113 – Alfi Titor – [Meincraft] Mining with Hana!✌(>‿◠)(^◡^) (Part 2)
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Alfi carefully built up a house with her birch planks. It was basic, just a box six blocks wide and four blocks tall. Enough to hide inside. After she finished, she plopped down her crafting table in the corner of the house, made a door, and then made an entrance.

*Item plops*
*Item plops*
*Strong hit*
*Rabbit dies*

Alfi glanced at the messages and then pursed her lips. Walking outside the house, she closed the door behind her and looked at Hana.

The younger teen was in a hole, digging around the house that Alfi had made, a stone shovel and pickaxe in hand.

Alfi frowned and then said, "Hana."

"Oh!" Hana looked up and said, "Did you finish, Nee-chan?"

"I did... But why do you keep killing things?"


A chicken flew down into the hole with Hana.

*Chicken clucks*
*Strong hit*
*Chicken dies*
*Item plops*

"Ooh! It drops feathers? Can we make a pillow?!" Hana's eyes lit up and she climbed out of her hole by placing some dirt blocks.

Alfi shook her head. "No, the most that feathers can be used for are arrows-"

"That's great!" Hana beamed and she said, "Then we can shoot things, right?!"

Alfi quickly stepped back. "Y-Yes?"

"What do we need? String? Wood? Ooh, can we make a gun? Then we can kill things even faster and get more loot, right?"

"I-I don't think those are implemented, Hana."

"Darn." Hana sighed. "Well... Are there at least crossbows?"



Alfi blinked and then slowly said, "You're... really enthusiastic about killing things, Hana."

"Hm?" Hana turned to look at Alfi and said, "Not really... I just like shooting things. Like, *pow*! It's really exciting you know? Not only that, but everything in this game drops stuff when it breaks, and then we can use that stuff to make more stuff!" She smiled. "It's fun!"

Alfi wiped her brow.

Hana noticed and tilted her head. "Are you hot, Nee-chan? Should I turn down the heat?"

"N-No. I'm fine, Hana. I'm just... a little concerned, that's all."

"Oh." Hana nodded. "Don't worry! I'll make sure you don't die on stream this time!" For emphasis, Hana swapped out to a wooden axe, swinging it around a few times.

Alfi saw that and then muttered, "That's not what I'm concerned about..."

"Hm? Did you say something, Nee-chan?"

Alfi sighed. "Nothing, Hana. Just... I'm suddenly realizing how Betty must feel at times. But anyway..." She looked up at the sky and then said, "The sun should be setting in a few minutes. Let's see..." She looked off to the side, as if reading something, and said, "According to my notes, we should mine some stone to make a furnace and either find 'coal' or make some charcoal with wooden logs. Ah, and we should make a chest in case we die so that we don't lose everything."

Hana swung her axe a few more times and said, "I don't think we'll be dying... but alright! I think I remember seeing the chest in the recipe book... Oh!" She walked over to the crafting table and said, "I have just enough. Here!" A faint plop, and then Hana placed a chest down next to the crafting table.

Alfi kept reading and said, "Mm... I think we'll need bigger chests."

"...I think yours is big enough Nee-chan."

Alfi blinked. "W-What was that?"

"Nothing!" Hana smiled and then made another chest. "There we go!" She plopped it down and then the chest joined with the other one, becoming two blocks wide. She opened it and said, "I'll just throw all my random things in here then except for my tools."

Alfi nodded. "That's what we're supposed to do... Some extra resources too in case we lose our things." She walked over and deposited her extra planks and logs. After that, she left the house and said, "There was a mountain nearby, right?"

[ignorantbuffoon - She's finally paying attention again!]
[greatsage - *The mountain is the best place for resources*]
[floatingpeach - *It's dangerous! Be careful!*]
[risingtiger - Make stone tools ASAP!]

"Thank you everyone!"

Hana blinked and then her eyes widened. "Oh my gosh!" She glanced at her chat and said, "Sorry everyone! I completely forgot!"

