161 – Alfi Titor – [Just Chatting] Thank you for being with me! (Part I)
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A room lit by moonlight and the soft illumination from the nighttime cityscape. Sitting on a sofa in front of a window overlooking a glowing city, Alfi held a steaming cup and smiled, facing the screen. With a panda print blanket over her usual panda pajamas, she seemed extremely comfortable and cozy.

[Just Chatting] Thank you for being with me!
Alfi Titor Ch.
Live in 5 minutes
Tuesday, November 26, 9:00 PM JST
30K waiting

[Alfis_OldChair - You did great in the collab Alfi! I hope you Papa isn't too mad about the mystery guest!]
[Hai-Spectrum - The moe is strong with this one]
[Habiddude - o((>ω< ))o]
[orangeiguana - *Alfi looks so cozy! :melt:/]

Live in 4 minutes

[Poppy Gloria - Thank you for working so hard, love! Keep it up!]
[littlefox - @Poppy Gloria *Project MirAIs feature when?*]
[extraraven - We need our most reliable source to find out the truth!]
[Poppy Gloria - No worries. Project MirAIs will be featured pretty soon... ;)]
[blueotter - Oh?]

Live in 3 minutes

[BananzMongky45 - Me like Banana, Me like Alfi]
[AlfisKnight - Indeed, comrade! Our goddess is a blessing upon this world!]
[Alfis101 - ...I don't think that's the right response, Knight-san...]
[Ultimaterror - I created this acount only for you]
[quietminx - Me too! I'm new, hi!]
[Alfis_OldChair - Welcome to the collection.]

Live in 2 minutes

[righteouslion - *Are Superchats still borked?*]
[righteouslion: 100 USD - *Oh hey, I guess not.*]
[killerwhale - XD *This guy, throwing a red super just to test things out*]
[Xander Mercer: 100 USD - *Good morning! Thank you for making my evening before.*]
[Alfis_General - *Ah, the new recruit! Welcome!*]
[AAperture - ?]

Live in 1 minute

[MajesticBlobFish - *Hello guys! Hope y'all are having a nice day!*]
[quirkydolphin - *Hi! Had to wake up early to catch Alfi's stream, but it's always worth it!*]
[ceilinganemone - *Ah yes. Alfi's mindnumbing sweetness, perfect to go with my black coffee this morning.*]
[eagerrat - *Who was that little girl earlier? We need answers!*]
[MOD: TITOR - @eagerrat Asking for or attempting to find personally identifiable information will result in an indefinite ban and... consequences.]
[redocelot - It looks like Papa is mad...]
[luridpanda - @TITOR *Aren't you supposed to be with Yue right now?*]

Waiting for Alfi Titor Ch.

[Fen-05 - *Yoo im here too baby! Can't wait for the stream!*]
[notahumie - *Hope i'm not too late for da stream*]
[This_Is_a_Name - Hi]
[NotYagoo - *Letsgooooo im in!*]
[Alfis999 - There's a lot of overseas bros... isn't this stream super early for them?]
[Alfis_TL - With our precious Alfi, every moment is living a dream! There's no need for sleep!]
[numbskull - Yep! Sleep not needed for early if Alfi stream.]
[techmonkey - @excitedbird *You know there's an official TL plugin for chat on the Project MirAIs webpage, right...?*]
[numbskull - *For real?!*]

[Play Echoes – Atch (No Copyright Music)]

A haunting reverberation, like someone's voice calling out from the end of a tunnel before fading away. After that, a guitar started playing a nostalgic and repeated melody, continually rising, but always looping back to the lower notes.

With that music, the screen changed. The thumbnail turned a sepia color like an old photograph, as if fading away with time. Soon after it did, a delicate hand appeared at the corner of the screen and grabbed the corner before turning it, like the page of a photo album. The sound of ruffling pages echoed, and then a video loop started to play.

Once again, Alfi wrapped in that panda print blanket and holding a steaming cup in her hand. But the surroundings had changed.

Instead of a room with a view over the cityscape, she was sitting on a building's rooftop, her feet dangling over the edge. And instead of that bright and lively city, there were only ruins, illuminated by moonlight.

