153 – Hana Homura – [Just Dancing] Generation 0 Collab! Let’s all dance and have fun! (Part II)
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I was today years old when I realized just how hard it is to translate dance covers to text. orz

I'll go back and fix up the usernames and formatting later. For now I just need to step away from this chapter and let it sit for a bit...

The screen on Hana's side flickered and then the background changed back to the dance studio. Hana's outfit had changed back as well, once more the casual white t-shirt and gray sweatpants.

A miniature copy of the results screen hovered in front of her.

Hana stared at it for a few moments and then let out a sigh. "Phew. It worked out somehow." She smiled and said, "That was a really tough song."

[Great job Hana!]

[You don't say?]

[Really tough she says while getting a perfect full combo...]

Hana stretched and said, "But it was fun!" She glanced to the side and frowned. "Hm... Aneue and Onee-chan aren't back yet, so let's do another song." She tapped the floating window in front of her.

On the game screen, the results screen vanished, returning to the song selection screen.

Hana swiped through the songs list, carefully reading each song name. "Wow... There's a lot of songs in here. Did Mister John do all of this?"

As she moved through the songs, small video previews of the dance showed up, along with a bpm number showing the speed of the song.

[...Isn't this menu more like Yosh! than Just Dancing?]

[I get that Steem has workshop support for this game, but going this far...]

[Wait. Don't modded songs for Just Dancing need body tracking data to check against?]

Hana glanced at the chat and then shook her head. "I'm sorry, but I don't know anything about that. Um... I guess Mister John did all of this? Eldest Sis- I mean, Miss Beta installed everything on this computer, but I'm pretty sure Mister John made everything."

[Eldest Sister?]

[Wait, so is Beta older than Alfi?]


[John really be flexing on everyone with his tech skills, huh?]

[Mod release when?!]

Hana scrolled through the songs a bit more, humming to herself as she read the names. "Knight of Knights, Death Rondo, Bad Appeal... These are fun, but I want something slower for now."

[Oriental Project songs?]

[:sweat: Yeah, those are all pretty fast]

[Imouto could dance every song there without any problems...]

[If John made everything... did he source all the dances for the songs?!]

[Yeah right. He probably just paid people to do them. Remember how loaded John is?]

[The power of money...]

"Oh!" Hana stopped on a song called Love Circulation and said, "I didn't know this was in here." She smiled and said, "I wonder if the dance is any different?" She tapped on the song and then stepped back while waiting for it to load.

While it did that, Hana glanced back at the chat. "...Wow. I just realized how many people there are today... The chat's going by really fast. Um... let's see..." She reached out to her floating copy of chat and scrolled back up. "Oh! If you're wondering about the dance videos, I'm pretty sure that Mister John recorded most of them." She paused. "...I'm not sure when he had the time to, but it should be him and not El- Miss Beta."


[Pft. Wait, so John did all of these dances?]

[Even that super girly one just before?]

Hana let out a dry laugh. "Don't underestimate Mister John's dancing skills. He's... surprisingly good at doing every kind of dance move."


[I sense a story there...]

[Why does Hana look like she's seen some things she can't unsee?]

Hana glanced at the chat and then paused, tilting her head. "Hm... I wonder if we can get Mister John to come dance with us? Maybe at the-"

*Get ready!*

"Ah!" Hana blinked and focused, staring at the floating screen in front of her.

A sillouette appeared there, as well as on the game screen. The same UI from before popped up on screen again, as well as a list of dance moves on the bottom. This time though there weren't as many, only four poses at a time.

[...This is still hard.]

[Oh boy. I can't wait to see Queen struggle with this.]

[Bets on who's better, Alfi or Aoko?]

[Obviously Alfi!]

[No question.]

[Yeah. Even though we simp for Queen, she's definitely too clumsy.]

*3! 2! 1! Go!*

The moment the announcer finished speaking, a soft female voice called out.

*Se~ no!*

Hana said the same thing and then winked before starting her dance.

[Dance video: Kana Hanazawa - Renai Circulation (Dance Full ver.)]




[...Are we sure Hana isn't an AI?]

[Forget Hana, no way that John's the person dancing in that video]

[I mean, John *could* pass for a decent chick if he cross dressed so...]

