135 – John Smith – [CapsuMon Blue] Catch’em All and Thanks (END)
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John clicked through the new game prompt on the game and said, "Alright. So the first thing we want to do here is to name our rival. Now, for the upcoming glitches, it's really important that we name him AaRRSA* so that we can do some underflow later on to allow for arbitrary code execution."

Yue blinked, clearly confused. Even so, she smiled and said, "I see. So that is what you intend to do."

[sulkycoot - I don't!]
[belatedcattle - You don't have to pretend, Miss Yue!]
[WarBat - *Wait, CapsuMon Blue has ACE?*]
[Ettiquette - *Hold on! Slow down! I need to take notes!*]

John glanced at Yue and nodded. "It's complicated, but you don't need to understand it right now." He paused and then looked back at the monitor. "On second thought, maybe I should have done a more normal category first..."

[wrygull - YES! You should have!]
[cutepuppy - Poor Miss Yue... she looks as lost as we are]
[patientchicken - She looks happy though...?]
[WarBat - *I see! So then because the ROM has limited memory, naming the rival like that...*]

The game screen flashed and then John's character became a chibi sprite, appearing in a bedroom in front of a TV and an old MES console.

"Oh!" Yue smiled and said, "Your character turned cute!"

"Not as cute as you."

Yue rolled her eyes and lightly swatted John's shoulder. Though, she also turned a bit red at the compliment, clearly enjoying it.

[activecoyote - Damn. He said it without missing a beat.]
[solidsnake - I want a guy who'll compliment me like that...]
[melonrabbit - *Ooh. The retro games hold up pretty well.*]
[WhiteTiger - EXPLODE!]

John laughed and turned his attention back to the game. "I guess the old chibi sprites are pretty cute though. It's a shame that most of the latest generation games are in 3D."

[beautifulgrouse - I know right! I miss the pixel art!]
[urbandeer - I think the current style is great.]
[sunnyhen - Pft, with those crappy graphics? No thanks.]
[reassuringbeaver - People like you are why we can't have nice things!]

Yue leaned against John and said, "So what are you doing now, Husband? When do you start catching the monsters?"

"Mm, in a bit. There's still a minute or so of a particular step route I have to follow. And then we need to actually get the capsules." After saying that, John started moving his character, making his way out of the house and towards the CapsuMon Professor's laboratory.

"Oh." Yue nodded and said, "I see."

[cooingdove - ...She totally doesn't see.]
[dearestsparrow - *I guess Miss Yue isn't a gamer, huh?*]
[ablazeowl - Dammit! How is John such a super gamer nerd and a normie at the same time?!]
[WarBat - *Wait, are you mapping the directional pads to inputs for ACE?*]

John glanced at the chat and raised an eyebrow. "Oh? One of you guys figured it out, huh?"

John's character was in the lab now, standing in front of a table with three capsules on it. The part of the game where the player chose their first CapsuMon.

"I haven't done that quite yet. The step route right here is just to setup the RNG for our first catch and avoid encounters, but that's coming up soon. But for now..." John glanced at Yue and said, "Which monster should I pick first, Wifey? A fire lizard, a water turtle, or a grass dino- dragon?"

Yue blinked and then huffed. "I thought I told you not to call me Wifey in public, Husband?" She blushed and looked off to the side. "...That's for later."

[speechlesscow - ...]
[eagerbeaver - *They're totally banging.*]
[deadpanhen - *No duh. She's pregnant.*]
[agilewolf - STOP FLEXING JOHN!]

John coughed. "Right. Sorry, Yue."

"Hmph." She poked him in the ribs. "Idiot."

"But your idiot."

Yue rolled her eyes and said, "And now you're repeating your lines. At the least come up with new material."

"Lines? Material?" John shook his head and said, "I'm just saying the truth, Yue. And you're right. I'm an idiot, so sorry if I keep repeating how much I love you."

Yue turned red again and averted her gaze. At the same time, she pointed at the timer and said, "Y-You are completing a challenge, are you not? Stop wasting time!"

[oafishotter - *This guy! Giving minutes in a speedrun just to flirt!*]
[overtibis - Why? How? That's so cringy, but it's so smooth...! Is it cause he's hot?]
[WarBat - *Wait... So does the starter not matter on this route?*]
[Ettiquette - *Are we not picking Buddysaur?*]

John smiled. "Alright, alright. I'll get back to it then... but I do need a choice, Yue."

"Just... pick the middle one then." Yue shook her head. "I don't have a particular preference."

"Alright." John nodded and moved his character forward, clicking confirm. "Spritzle it is."

The moment he pressed confirm on the capsule, a small image popped up on screen, showing the CapsuMon.

A goofy, blue turtle with a round head and big eyes.

Yue had been disinterested, but when she saw the turtle, she gasped and leaned forward. "It's so cute! Just like little Xuan and Wu!"

[drabjay - Xuan? Wu?]
[darkdolphin - The Black Tortoise?]
[velvetyhog - ...Ah. So the wife is chuuni too...]
[derangedyak - Did John meet Yue playing a Chinese MMO or something...?]