[floweringbunny - It's alright Hana!]
[poppingparrot - We need a break from your smothering love sometimes anyway]
[mysteriousmole - *It's fine! Have fun with Alfi nee-chan!*]
[quittingsquirrel - *We're happy if you're happy!*]

Hana smiled. "Thank you! I forget how nice my Ohana are when you're not bullying me."

Alfi shook her head and then moved towards the mountain. Switching over to a wooden pickaxe, she started mining some stone blocks.

Hana moved next to her and did the same. As she did, she glanced at Alfi in real life and said, "Say, Nee-chan."

A stone block plopped down and Alfi moved to mine another one. As she did, she looked at Hana and said, "What is it, Hana?"

"About Mister John... Do you know what happened to him today? I heard that he was in a rush after Aneue's stream from Beta."

"U-Um... Th-That's..." Alfi coughed, looking worried, and then said, "Why do you want to know?"

Hana mined some stone blocks as well and said, "He's been working extra hard recently too, hasn't he? I'm worried that he needs to take a break."

Alfi paused and then said, "That is true... Papa has been doing everything recently."

"Right?" Hana nodded and said, "He's been teaching us, doing our thumbnails, cooking for us, and even managing all of our paperwork. I was wondering if there was something we could do for him in exchange."

Alfi sighed and said, "That's difficult. Papa isn't a person who's in need of anything..."

Hana gathered some more stone and frowned. "That's true. But then how about something handmade?"

Alfi flushed. "I-I would like to, but the last time..."

"Ooh!" Hana stopped mining and turned towards Alfi. "Right! You never finished the story of what happened when you tried cooking!"

Alfi's flush turned into a deep red blush that dyed her face and neck crimson. "I-It's embarrassing..."

"I won't judge! Nee-chan did her best, right?"

"I-I did. But... Um..." She glanced at the chat and said, "You have to promise not to judge either! Promise?"

[nightowl - Promise!]
[zealoussnake - *Why would I judge my waifu?*]
[loretuna - Absolutely!]
[happyiguana - *Judge free is the way to be!]

Alfi took a deep breath, as if to calm herself. And then she said, "...The last time I tried to cook something, it was so toxic that Papa praised me, thinking that I was training to be an assassin. And he was so impressed that he got me training manuals on how to conceal my presence, blades, and other equipment."


[naiveseahorse - I'd still eat it.]
[righteousserpent - Oi! John! I get being a soldier, but that's not the sort of gift you give your daughter!]
[milliondragon - *!!! Adorable robot assassin waifu- No, Ninja Alfi?!?!*]
[milliondragon: 100 Euro - *Ninja Alfi plush when?!?!?!*]

Alfi glanced at the chat and then blushed. Ignoring it for the moment, she turned back to Hana and huffed. "You promised you wouldn't judge!"

"S-Sorry, Nee-chan!" Hana continued digging into the mountain and said, "But the thought of you cooking something so toxic that Mister John was mistaken about your career decision... It's too funny."

[coolviper - Handmade cooking by Alfi? 100% worth dying for.]
[interestinglion - *Who cares if it's toxic? If an angel like Alfi hands it out, it's worth!*]
[altruisticeagle - *Anything to make Alfi smile!*]
[hornypirate - gaefaoeifhaoe How does Alfi-tan keep checking all my boxes?!!?!]

Alfi shook her head. "Well I'm sorry for not being as feminine as you."

"It's fine, Nee-chan! You're plenty feminine. Right chat?"

[youthfulmoose - 100%]
[quirkyhawk - Would marry Alfi in a heartbeat if not for the fact that I'd be out of one soon after.]
[ficklemouse - *Yes! Super cute!*]
[lackadaisalweasel - *Feminine or not, when she's that cute, it doesn't matter.*]

Alfi blushed and then let out a faint smile. Shyly looking at the camera while mining in the game, she nodded and said, "Thank you, everyone. I... I think you're all great as well. Really. You make me happy." Her smile widened, reaching her eyes.