[Is that his secret backup plan? Becoming Best Girl himself?]

*Star up!*

*Star up!*

*Star up!*

[Go Hana!]

[...Is this still Just Dancing...?]

[\(^_^)\ /(^_^)/]

*...Now and forever~*

Hana finished the song with a bright smile and then stuck up her fingers in a victory pose. "Ta-dah!"

*Full Combo*


[Great job Hana!]

[Dammit! Why are the Superchats still broken?!]

[Meh. It was alright.]

[OhanaMem90 - Love you Hana!]

[xxxGamer12xxx - Pft, what's this girl trying to act all cutesy for? Cringe.]

[OhanaMem90 has been banned by MOD: Alfi Titor Ch. Reason: No insulting Hana!]

[MOD: Alfi Titor Ch. - Oh no! I'm so sorry! I misclicked!]

[OhanaMem90 has been unbanned by Alfi Titor Ch.]

[xxxGamer12xxx has been banned by Alfi Titor Ch. Reason: No insulting Hana!]

[edgelord101 - Oh wow, so we're banning people for criticizing now? No wonder you're all hiding behind anime avatars.]

[edgelord101 has been banned by Aoko Ryuusei Ch. Reason: You motherfvcker talking $hit about us like that. You're lucky that I don't have anymore connections with]


[Connections with... with what?]

[Knowing queen, it's probably just some more BS]

[Haha, yeah. Like someone as clumsy as her could actually drift.]

[MOD: Aoko Ryuusei Ch. - Oi. Talk $hit like that again and you'll get the hammer too.]

Hana glanced at the chat and then frowned. Shortly after, she looked to her right, as if hearing something. She stood like that for a bit and then shook her head, letting out a long sigh. "Aneue..."

Aoko walked back onto the screen, tucking away a phone in her pocket. "What? Can't let these idiots talk trash. And they're lucky Betty's busy."

Alfi walked on screen as well and sighed. "You're giving them too much attention, Aoko-chan."

"I'm not about to let idiots run their mouth if I can help it."

Alfi stared at Aoko and said, "Why did Papa make you an idol again?"

Aoko shrugged and adjusted her sports bra strap. "Beats me."

[Obviously because John is a man of culture]


[jkenthusiast - What happened to the loli?]

[Officer! This one right here!]

[jkenthusiast - W-Wait! I meant the little girl! I was worried something sensitive could show up!]

Alfi narrowed her eyes and swiped her hand to the side, her fingers fluttering across the air as she did.

[jkenthusiast has been banned by MOD: Alfi Titor Ch. Reason: Degenerate behavior.]



[Oh yeah. Alfi's supposed to be a combat robot...]

Alfi's expression softened and she looked at Hana. "Did we take long, Hana?"

Hana shook her head. "Not at all!" She smiled and said, "I just finished a second song. Did you get... Um, is everything sorted out?" She glanced at Aoko.

Aoko sighed. "Apparantly it's not something we can fix while the stream is up, so she's just going to have to watch somewhere else."

Hana sighed. "That's sad. I thought it'd be fun to let her see us all stream."

Alfi smiled. "I'm sure she appreciates it, Hana. And don't worry! She'll get to watch the-"

"Onee-chan!" Hana interrupted Alfi and then glanced at the chat. "Secret, remember!"

"A-Ah." Alfi blushed. "Right. I forgot that Papa hasn't-" She suddenly stopped talking, her burgundy eyes wide. Alfi blinked and then covered her mouth with her hands, as if not trusting herself to say anything else.

Aoko sighed and tapped on the floating game menu in front of her and said, "Let's just play the game already. God knows this stream's already a hot mess as it is..."


[Alfi's cute when she's trying to keep a secret!]

[Wait, so who was that girl? And what secret?]

[We need answers!]

The game screen changed, going to a menu titled "Versus."

Aoko glanced at Hana and said, "Sis, you don't mind if I go a few rounds with Alfi, do you?"

[Aoko-chan! Phrasing!]

[...Is Aoko-chan always like this?]

[Yeah. Queen is great, isn't she?]

Hana shook her head and stepped back. "Go ahead, Aneue!"