John blinked and then nodded. "I... guess so? Never really thought about Spritzle being the same as the mythical Black Tortoise." He confirmed his starter choice and then walked down to leave the lab. The moment he did, the rival character challenged him to a CapsuMon battle.

John didn't pay attention to it though, just mashing his thumb over the A button. Instead, he turned to Yue and raised an eyebrow. "I didn't realize you liked cute things that much though... Should I have gotten you more gifts in the past?"

Yue blushed and averted her gaze. "T-That... It was fine. We weren't really in a position for me to have such things around anyway, so..." She trailed off, muttering.

John's gaze softened and then he pulled her in for a hug. "I'm sorry, Yue. But don't worry. I'll get you all the cute things you want now, okay?"

Yue glanced over at John and then quietly said, "Promise?"


"...Then I want two more children after our first cute baby is born."

John froze.

[warygecko - Finally! John's at a loss for words!]
[ceaselesszebra - *So even the great John can't come up with a comeback for more children.*]
[schemingfox - Well. Miss Yue definitely knows what she wants...]
[whiterabbit - *Master John! Teach me how to have a woman love me that much!*]

Yue shifted a bit and said, "...Is that too much?"


[whiteleopard - Think carefully John!]
[tragiccamel - You can't run away!]
[delicatesnail - Yeah! You're live, so we have proof!]
[WarBat - *How the hell is he still playing the game right now?*]

Yue glanced at John and lowered her gaze. "...I grew up by myself, but I always wanted some siblings around my age." She shook her head. "I know there's Meggie, Alphy, and Betty, but they're a lot older." She placed her left hand over her belly and said, "I think it'd be nice for our child to have someone to play with, don't you?"

[vulnerablepup - T_T]
[lamelizard - ...Wait. Then... does Miss Yue have a tragic backstory too?]
[grandunicorn - Don't tell me Project MirAIs was based on John's real backstory?!]
[elitecrocodile - *Cheer your wife up, John! Don't be an idiot here!*]

John sighed and pulled Yue in for a hug again.

She leaned her head against his shoulder and quietly looked up at him.

"If that's what you want, Yue, then that's what you'll get. But... Well. You might change your mind after the baby is born."

Yue tilted her head. "Why's that?"

John blinked and slowly said, "Because giving birth is stressful and painful?"

"...It is?" Yue blinked again. "But doesn't the baby just show up in my arms when it's time?"

[alertbass - ...John!?]
[methodicalhorse - EXPLAIN!]
[worriedhen - *Wait? Did Miss Yue never get the talk?*]
[leerysnake - *How do you know about sex and miss that part?!!?*]

"Wait." John froze and set aside his controller. "Wait, wait, wait. You're telling me that your dad never told you where babies came from?"

Yue rolled her eyes. "Of course he did. I know what it means to be a mother and carry a child."

"...Then what's this part about the baby showing up in your arms when it's time?"

"That's how I was born. Father told me so."

John groaned, rubbing his temple. "...We'll talk about this later. And I need to go yell at your dad. Again."

"Hm?" Yue tilted her head.

[Alfis_OldChair - Wait a minute. Didn't Alfi mention something about knowing a real princess?]
[wistfuljay - Miss Yue seems awfully sheltered...]
[hornysnake - *Ah. So this is the misunderstanding I've read about in h*ntai...*]
[bitterfox - *Forget yelling, go beat him up, John!*]
[redbull - *Yeah! What kind of dad lies about something that important to his daughter!?*]

John glanced at the last comment and then coughed before picking up his controller. "Right. Back to the run... So we beat our rival and now we're on the step route to advance to the RNG we want for our first capture."

Yue frowned. It seemed like she still wanted to talk, but she sighed and turned her gaze back to the monitor. "You beat your rival, Husband? Then is his sect going to come after you now?"

John entered a CapsuMart to buy Capsules and then said, "That's a different kind of game, Yue. This one is for kids, so it's not that realistic."

Yue blinked. "If it's for kids, why are you playing it?"

[wretchedsheep - Oof.]
[studioushare - The husband's smooth and the wife is sharp. Makes sense.]
[mockingjay - *Yeah, John! Why are you flexing on kids like that?*]
[greenturtle - *Geez! Have some shame! :kappa:*]

"...Because I missed it?"

Yue flinched. "Ah." She lowered her gaze. "My apologies."

[wiltedpiglet - That's enough?!]
[schemingfox - *Wait! Miss Yue! You shouldn't be apologizing!*]
[acrideagle - ...Does JOHN have a tragic backstory too?!?!]
[nightowl - *Okay, seriously. What's going on with everyone in Myth Inc.?*]

John shook his head and smiled. "It's fine, Yue. There were a lot of things I couldn't do and a lot that I missed... but I ended up meeting you." He leaned in for a soft kiss on Yue's cheek and said, "And I wouldn't trade that for anything."

