154 – Hana Homura – [Just Dancing] Generation 0 Collab! Let’s all dance and have fun! (END)
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The results screen for the dance off between Aoko and Alfi popped up on screen. The result? A draw.

Aoko stared at the results and then chuckled. Glancing over at Alfi, she crossed her arms and smirked. "Looks like you don't win this time either, Daddy's girl."

Alfi stared at the results. After carefully reading it for a few seconds, she smiled. "That may be true, Aoko-chan. But it looks like I got the most cheers from the audience." She turned to Aoko and said, "I can practice and get better at dancing, but charm and charisma aren't something you can improve.

"Hm?" Aoko frowned and swiped her hand, pulling up a screen titled [Audience Vote]. When she did, a pie chart showed up, with 90% to Alfi and 10% to Aoko.

[straightgarbage - Good job guys!]

[lol Queen got ratio'd hard]

[Yeeeah! Let's go Alfis!]

[All for our Goddess!]

[:sweat: Hana's big sisters have very... passionate fans.]

[You saying you wouldn't do the same for our imouto?]

"Ki-sama...!" Aoko grit her teeth and spun around to face the front. She jabbed her index finger towards the screen and said, "Just you wait until tomorrow's stream! We'll see who has the last laugh!" She let out a smug smile and said, "I've saved all of your stupid comments! Just wait until I show them on stream!"

[straightgarbage - Queen loves us! She saved our comments!]

[Wow Queen! We didn't know you cared so much!]

[We're gonna be on TV!]

[...Anyone else pity Aoko-chan?]

Alfi glanced at the chat and giggled, hiding her mouth with her hands.

Aoko blinked and then facepalmed. "You bastards... The hell did I do to deserve you guys anyway?"

The game UI faded away and the background turned back to the dance studio. When it did, someone clapped their hands from the side.

Both Aoko and Alfi flinched, turning towards the source.

Hana walked back on screen with a bright smile on her face. She lowered her hands and said, "Aneue and Onee-chan did great!"

Alfi blushed and averted her gaze. "A-Ah... I showed an embarrassing side of myself..." She looked to the front and bowed her head. "I'm sorry everyone."

[No, no. The pleasure was all ours.]

[What are you apologizing for? Thanks for the treat!]

[Seeing this side of Alfi... I'm worried for her cute side later]

[Right? The gap is going to be even more now... :sweat:]

Aoko rubbed the back of her neck. "Er... Since this is a collab stream, we should probably do a few dances together, right? I think we're warmed up enough now..."

['Warmed up' Queen says...]

[Aoko-chan is really shameless huh?]

[Saying something like that after going all out against Alfi...]

Aoko glanced at the chat and then coughed, averting her gaze.

Hana clapped her hands together. "Well, if Aneue and Onee-chan are okay with it... I know just the song!" She tapped the floating menu in front of her and changed game modes.


[Wait. That gleam in her eyes...]

[I-Imouto. Go easy on your sisters...]

[Rip Alfi-chan, Aoko-chan]

[MOD: Mama Hana - Sorry for being late Sweetie! Mama was busy in a meeting.]

[Oh crap! A mod is here!]

[Everyone hide!]

[MOD: Mama Hana - Ah. I see we have quite a few troublemakers today...]

Hana tapped on the song list and then scrolled through them before stopping on one in particular.

[Dance video preview: <DANCE VIDEO> 鈴木雅之 <DADDY ! DADDY ! DO ! feat. 鈴木愛理>]

A brief preview of the song played, along with a silhouette of a woman in a flowing ball gown dancing to the music.

Seeing that, Hana smiled and nodded. "This one should be fun! Since Onee-chan and Aneue want to show off so much, it should be perfect!"

[Ooh, imouto's mad!]

[Hey! I know this song!]

[Haha, I guess love definitely is war, huh?]

Hana glanced to the side at the chat and then winked. After that, she said, "Oh! And hi Mom!"


[Best Mom is here!]

[O-Oi! No making passes at Mama Hana!]

