137 – Alfi Titor – [Karaoke Stream] My first singing stream. Please, listen to my songs.
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Alfi stood in the center of a darkened stage. Holding a microphone in both her hands, her eyes were closed, her expression soft. Spotlights shone on her, illuminating her within the darkness and highlighting her frilled black and red dress, an outfit that looked like a proper idol uniform.

Above her, words were written out in soft silver.

[Please, listen to my songs.]

[Karaoke Stream] My first singing stream. Please, listen to my songs.
Alfi Titor Ch.
Live in 5 minutes
Monday, November 25, 6:00 PM

[longingmussel - *Let's gooo!*]
[phonyoxbird - *Alfi singing stream?! Heck yeah!*]
[patientredwing - Argh, I can't wait!]
[richsnail - Did you guys hear? Alfi is really John's daughter!]

Live in 4 minutes

[judgmentalmarten - That's old news. She said it at the beginning dimwit]
[rapidsparrow - Wait, but Miss Yue said Alfi was her daughter too...]
[ovalhawk - Yue is 29... but Alfi is 18? Wait...]
[MOD: Titor - Yue is Alfi's step-mother, not her biological mother.]
[agonizingcod - Eh? But then who's Alfi's mom?]

Live in 3 minutes

[hungryauk - We need answers, John!]
[Alfi Titor Ch. - Um... Yue is my Mom. I... don't have a real one.]
[unluckyduck - Oh.]
[immaterialhare - ...???]

Live in 2 minutes

[Poppy Gloria - Break a leg, Darling!]
[honestmeerkat - *Miss Gloria! Can you do a press release on John's family?*]
[tellingponie - *Yeah! News about the Smith family when?*]
[Poppy Gloria - *That depends on John, sweeties. I'm not in the business of prying, you know?*]

Live in 1 minute

[MOD: Hana Homura Ch. - Go Onee-chan! <3]
[MOD: Aoko Ryuusei Ch. - Yeah. Knock'em dead... or something.]
[MOD: Omega - *My* Onee-chan will do great! Go, Alfi!]

[charmingjay - Eh? A new mod... Omega?]
[crassdove - Little sister?]
[accidentalgecko - *Oh! Is that 'Meggie'?*]

Waiting for Alfi Titor Ch.

[MOD: Titor - Meggie! Get offline!]
[MOD: Omega - No!]
[MOD: Beta - You idiots are sitting next to each other. Talk in person.]
[MOD: Titor - Wait, where are you, Betty?]
[MOD: Aoko Ryuusei Ch. - I thought we were being careful about personal information?]
[MOD: Titor - ...]

[activestork - *lol*]
[sweetlemur - *Seems like John's brain has been melted by being too loveydovey*]
[flusteredmare - *Serves him right!*]
[fallaciouspenguin - *So then what's the deal with Alfi's mom though?*]

The thumbnail vanished, replaced by a black screen. Static started fading in, revealing a room. But it was still indistinct.

"Give me a minute, everyone! I'm trying something new, so it might take a little bit..."

[purringcat - Take your time!]
[noxiousmackeral - Something new?]
[sweatyrhino - *Did John finally move you out of that warehouse?*]
[tirelesswolf - *Yeah! It's been a week now, right?*]

Alfi giggled. "Looks like you guys still like to tease Papa, huh?"

[tinycanary - It's the only thing we can do to that Riajuu bastard!]
[petiterooster - Having such a sweet daughter and then a loveydovey wife...!]
[irasciblerobin - Meh. Not like he minds. Right, John?]
[MOD: Titor - You guys are getting awfully informal with me...]
[Alfis_OldChair - I mean, he's our father-in-law, right? Why not?]

A young female voice echoed from the background. "Like hell Onee-chan will marry you!"

Another female voice echoed, soft and sweet. Yue's. "Meggie! you're being too loud!"

"I'm going to beat them up! Those guys don't deserve Onee-chan! I don't care if they're supporting her, a person who can't even-"

Her voice suddenly cut off.

[peevishturtle - www]
[profusecamel - *So the whole family's watching right now, huh?*]
[MOD: Titor - Oi, bastard! You forgot to decrease the mic range!]
[MOD: TITOR - My bad.]
[abnormalzebra - ? What's with the roleplay, John?]
[strikingtuna - So John is definitely chuuni. Got it.]

Alfi sighed. "I'm sorry everyone. Today's been... very different."