Taking a sip from her cup, Alfi stared at a wornout photo album in her lap opened to that faded photo. After letting out a faint smile, she turned the page.

The camera had shifted to a side view, so while it was hard to see the pictures from the album under the moonlight, a few were visible when pausing the video.

Hana and Alfi hugging each other and smiling into the camera, both holding up victory signs.

Alfi and Aoko staring off at each other while Hana stood in the middle, trying to calm them down.

Titor, sitting with his back turned at a desk in front of computer screens while a beautiful young woman with crimson hair handed him some papers.

As Alfi turned the page again, there was a brief flash of what looked to be a family photo with five silhouettes. But before anything could come into view, the video froze and time skipped backwards, the loop starting over again with Alfi taking a sip from her cup.

[nightowl - *WHOA! lo-fi beats with Alfi?!*]
[docilepenguin - Alfi-sama...! T_T]
[wilycoyote - No! Did we fail?! Is this the bad end?!]
[AlfisKnight - *Alfi-sama! Even if our time together is limited, we will always remember you!*]
[goldenbat - Ah yes. Some things are beautiful because they will not last. This time, too...]
[Alfis_OldChair - Don't be sad, Alfi-sama! Even if our bodies are ground into dust, our souls will always be with you!]
[mightychicken - I think you guys are overreacting... But this atmosphere... T_T]

"H-Hello?" A soft and delicate voice. Alfi's.

[newsnake - !!!]
[crimsonalligator - ALFI-SAMAAAAA!]
[nervousquail - Please don't say that you're leaving us already!]
[Alfis333 - Yeah! It wasn't your fault that girl spoke up!]
[loyalwyvern: 100 CAD - *What do I need to do to convince you to stay?*]
[onewingedangel: 200 EURO - *It's too soon to become a memory*]
[crazybat - *We'll always remember you, Alfi-sama!*]

"E-Eh? Um... I'm not sure why you think I'm leaving, but don't worry. As long as you're here with me, I won't go anywhere. I just wanted to say that it might take a little longer to set up, so please be patient."

[uglymouse - ...Oh.]
[evilrabbit - Dammit! Who's the person who said Alfi would quit?!]
[quiveringsnail - I just got here. What happened?]
[knowingowl - @quiveringsnail People overreacted and thought Alfi was quitting because of the animation and earlier stream. ]

"Hup!" The sound of a table moving echoed, followed shortly after by the sound of a few keyboard presses. "Just let me... finish this and... there!"

The video loop of Alfi flipping through the photo album paused and she turned to look at the screen. When she did, her eyes lit up and she swung her body around to stand up on the rooftop. With a bright smile on her face, she walked over, clutching the photo album to her chest. As she did, the camera zoomed into the photo album, focusing on a few words scribbled on the cover: My Precious Treasure.

[bluetuna - Aaaah! Why is Alfi so sweet?!]
[wiseshark - *My coffee should be bitter. But like this... all I can taste is sugar.*]
[inkysquid - 234r22wt.]
[oceanant - @inkysquid You okay man?]
[Alfis_Knight - orz]

The screen shimmered, the view of the photo album dissolving away. In its place, Alfi came into view, a bright smile on her face. Like in the thumbnail, she wore her panda pajamas and was sitting on a couch in front of a window showing the bright cityscape. But there was a slight difference.

Instead of just Alfi and the couch, there was a table in front of her. Not only that, but the camera position had been adjusted to be the same height as someone seated directly across from her. But most importantly, on the table there were two steaming mugs instead of just one for Alfi.

[pinkzebra - *gasp* This POV...?!]
[eagerbeaver - DATE WITH ALFI!?]
[Alfis444 - *No way. This can't be happening... right?*]
[winningdinosaur - My heart can't take this much cuteness!]

Alfi grabbed the cup in front of her and held it up in front of her face. Glancing at the screen, she blushed and averted her gaze. "Sorry about the collaboration stream earlier. I showed you an ugly side of myself..."