[MOD: Mama Hana - Haha, I'm flattered, but it's fine. And good luck Sweetie!]

Hana smiled and tapped on the song title, starting up the dance.

*Get ready!*

The dance studio changed, turning into a ballroom with warm ambient lighting. At the same time, light swept over the girls, changing their outfits.

Alfi changed into a lacy black dress that hugged her curves and revealed both her pure white skin and her robotic joints.

Aoko's outfit changed into a strapless shimmering dark blue gown that hugged her chest.

Hana's outfit changed into a fluffy orange ball gown, like one a princess would wear. At the same time, she had her hair tied up with an orange ribbon.

Alfi glanced at herself and then flinched, subconsciously trying to hide her joints.

Aoko flinched as well and then tugged her dress up. "The hell?! How am I supposed to dance in this? And how is this not falling down?!"

Hana gave an innocent look to Aoko and smiled. "I don't know, but it really suits you, Aneue!"

[Hell yeah it does.]

[Write this down! Write this down!]

[Mm~ Yes Queen.]

[...Aoko-chan's fans are weird.]

[But I guess it's okay? I mean, my older brother's like that, so...]

Alfi smoothed her dress and then stared at her elbows, frowning.

[It's okay, Alfi! We appreciate you no matter what!]

[Robot goddess best goddess!]

[Don't worry about the dress!]

Alfi glanced at the chat and then let out a relieved smile. "Thank you everyone. I love you!"


[N-Not fair!]


[S-Sasuga... Strongest Imouto's big sisters are formidable as well...]

Hana clapped her hands and said, "Places everyone!" After that, she moved toward the middle of the dance studio.

Aoko sighed and moved to the right side of the screen.

Alfi nodded. "I'll... I'll do my best everyone!" Saying that, she moved to the left.

The moment the girls moved into place, the rainbow bar from the previous dances showed up at the top of the screen, hovering over the girls' heads.

[Yeah... this isn't Just Dancing anymore...]

[Who cares! This is awesome!]

[You go queens! Strut your stuff!]


*3! 2! 1! Go!*

[Play Kaguya-sama: Love is War Season 2 OP- Daddy! Daddy! Do!]

The music started and the dance poses moved across the bottom of the screen.

Hana smiled and clapped along to the beat as she started to dance.

*Daddy! Daddy! Do! I want all of you...*
*Your heart and everything now...*
*I need, you and me dancing again until we burn into the ground*

[Ooh, this song!]

[Darn. No bullying Queen this time...]

[Yes! We want you too!]

[Live concert when?!]




*Switch leads!*

Hana giggled and twirled to the back, moving behind Aoko. "Your turn, Aneue!"

[lol Hana]

[Yeah, imouto was definitely mad]

[Kill it, Queen!]

[Why do you guys call her Queen anyway?]

*Get ready!*

"W-What?!" Aoko flinched and quickly moved to the front. "A-Alright!"

*3! 2! 1! Go!*

*Daddy! Daddy! Do! I want all of you...*
*Your heart and everything now...*
*Even if it's a lie, well babe that's fine*
*As long as you're right here with me!*

Aoko shifted, glancing at her chest. She seemed super reluctant to dance, and the forecasted moves had her moving a lot. But before she could think too much about it, the dance moves started flying across the screen again.





Aoko twirled her arms and then blushed, glaring at the screen in front of her. "Don't you dare say anything! You try dancing in a dress like this!"

[Say less]


[Clippers, you're doing your jobs right?]

[Superchats are still broken! Dammit!]

Hana giggled in the back, casually freestyling in time with the music.

Alfi smiled, swaying gently in time to the beat.

"Oi! I hear you laughing, Sis! Stop that!"

Hana's giggle turned into a full laugh. "Sorry, Aneue! You're just too cute!"


*Switch leads!*

"Finally!" Aoko immediately stopped dancing and ran behind Alfi. "Your turn!"

*Get ready!*

Alfi shook her head and calmly walked forward. When she was in the center of the group, she glanced back and said, "What happened to your confidence, Aoko-chan?"

