to show both of us at once..."

Like Hana, Alfi had changed into a pajama set as well. Her usual panda one. Perhaps because she was a bit embarrassed, Alfi had pulled her hood up.

The two of them were seated on a couch together in Alfi's room, both holding laptops.

Hana turned to poke Alfi and said, "I told you that we just had to sit next to each other, Nee-chan!"

Alfi blushed. "H-How was I supposed to know that? All of the tutorials on streaming said that wouldn't work!"

"That's because our software is different from theirs, remember?"

"O-Oh. Right..."

[AlfiFan101: 200 USD - *Go Alfi!*]
[immodestjellyfish - *Whoa, a red super off the bat?*]
[vividjaguar - *Wow. Simps are scary.*]
[joblesstoucan - The overseas bros have launched their opening salvo!]
[weirdopossum - Brothers! We can't lose!]

Alfi glanced at the chat and panicked. "S-Super chats already? U-Um... Thank you, AlfiFan101- Ah wait, that username... I-Is it really okay to call yourself that?"

Hana glanced at her laptop and said, "Oh! We should probably do introductions first!"

"Right! U-Um... then should I go or-"

"Ohanayo!" Hana waved and said, "Project MirAIs Generation 0 - Prototype, Hana Homura here!" She smiled and said, "I hope you can be part of my Ohana too someday!"

"Y-Yes!" Alfi cleared her throat and said, "H-Hello! P-Project MirAIs Generation 0 - Prototype, Alfi Titor." She bowed her head. "Please, take care of me."

[unequaledblackfish - *Welcome to the family, huh?*]
[groovyponie - Oh my god, how did I miss out on Alfi's adorableness?!]
[lyricalhornet - We'll take super good care of you, Alfi! Even if the world burns down!]
[aggressivesimp: 100 USD - *Take it. Take all of it.*]

"N-Not again!" Alfi's eyes started spinning. "U-U-Um...!"

Hana laughed and said, "Stop bullying her, guys! At least wait until we've started to play for a bit first."

[aggressivesimp2: 100 USD - *Roger that*]
[aggressivesimp3: 50 USD - *Understood, imouto*]
[alfi's_OldChair: 10 USD - *Will do*]
[canadiansimp: 50 CAD - *Eh?*]

Alfi closed her eyes and took a deep breath. After that, she nodded and said, "Thank you for your support everyone. But I'll be reading the Superchats after the stream, alright? Um... if that's okay..."

[ethicalbuffalo - 100%]
[samebuck - *So you're saying there's free chat after too? NICE*]
[notablecow - *That's fine!*]
[assertivesnipe - Cheer her up for us, Hana!]

Hana glanced at her laptop and then looked up, sticking up her thumb. "No worries! I'll make sure Nee-chan doesn't look down on herself! And stays alive!"

Alfi huffed. "I'm better now! And I activated a lot of useful things that everyone taught me about!" She closed her window and then pointed at her laptop screen. "See!"

In the bottom right corner of the screen, some text messages were fading in and out. Notifications like 'Footsteps approaching' and 'Distant wind.'

"Now I won't be caught off- Eh?" Alfi blinked. "Creep hisses...?"

"Bad monster!" Hana narrowed her eyes and then moved her character. On the game screen, an orange blur flew past before a *smack* sound echoed.

*Something hits*
*Creep hisses*

Alfi screamed and moved her character away, spinning the camera. "Hana! Are you alright?!"

Hana laughed and waved her hand. "I'm fine. The Creep exploded, but the explosion only brushed me. See?" She tilted her laptop over to show Alfi.

"O-Oh. I could have done that."

"Mmhm. Whatever you say, Nee-chan." Hana smiled and moved her laptop back.

[harshboars - *Looks like Alfi's number one fan Mister Creep came back!*]
[toothsomecrane - Wait, isn't this a new world? Is Alfi's luck with Creeps that bad?]
[glutinousswan - *lol Can't escape monster ambushes even in a new world*]
[unripecurlew - As expected of the strongest imouto]

Hana glanced at her chat and then puffed her chest. "That's right! I won't let anything happen to Nee-chan while I'm here!"