Alfi stepped forward and crossed her arms, looking at Aoko. "So you really want to try and compete with me again, Aoko-chan?"

Aoko swept her hand through the list of songs and stopped on one at random. As she did, she looked at Alfi and said, "Compete? I'm just letting everyone know how we stand. We'll make that 1-0 into 2-0."

Alfi narrowed her eyes and then jabbed her finger at the menu. "We'll see about that." She glanced at the song and smirked. "Let's find out who's the real 'King' here."

Hana glanced at Aoko and Alfi, frowning. "U-Um, Onee-chan, Aneue-"

Aoko chuckled and turned to face Alfi. At the same time, a health bar showed up over her head, the game UI overlaying with the dance studio.

Alfi turned to face Aoko as well, her usual calm face replaced by a sharp and cold glare. Like Aoko, a health bar showed up over her head.


[A-Alfi-chan... ]

[CthulhuLover69 - I wish I could get my tentacles on you]

[Honestly... same.]

[Let's go, Alfi-sama! Beat up that fake older sister!]

[lol. Don't get wrecked Queen.]

[Go Alfi-chan! Knock Queen down a few pegs!]

Aoko glanced at the side and then glared at the chat. "Oi! You're supposed to be on my side!"

Alfi laughed. "Seems like you aren't as popular as you thought."

Hana held up her hand and said, "U-Um, you two should-"

*Dance remix!*
*King/World's End Dance Hall!*
*Get ready!*

A series of dance moves popped up on the bottom of the screen beneath both Alfi and Aoko.

Alfi crossed her left arm under her chest and held up her right hand to her face, sticking a finger on her lips with a condescending smile.

In response, Aoko straightened her body and crossed her arms, tilting her head back and looking down at Alfi.

Hana sighed and walked off screen. As she did, she muttered. "Maybe we should have played Meincraft instead."

[Dance video: <SOME> KING 踊ってみた Dance Vocal Cover <歌ってみた>]

*3! 2! 1! Go!*

An ominous music box intro, quickly joined by a driving synth rhythm and drumbeat.

[Wait, King?]

[OMG. I can't handle this.]


*Player 1!*

Alfi started first, stepping forward and holding her hands out to the side, walking around Aoko with a smug look on her face.

The music kicked into gear and Alfi moved with it, matching the poses flying across the bottom of the screen.




[S-Sexy Alfi?!]

[T-This version of Alfi... Hnggggggggh]

[Superchat! WHY! ARE! YOU! BROKEN!?!?!??!?!]

[Alfi-Is-Life - I was today years old when I learned how an angel dances.]

"Hmph." Aoko stared at Alfi with impassive eyes and said, "That look doesn't suit you. And you dance like *this.*"

*Player 2!*

A brief intermission to transition to Aoko's turn. During it, Aoko swayed her hips and sauntered around Alfi, slowly sweeping her eyes up and down Alfi's body, pausing for a bit on her chest before Aoko crossed her arms, pushing hers up.

Alfi grit her teeth.


[Yes Queen! Step on us more!]

[T-Too much ara ara energy...]

*Left side, right side...*

A flurry of rapid dance moves, ones that had Aoko tracing out the curves of her body and beckoning to the crowd.




[...I take it back. Aoko is definitely an idol.]

[So about that handshake event...]

[Holy crap. No wonder Aoko didn't fit. She's a freakin' kpop idol!]

*Final stage!*
*Audience appeal!*

The background shifted, turning into a dark room with gold embroidery on the walls and crystal chandeliers.

In the back, a pair of empty black leather thrones appeared. In the middle of them, a single golden crown sat forgotten on the ground.

Aoko turned to face the front of the screen and smirked. "Ready to lose, Daddy's girl?"

Alfi turned to face the front as well and huffed. "As if."

*You are king!*

A brief interlude with a rapid and driving synth melody and rhythm. But the moment that the vocals kicked back in, the two women burst into action.

*Left side, right side... Oh you come on baring fangs*
*Pa-pa-pa, it's such a pain you know*
*Left side, right side, come and let everything show*
*Haha, you are king!*
*You are king!*

[...God I wish I was that floor.]