"It disappeared along with the sleeves and straps of this dress!"

Alfi giggled and then turned to the front, swaying in time with the beat while waiting for the dance to start up again.

*3! 2! 1! Go!*

*Daddy! Daddy! Do! All I want for you...*
*Is to just know all that I feel...*
*All the pain and sorrow along with this bliss*
*Hear out my dangerous wish!*

Once again, the dance moves started to fly across the bottom of the screen. But unlike Aoko, Alfi was calm. With a serene and warm smile, she moved in time to the music, matching the silhouette at the bottom.




Doing a pirouette, Alfi giggled and said, "Looks like it's 1-1 now, Aoko-chan."

Aoko crossed her arms in the back and said, "That's because you don't have to worry about dress malfunctions!"

Hana turned towards Aoko and said, "Um... Aneue. You *do* remember that dress is just part of the game and not your real clothes right?"




[Queen *would* forget wouldn't she?]

*All together!*

"Oh!" Hana quickly ran forward, moving to Alfi's left side. When she did, she glanced back at Aoko and said, "Come on, Aneue!"

Aoko sighed and moved over to Alfi's other side. "It's almost over right?"

Alfi smiled and tilted her head. "Why? Worried you'll make a mistake, Aoko-chan?"

"More like I'm worried at how realistic these animations are..." She hugged her chest and frowned. "...The physics are way too good on these things."

"..." Alfi pointedly turned her face back to the front.

*Get ready!*

Hana clapped along with the song and said, "Come on, Aneue, Onee-chan! Let's send it off with a bang!"

[Ooh! I get it!]

[Go MirAIs!]


*3! 2! 1! Go!*

*Daddy! Daddy! Do! This is just my fate*
*Couldn't be any other way*
*If I break, it's okay because you're here*
*Drive me to the edge now my dear*

The three lined up together and danced along with the music, swaying in time with the beat and beckoning to the screen.


[I'll give you my everything too!]


Hana glanced at the girls and said, "Wanna try singing?"

Alfi flinched. "S-Singing too?!"

"It'll be good practice Onee-chan. You too, Aneue! Let's sing the last part!"

Aoko coughed. "I-I don't know the lyrics, so-"

"Don't worry!" In the middle of a twirl, Hana swept her hand to the side and opened the menu, quickly tapping on some options.

When she did, lyrics popped up at the bottom of the screen.

"...Crap." Aoko muttered.

"I-I'll try my best...!" Alfi took a deep breath.

"Let's go!" Hana smiled and started to sing.

*Show your all to me, and only to me*
*What you hide deep in your heart*
*Oh your love that's so sharp, killer, killer*
*Give it to me even if I burn and die within your arms*

The song wound down and the girls finished with a dramatic pose.

The moment they did, the flood gates opened in the chat, filling up with a flurry of colors.

[Overload: 1000 USD - *Ah. This. This is what I needed.*]

[Alfis_Knight: 100 USD - *For Alfi's little sister!*]

[OhanaOniichan: 10k yen - Finally! Today's allowance!]

[straightgarbage: 100 USD - *Good work bullying Queen.*]




[Xander Mercer: 1000 USD - *Keep up the fun videos girls. You do good work.*]

"E-Eh?!" Hana's eyes widened and she stumbled out of her pose. "S-So many Superchats!"

Aoko glanced at her copy of the chat and whistled. "My fans really don't have anything better to do with their money, huh?"

Alfi turned on Aoko and shook her head. "Don't say that, Aoko-chan!" She frowned and said, "Just because you think you're a bad idol doesn't mean you get to insult the fans who believe in you!"

Aoko narrowed her eyes and opened her mouth to retort. But then she paused, her expression softening. "You... don't think I'm a bad idol?"

Alfi shook her head. "Whether Aoko-chan is a bad idol or not isn't up to you to decide. If people believe in you and want to support you, that's enough. And since they do... don't you think you should at least be grateful?"

Aoko bit her lips and then looked away. "...Whatever."

[Don't worry Aoko-chan!]

[Yeah! We like Queen treating us like trash!]