[rightstoat - *I'd bet!*]
[mightywaterfowl - It's okay! We're happy to hear the rest of your family is back!]
[stronggnu - Are there any other final bosses we need to fight?]
[richseagull - *Titor family stream when?*]

The screen flickered before coming into focus. When it did, Alfi stepped back, smiling.

Like the thumbnail, she was standing in the middle of a darkened stage with spotlights on her and a black background. She was also wearing a frilly black and red idol uniform.

But the difference was that there was an audience now. A mostly faceless and silhouetted crowd, but one that bounced up and down, showing random chat messages.

[practicalotter - *Ma! I'm on TV!*]
[redbear - Oooh! That's a nice setup!]
[rashpanda - A real virtual concert?!]
[genuinequail - *Holy cow. How much money is John pouring into this?*]
[dowdycow - *Forget that, how much money does John HAVE?!*]

"Um... Let's see." Alfi reached out and tapped the air in front of her. When she did, a holographic screen appeared. A wireframe chat.

In the video, it was mirrored, the result of seeing the back of it. But to Alfi it was the proper direction to read.

Alfi smiled and said, "There we go! Now I can see you... and you're there in the crowd." She waved and said, "Hi!"

[greenant - Hi!]
[redbeetle - Hello!]
[decadegrasshopper - *This is so cool!*]
[longhornbeetle - *Hey everyone!*]

The various greetings popped up in the crowd in small speech bubbles. Each time they did, the person beneath the speech bubble raised a stubby hand and waved.

Alfi giggled. "You're all so cute like this..."

[writhingcobra - *dead*]
[excitableanaconda - :melt:]
[hushedjaguar - Not as cute as you!]
[Alfis_OldChair: 100 USD - My admission ticket]

With those messages, one member of the crowd suddenly collapsed. Another slumped over, raising a thumbs up. One more held out a megaphone, shouting his message. And another guy threw a red rose onto the stage.

[stunningdeer - Ooooh!]
[widedoe - *Whoa! How advanced is this program?*]
[redboa - Yooooo!]
[nebulousmussel - *Dammit John! Stop flexing!*]
[exotictoucan - *Yeah! You're making everyone else look bad!*]

Alfi clapped her hands together and smiled. "Great! It looks like it's all working!" Her smile dimmed a bit and she said, "I know it's impossible for you all to be here, and for me to read all of your messages... but I hope this lets you feel even just a bit more present with me."

[masochisticrat - This is already more than enough!]
[truecolt - *We're yours either way! Alfi's ftw!*]
[chiefyak - You took my heart already!]

[Alfis_OldChair - Wait! If Superchats turn into flowers...]
[Alfis_OldChair: 1 USD]
[Alfis_OldChair: 2 USD]
[Alfis_OldChair: 5 USD]
[Alfis_OldChair: 10 USD]
[Alfis_OldChair: 20 USD]
[Alfis_OldChair: 50 USD]
[Alfis_OldChair: 100 USD]

A flurry of Superchats. With them, a member in the crowd tossed out a bouquet of flowers onto the stage at Alfi's feet. A blue forget-me-not, a light blue morning glory, a green chrysanthemum, a yellow begonia, an orange carnation, a sakura blossom, and then a red rose.

Alfi gasped and then shook her head. "You... Everyone, that's too much! I haven't even started singing yet!"

[alarminghog - *What a madlad!*]
[blessedlion - Great idea!]
[dustydinosaur: 100 USD - *Laying out the red carpet*]
[maplehog: 50 CAD - *Sakura petals are prettier!*]
[sakurabat: 50K yen - Let's save the roses for the end!]
[japanesedog: 50 USD - *Roses are for the end guys! Sakura and other flowers first!*]

A burst of pink petals and a few red roses flew onto the stage.

Alfi covered her mouth and then shook her head. "Everyone... Fine. If you believe in me this much... I-I hope I don't disappoint." She reached out to the side, materializing a microphone. She pulled it over, holding it in both hands, and then smiled.

[Alfis_shrimp - We'll never be disappointed with you, Alfi!]
[Alfis_bunny - Even if the world burns, we'll burn with you!]
[Alfis_wolf - Or burn it for you!]
[spottedmonkey - ...Is this a fanbase or a cult...?]