Alfi frowned. "I'm happy... but why do I feel so complicated about that... Is this what Papa felt like in the past?"

Hana giggled and said, "Let's go, Nee-chan! We have to build shelter before it gets dark!" After saying that, Hana's character ran past Alfi on the screen. Like Hana, her character was wearing a tiger pajama set and had orange hair.

"O-Oh! Right!" Alfi nodded and then ran after her in the game.

Unlike the first world that Alfi spawned in, the new server spawn was relatively normal. There were some fancy cliffs and dirt mountains, a birch forest in the distance, and then an open grassland with some pigs, chicken, and cows running around.

[functionalbass - No god spawn this time, huh?]
[outrageousdove - *Is this a private server?*]
[disruptiveunicorn - *Ooh! Is there going to be a Project MirAIs server?!*]
[impureweaver - As expected, Alfi's luck is cancelled out by Hana's luck.]

Hana glanced at her screen and then narrowed her eyes. "You calling me bad luck?"

"Eh?" Alfi glanced at her. "Something happen, Hana?"

Hana shook her head. "Nothing. Just some bullies. Hmph, I'll show you bad luck..."

"If you say so..." Alfi looked to her chat and then said, "Oh! Yes, this is a private server. Betty set it up for us to play earlier today after Aoko's stream."

"And make sure to go watch Aneue's stream tomorrow morning!" Hana chimed in and said, "She's doing her best too!"

[profuseyak - Er... I don't think Aoko Onee-san's the right type for me...]
[busyjackrabbit - She's not cute enough!]
[helpfulthrush - *Will do! It's just after I get off from work over here!*]
[floweryiguana - *Finally, someone that will stream at a normal time...*]

Alfi frowned. "That's rude. Aoko-san might be cringey, but she's still trying her best. I didn't think you all were like this..."

[unevenibis - We're sorry Alfi!]
[excitablevole - T_T I'll watch! Promise!]
[wackylinnet - *Okay!*]
[vacuoussmelt - *But she made fun of you!*]

"...If you say so. I'll believe in you." Alfi stared into the camera and then said, "Please, don't disappoint me."

[civiltuna - We won't!]
[priceydonkey - *I swear!*]
[thinkablesheep - Hnnnngh. Fine!]
[levelwren - So what are we doing today?]

Alfi smiled and said, "Today... we're going to be conquering the world!"

Hana's eyes lit up and she said, "That's right! And we're going to kill everything that tries to stop us!"

[alfis_01 - ...Oh no.]
[alfisFanNumberone - Hana no!]
[strongestNiichan - HANA YES!]
[roboloverX86 - *I for one welcome our new robot overlords.*]

Alfi ran across the open field towards the birch forest. "Let's see... the first step is to get some wood and-"

*Cow hurts*
*Strong attack*
*Strong attack*
*Sheep dies*
*Item plops*
*Experience gained*

Alfi froze and then turned towards the direction the captions were pointing to.

Hana stood there, holding a piece of raw beef in her right hand.


[washboardslime - S-Sasuga, Hana-chan...]
[lovelysnail - No! Don't corrupt Alfi!]
[insightfuloak - Wait, isn't Alfi a combat robot though...?]
[runningturtle - *Oh, smart move! Grab as much food as possible!*]

Alfi sighed and said, "I'm sorry, Miss Cow, Mister Sheep. Hana didn't know any better."

Hana tilted her head and said, "What's the matter, Nee-chan? It's just a game, right?"

Alfi blinked and then muttered, "...Have I gained another terrifying younger sister...?"

[megaduck - *A-Another?*]
[timidlacefly - S-Stay strong, Alfi! M-Maybe your sisters will be seiso if you say so?]
[washboardslime: 20 USD - *To bribe Hana with.*]
[2bornot2b: 119 USD - *Emergency services? I-I think we need some help here...*]

"What was that, Nee-chan?"

"N-Nothing, Hana! Now... Let's start getting materials!" Alfi quickly dashed off towards the birch forest. As she did...