[It's okay! We know Queen's just a tsundere anyway.]

"Who the hell are you calling a tsundere?!"

Alfi giggled.

Aoko rounded on her. "You...! Get over here!" She pounced, trying to pull Alfi into a headlock.

Alfi's giggles turned into a full laugh as she dodged Aoko.

"The hell?!" Aoko chased Alfi around and said, "Why are you and Betty so damned good at dodging me?!"

"You're just too slow, Aoko-chan."


[Well, this is definitely one way to have a first collab.]

[Bets on if this will get on Readit's All page?]

[Clippers, you know what to do.]

Hana sighed and said, "Could you two stop messing around?"

Aoko and Alfi froze.

"...Sorry, Sis."

"I'm sorry, Hana."

Hana rolled her eyes and then waved them over. "Come on. There's a lot of Superchats to read, so we should try and finish as many as we can before Alfi's stream."

Aoko walked over, frowning. "I still think it's weird getting money for just messing around... but alright."

Alfi followed after Aoko and waved at the camera. "Thanks in advance everyone! And I'm sorry about Aoko-chan." She nodded and said, "I'll make sure to educate her later on what it means to be an idol."

Aoko turned back to look at Alfi and narrowed her eyes. "What do you mean, 'educate?'"

"Ah." Alfi frowned. "I'm sorry. That's Betty's job, isn't it?"

Aoko froze.

[Ooh. I sense a story!]

[Is Beta the manager?]

[Beta face reveal when?]

Alfi crossed her arms behind her back and hummed. "Betty... I guess she might show up later." She smiled and said, "Everyone should keep an eye out at the end of the month. I think you'll have a lot of fun!"

Hana frowned. "Can we say that Onee-chan?"

"I think it should be fine... Maybe?" Alfi suddenly looked worried. "W-Well... Papa said he was planning to reveal it soon anyway, and it's still pretty vague..."

Aoko shrugged. "It's fine. Besides, better we say something now before that guy forgets while being lovey-dovey with his wife."

[Aoko-chan is jealous.]

[What girl wouldn't be?]

[Yue-chan is unfair. Looking that young and beautiful at almost 30...]

Hana shook her head and turned back to the chat. Holding out her index finger, she tapped on the Superchats and scrolled back. "Well, we should go through these. Let's see... EnderWolf-san! Do we plan to play VR action games like Ruin or Neighboring Malice Village..." She hummed and said, "Those sound like fun, but I don't know about these two..."

Aoko folded her arms and frowned. "And what's that supposed to mean? Think your big sister can't play a video game?"

Alfi nodded. "Right! That's mean, Hana. I don't know about Aoko-chan, but if it's a game like today, I'll be fine!"


Hana hummed. "That's true..." She glanced back at Alfi and Aoko. "But both Onee-chan and Aneue get carried away. In an action game like that... Mister John would probably be mad if they wrecked the studio again.

Alfi blushed.

Aoko coughed and said, "T-That was one time. And it was only a monitor!"

Hana gave Aoko a blank look. "A monitor that's tailor made to show us and map our movements?"

Aoko averted her gaze.

[lol Queen]

[Wait, why's Alfi blushing?]

[Clumsy Alfi?]

[I've seen so many sides of our Goddess today...]

Hana shrugged and went back to the chat. "Anyway... Maybe! I think we're going to have Mister John with us next time to make sure nothing goes wrong though... Today was a bit messy."

[A bit?]

[That's our little sister. Positive as always!]

[Alright guys. Time to start a count on how many streams Queen messes up.]

"Let's see..." Hana scrolled through the Superchats. "Next off..."

Phew. I'm going to take tomorrow to rest up after these stream chapters. I underestimated just how much chaos these three girls would be in a dance game collab stream... orz

I'll go back and edit the username stuff and formatting after a bit. Need to take a breather from being like 10000 different people.

I might release a short side chapter of some stream clips or something, but we'll see. For now though, I think I need to write something else for a bit to refuel my creative juices. >.>

Take care and thanks for reading!