Alfi spun the mic around in her hands and said, "The first song I'll be singing is one that originally didn't have lyrics... at least, ones with proper meaning. I tried to make some lyrics to reflect what I feel about everyone and..." She shook her head, blushing a bit. "I'll just let it speak for itself."

[illegaleagle - *A song about us?*]
[tangibletiger - A love song?!]
[righteouspanda - IS THIS OUR CHANCE?!]
[MOD: Beta - Do not get ahead of yourselves.]
[MOD: Omega - Yeah! I'll beat you up!]

Alfi took a deep breath and then nodded. Looking straight ahead, she said, "This is my first song... Salvation. I hope you... I hope it reaches you."

[Play NIER Kaine ~ Salvation]

A mystical chime, joined with a repeated piano melody, flowing like a wave. Eventually, it slowed... and then Alfi started to sing. As she did, the lyrics showed up over her head, written in silvery letters.

Time... Oh so fleeting.
Space without you here...
Days left all alone.
But now filled with so much joy and hope.
Words that cannot be said enough I...
Fall in love and I...
Still think about what will come next and pray miracles last
You who's dear to my heart and my soul
Oh please never go
You make every day bright and make my whole life
filled with light until I fall down with you...

A brief piano interlude, followed by the return of the flowing piano rhythm.

The moment it did, the surroundings behind Alfi flickered, turning into a ruined city- No. It was still the same room, but different. As if time had taken its course, the curtains were aged and pieces of the back had shattered, letting light shine through. The spotlights on Alfi were replaced by sunlight... and the color in her clothes faded, as if she had been standing there for centuries.

So... here yet again
Ah, without my friends
Even if that's true
I'll still fight until I see this through
This whole world blackened by our sins
and doomed to just fade
I'll deny that that cruel fate and then pray that miracles last
You still standing right there at the edge
Of lies and the truth
You have the power to change it all so
tell me, what you see and what you believe at last

A soft chime. Like the ending to an ancient ritual. The return of the undulating piano rhythm, drifting like the flow of time, slowly fading away.

And then it was over.

Alfi opened her eyes and let out a soft smile. It was bittersweet, the expression of someone looking back at fond memories. No, the look of someone who knew what was here wouldn't last.

Even so, she smiled as if not wanting to disappoint the people watching. No, as if to leave everyone with a brilliant memory.

[forthrightcattle - AAAAALLLLFFFIIII!]
[tamedolphin - We'll never leave you!]
[dazzlingdove - No matter how many years pass, we'll still love you!]
[crimsonwolf - *So beautiful...*]
[lunarbunny - *That was from Near Replicant, right?*]
[starryfox - *Those lyrics work sooo well!*]

Alfi's smile widened. "Thank you. I'm happy that it reached your heart." She fiddled with the mic and said, "I didn't know how else to say it... and I know I've said it a lot... but I appreciate you all. And... I truly do love you. Our time together won't last forever... but until it ends, I hope that we can share happy times. And that I can make you a tiny bit as happy as you make me."

[MOD: Omega - Onee-chan no!]
[MOD: Hana Homura Ch. - Onee-chan...! I love you too!]
[MOD: Beta - Father. Your influence is spreading.]
[MOD: Titor - What did I do?!]
[MOD: Aoko Ryuusei Ch. - Like father like daughter, I guess...]

[brokenfinch - *Hngh! This... So this is how it feels to be a simp...*]
[tamedrhino - *It's not being a simp! It's being in love!*]
[rigidpup - She's... not faking it. That's... Hnnnnnnn]
[Alfis_OldChair - *Roll out the red carpet guys!*]
[Alfis_MapleTree - 100 CAD]
[Alfis_Wolf - 100 USD]
[Alfis_Shiba - 10K yen]
[AlfisDaZen - 100 Euro]
[Alfis_RoyalCrown - 100 GBP]
[Alfis_Kimchi - 10k won]
[Alfis_OldChair - 100 USD]

Red roses poured onto the stage.

Audience members collapsed, others clutched their hearts, other still clung to each other, actions changing on the messages they sent.

And in the middle of all of that, Alfi smiled, a radiant beauty in a ruined world- No, like the lone survivor recalling the bright past at the end of time.

"Everyone... Thank you. Then..." She adjusted her mic and said, "I'll move onto the next song. This one is from the same game as the last song and also doesn't have proper lyrics. But I think it's a beautiful song, so I want to share it with you. Please, enjoy."

[Play NIER OST - Song of the Ancients ~ Devola]