*Strong attack*
*Sheep dies*
*Item plops*
*Strong attack*
*Strong attack*

...A cycle of death and a trail of destruction followed after her. But Alfi pointedly ignored it and started punching a tree. "Let's see... first we get the wood..."

A series of soft *plops* echoed as Alfi gathered her resources. And soon, the tree was gone, leaving only saplings and a few apples behind.

Alfi gathered them all up and made some birch planks, followed by a crafting table. When she did, she looked up and...

"Look, Nee-chan! I made some beds!" Hana's character jumped up and down on a pair of beds in the middle of the field.

There were also noticeably less sheep than there had been before when they were running over.

[terrifiedgoose - *Oh my god. She's a smiling slasher.*]
[sheparddog - The sheep! The poor sheep!]
[watameismyoshi - *Watame did nothing wrong!*]
[memester404 - *W-What a hollow life those sheep lived...*]

"T-That's wonderful, Hana."

Hana hopped off and then spun around to look at the beds. "They're a bit plain though... White's boring." She turned back to look at Alfi, holding a piece of raw beef in her hands. "Do you think that I can dye the beds red if I use these in the crafting table?"

[friendlyfox - yabe]
[officelizard - *NOOO, GOD! NO, GOD, PLEASE, NO! NO!*]
[eagerbeaver - *I-It's always the cute ones...*]
[spacecow - Wait. Hana's a yandere?]

Alfi started to sweat. "I-I... don't think so. If you want to dye wool, you need flowers-"

"Oh! Like these?" Hana swapped out the beef for some red flowers. "They looked pretty so I ripped them out of the ground. How do we use them?"

[solidsnake - ...]
[tigerbro - *S-Sasuga, strongest little sister*]
[siscon101 - *Ore no Imoto ga Konna ni Kowai Wake ga Nai!*]
[jklover14 - M-Me neither, overseas bro. I can't believe my little sister is this scary.]

Alfi glanced at the chat and then looked back at her game screen. "U-Um... I-If I remember right, you put the flowers into-"

"Nevermind! Got it!" Hana held a clump of red goo in her hands and then walked over to punch a bed. When she did, it instantly turned a bright red. "Ooh! Neat! This game's pretty realistic!" She walked back over to the bed and started jumping on it. "It's bouncy too!"

[nuttysquirrel - I-I know that it's just dye, but...]
[bitsyspider - *N-Neighboring Malice really left an impact, huh?*]
[darkiguana - *S-Should we talk with Mama Hana?*]
[happycanary - Beta! Help! There's been a murder!]
[MOD: Beta - I see nothing wrong with this situation- Hm? Pardon. I do believe I have a guest to attend to.]
[OperatorIA0401 - *DEAD END*]
[OperatorIA497_HVG - *This is canon.*]

Alfi deliberately walked away from Hana and started placing down some blocks. "S-So the house..."

"Oh! My bad, Nee-chan!" Hana walked over and said, "So what do we need to do? Should we chop down the whole forest and collect all the wood? Dig a hole to the center of the Earth? Ooh! I've got an idea!" She smiled and said, "You build the house! I'll build a giant trench so that the monsters will fall in so we can kill them for loot! It's perfect!"

"T-That sounds like a plan...?"

"Great!" Hana beamed and then walked a few blocks over and started punching the ground. "Let's see... zombies should be just two blocks high... I wonder if we can make any spikes?"

[cautioussnake - 20k yen - Protection money]
[overprotectivebear - 20k yen - For emotional damages]
[americeagle - 100 USD - *K-Keep on fighting, Alfi*]
[maplebeaver - 100 CAD - *T-The kids these days, eh?*]

I found a fun username generator to use for the chat names. In universe, you can assume that they're real ones, but to us 'observers', they get mostly filtered out to anonymous animal names. XD

To apologize for the April Fools' joke, here's [a fun little game]. It's not a rickroll, I promise. 

I was going to have you guess the right credentials to access it... but since it was kind of a mean joke, I'll tell you straight up. Type IA497 for the credentials and then click submit. Don't hit enter, or else the input will be messed up. After that... enjoy and good luck getting to the True Ending.

Thanks for putting up with my antics!