[jumpingcat - No problem!]
[openeagle - :thumbsup:]
[sub_marine - It's fine! I discovered something new about me, so it's all good!]
[littlefish - @sub_marine I think we all discovered something about ourselves seeing Alfi like that.]
[happyminx - *If that was your ugly side, I'm terrified of your beautiful side...*]

Alfi shifted her gaze back to the front and smiled. "...Thank you for your kind words." She took a sip from her cup and then set it on the table. "Um... I hope you don't mind if today is a bit different. I'm still a little exhausted from the previous stream and other things, so I wanted to relax a little with just us."

[eagerbeaver - DATE WITH ALFI!]
[Alfis444 - *Okay everyone, places! This isn't a drill!*]
[ecstaticturtle - *What a fantastic way to start my morning*]
[smartwombat: 100 EURO - *Don't worry. I'll pick up the tab*]

Alfi giggled. "Everyone... you're so silly." She shifted in her blanket and said, "I'm happy you want to support me with your money, but just knowing you're here with me is enough, you know?"

[gooddoggo - *Ok. I'm die. Thank you forever.*]
[delusionalbat - *Aaaagh! Why can't I find a girl like Alfi in real life!?*]
[Alfis_Knight - @delusionalbat *What do you mean 'a girl like Alfi.' Our goddess is enough!*]
[Tsuki_Hime: 20k yen - You're super sweet, Onee-chan!]
[NotANumber: 200 USD - To your eternal happiness]

Alfi smiled again and then grabbed her cup, raising it to take a sip. But before she did, she paused. "Ah!" She set her cup back down and said, "I almost forgot." She reached over and grabbed the cup on the other side of the table. Afterwards, she held it out. "Here!"

Now that Alfi held out the cup, it was possible to see what was inside of it.

Warm, gooey hot chocolate with floating marshmallows and whipped cream. A cozy drink perfect for a calm night spent together.

[happyrat - Thank you, Alfi!]
[almightysquirrel - *Hot cocoa is great and all, but we can't really drink it...*]
[Alfis_Knight - @almightysquirrel *Only because your faith is lacking! Behold!* !drink]
[mirroredbunny - *Like that will work-*]

A textbox suddenly popped up on screen from the bottom, like a visual novel prompt.

You grab the hot chocolate from Alfi and take a sip.

[saucypenguin - *Ara?*]
[mildcrow - Eh?]
[littleorca - Huh?]
[numbskull - *NO FREAKING WAY!*]
[MOD: TITOR - :smug:]

A hand reached out to grab the cup, bringing it to the screen. Afterwards, it raised the cup, showing a closeup of the hot cocoa and marshmallows. Steam covered the screen for a bit, and then the cup was lowered, placed back on the table.

Alfi giggled and said, "Did you like it?"

[colorfulparrot - AAAAHHH!]
[techmonkey - *[email protected]#%[email protected]#[email protected] OI! JOHN! Are you planning to take over the world or something?!*]
[Alfis_Knight - *T_T My faith... it has been rewarded!*]
[royaleel - *I don't get you weirdos... but this is definitely really cool.*]

Textboxes popped up in the middle of the screen along with a timer.

[Time left: 30 seconds]
[1: I did! Thank you!]
[2: No. I like you better.]
[3: It was terrible.]


[slowturtle - ?!?!]

The live chat froze for a few seconds and then chat broke again. Usernames vanished from chat, but the messages still came through.

[I did enjoy it!]
[Oh my god, live action VN!?!]
[John, you wonderful mad scientist!]
[Yes. I am mad scientist... It's so cool. Sunnuvabeach.]
[*Oi! If you make our Alfi cry, we're hunting you trolls down!*]
[Aaah! We're running out of time!]

[Time's up!]
[1: I did! Thank you! - 45%]
[> 2: No. I like you better. - 50%]
[3: It was terrible. - 5%]

The textboxes vanished, and then the same one from before appeared on the bottom of the screen.

Not really.

Alfi flinched and lowered her gaze. "O-Oh. Then-"

I like you better.

Alfi froze. Her cheeks turned a bright red and then she quickly grabbed her cup of cocoa, taking a deep sip.