[ickymonkey - Gah!]
[poorpigeon - wfaeew]
[yellowscorpion - *ded*]
[redcanary - Wait! Alfi, look out!]

"Hm?" Alfi paused at the last chat message and said, "What do you- Eeek!"

A sudden pitfall in the ground.

"Nee-chan!" Hana gasped and ran after her.

"Oh no. Oh no, oh no, oh no!" Alfi's eyes started to spin. "The guides didn't mention anything about this! What's going on?!"

[singlefish - They hit a cave?!]
[englishraven - *Unlucky!*]
[spanishwolf - See! Hana is bad luck!]
[friendlyfox - Yabe!]

Hana glared. "What do you mean I'm bad luck?"

*Running water*
*Lava pops*
*Bones rattle*
*Zombie groans*

Alfi panicked, but then she noticed the messages in the corner of her screen. "Wait. Running water...? Water!" Her eyes lit up and she quickly leaned over her laptop, carefully staring at the screen.

It was dark. In the distance, a river of lava provided a bit of light, and the ominous violet glow of enchanted equipment on zombies and skeletons in the dark lit the floor.

Even on the stream, brightened for the viewers, it was near impossible to see.

[friendlyfox - YABE]
[blamelesssheep - Good luck!]
[majesticswan - *Unleash your inner instincts, Hana!*]
[proudaniki - Time for our strongest imouto to show off!]

Time passed. The faint sound of wind whistling as Alfi and Hana's characters fell.

And then...

*Water splashes*

...They hit the ground.

"Yes!" Alfi smiled. "We're alive!"

"Not for long if we don't build, Nee-chan!" Hana quickly cycled through her inventory and started placing down blocks.

*Zombie groans*
*Skeleton rattles*
*Spider hisses*
*Warden grumbles*

Alfi glanced at the last message. "Warden?"

[friendlyfox - YABE!!!]
[sandycrocodile - QUICK! BUILD!]
[starryjoe - *OH NO!*]
[goldenvampire - *Oh? So they're approaching Hana? Instead of running they're moving closer?* ]


The sound of blocks plopping echoed, intermixed with running water and the ominous sound of mobs drawing near. Arrows whistled, and then the sound of something slowly swishing through the water echoed.

"One, two! Hup, hup!" Hana's hands were a blur on-screen, quickly building up a wall of stone blocks before turning in another direction.

[dreamfan - *Okay. I can buy her being good at Neighboring Malice from her dancing, but building...?*]
[dreamstan - *she's 100% using a script*]
[hanafan101 - *oh, like that guy didn't?*]
[alfidazen - *Ganbatte!*] 

"Hurry, hurry...!" Alfi quickly placed blocks down as well, joining with Hana's.

A tense situation.

Arrows flew in. A chorus of monster sounds echoed. And the flickering violet light of enchanted equipment came into view.

[Overload: 1000 Euro]
[megalion - *HOLY CRAP*]
[alfi's_oldchair - Go! The overseas bros believe in you a lot!]
[flamingchicken - rise like a phoenix!]

"We're not dying!" Hana narrowed her eyes and then said, "I won't allow it!"

"H-Hana... It's okay." Alfi stopped building and closed her eyes. "It wasn't your-"

"And done!" Hana smiled. "See?"


[Overload: 1000 Euro]
[mightyhen: 100 USD - *I'm no oil prince like Overload, but I won't lose in supporting my Alfi!*]
[giantwhale: 100K Yen - Neat. UTube increased the cap. Have my yearly gacha funds]
[Overload: 1000 Euro - *Do I win?*]

Complete darkness. 

Ordinarily, terrifying. But considering the current situation...

"...We're alive?"

Hana nodded. "Mmhm! And now..." Her eyes flashed. "We plan our counterattack!"

[vengefulsnake: 314 USD - *Yes... Let's go!*]
[proteinlover: 10k Yen - Heh. I've been waiting for this!]
[iorisan: 10k Yen - It's time for an all-out attack!]
[notacat: 100k Yen - Looking cool Hana!]