Yue flinched and lowered her gaze. "But... all of those years you were stuck there..."

"Were years well spent. And even though I lost my old family, I gained a new one." He pulled Yue close and stared into her eyes, letting out a content smile. "And what I have now, I wouldn't exchange for anything."

[bluefox - *Okay. Seriously. Where are those love stories?*]
[firebird - *I NEED MORE LORE!*]
[productivehound - Why do I feel like John's life story could be an anime...?]
[blackcrow - *John's Myth Biography when?*]

Yue's eyes watered and then she looked away. "...That's not fair."

John nodded. "You're right. It isn't fair."

Yue looked back, surprised.

John smiled and said, "After all. I got more than I could have ever wished for."

[schemingfox - AAAARGGGH!]
[alarmingboa - You've already maxed her affection points! Stop showing off!]
[enviousmagpie - Where's MY John?! I need a guy like that in my life!]
[WarBat - *...Are we... not playing CapsuMon anymore?*]

Yue blinked, crystal tears running down her cheeks. But then she let out a watery smile and shook her head, brushing off her tears. "...You've ruined me, you know? Saying things like that... I won't ever be able to leave you."

"Good." John wrapped his left arm around Yue, holding her in a hug while playing his game. "Because I don't want to leave you either."

[tiredelk - (┛ಠ_ಠ)┛彡┻━┻]
[BlueDragon - ...So this is how he handled them all. Truly, transcendent.]

Yue blushed and then hid her face against John's face, avoiding the camera.

John smiled and then turned his attention back to the game.

In that talk with Yue, he had bought 10 ordinary Capsules and made his way over to the PC in the CapsuCenter. Standing in front of the PC, John paused and looked to the camera.

"Right. Before I forget... and before I start doing mind-melting glitch manipulations, I wanted to thank you guys." John smiled and said, "Without your help, Yue would still be somewhere far away from me... and probably quietly enduring the loneliness and sorrow. Not to mention the fact that Meggie would still be cursing out my name."

[nervousjay - ...Just what did you do anyway?]
[quirkyhamster - Were they really in that much trouble?]
[Ohana_NumberOne - You're welcome!]
[Ki-Sama_Leader - You introduced us to Project MirAIs and helped them out, so of course we'd help you!]
[Alfis_OldChairAnything for Alfi's dad!]
[John_TitorIA99999999 - No worries!]

John shook his head and said, "I appreciate you all. Really. Even you crazy bastards that pushed things forward so much with the help of that guy." He looked down at Yue.

Yue looked up at him, tilting her head to the side, confused.

John smiled and said, "I wouldn't exchange this time for anything else. And it was a lot of hassle... but I'm happy. So thanks. Especially to you crazy bastards on the other side of the screen."

[assortedhart - You're... welcome?]
[MOD: Beta - Yes. Thank you all for helping our family.]
[reliablecat - It's only fair!]
[bewitchedpigeon - Just treat your wife well!]
[HVG - :sweat:]

John glanced at the chat, especially the last message, and then rolled his eyes. After that though, he turned his attention back to the game. "Now... Things are going to get broken and happen really fast, so don't look away. First off... we underflow the memory by depositing exactly 3 capsules, letting us reach past the cancel button and grab glitched items. And these glitched items correspond directly to memory addresses. Now, with selecting this weird 'J' item... and combined with a series of frame perfect button inputs..."

The game screen flickered, and then a battle sequence started.

[A wild Flarmander appears!]

"...We can start the capture gauntlet. Oh, and I have 150 master balls now. And since the hard part is over..." John reached over and lifted Yue up, plopping her on his lap.

"H-Husband!?!" She blushed, squirming in his grasp. "W-What... N-Not here! W-We're... so many people are watching! I-I mean, i-if you... N-No! This is too sudden!"

[primpenguin - Flagged for inappropriate content.]
[wrysnake - *...Oh yeah. They totally do it all the time off camera, huh?*]
[policeduck - *FBI OPEN UP!*]
[schemingfox - So they're loveydovey like THAT too!?! NOT FAIR!]

John turned Yue forward and gently grabbed her hands. "Calm down, Yue. We're not doing that." His eyes flashed, glaring at the chat. "As if I would let anyone else see my lovely wife in that way. And warning. Rule 34 will result in dire consequences. I see all."

[dodginHeart - Hah! I'd-]
[darktuna - Fool! You under-]
[schemingsnake - As if that would stop any-]
[observantowl - Haha. Funny joke guys.]
[observantowl - ...Guys?]

Yue blinked. "Rule 34?"

"Don't worry about it. Now." John placed the controller in her hands and said, "Here. Let me show you how to catch a Po- I mean, a CapsuMon. After that, we can run through the list and I can read off the Pok- CapsuDex entry for each one. They're pretty interesting."

Yue fumbled around with the buttons for a bit. "U-Um... Like this?"

"Yep. Then if you just throw the Capsule... Ah, by pressing the button- There you go! Good job!"

Yue blushed. "I-It was nothing."

"Now, only 149 more to go."