162 – Alfi Titor – [Just Chatting] Thank you for being with me! (END)
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[Play Echoes – Atch (No Copyright Music)]

Alfi lowered her cup and swirled it. Her eyes flicked up towards the screen, but then she blushed and stared back down at her cup. "T-That's not very nice teasing me like that, you know?"

[regalwildcat - Aaaaaaaaaa]
[tragicferret - *My heart. Too much kawaii!*]
[vagabondsalmon - Wait, why did the view count suddenly cut in half?]

Alfi took a deep breath and then looked up. The blush on her cheeks dimmed a bit, but since her skin was so pure, it was still visible. She took a sip from her hot cocoa and then said, "I've never been so mean to you guys. Messing with me like that wasn't nice."

[Time left: 15 seconds]
[1: I'm sorry Alfi!]
[2: But an embarrassed Alfi is cute!]
[3: It won't happen again.]

[stunningcrow - Oh crap! We're really doing this!]
[unadvisedmussel - 1!]
[cuteantelope - *2! Come on guys! Don't just be simps!*]
[fanaticalparrot - *2! Yeah, let's tease her a bit!*]

[Time's up!]
[1: I'm sorry Alfi! 30%]
[2: But an embarrassed Alfi is cute! 44%]
[3: It won't happen again. 26%]

"C-Cute?!" Alfi blushed. "M-Me...?" She shifted in her seat and quickly sipped on her hot cocoa. She took a long drink from her cup and then placed it on the table. With a silly smile on her face, she giggled and said, "Everyone... you're too nice."

[gooddoggo - ded]
[yellowbutterfly - Too cute!]
[sparklinglizard - *Dammit! What did John do to have such a cute daughter?!*]

Alfi smiled, but then she frowned. "But it's no good, you know? If you make me love you any more, it's going to be hard for us to say goodbye later..."

[boldpenguin - It's fine!]
[ectoplasmicquail - *Alfi loves us! T_T*]
[eternalmagpie - Don't leave! We'll be with you forever!]

Alfi looked up and let out a sad smile. "I wish I could be with you forever... But time is limited. At least, for you."

[draconianfinch - *Alfi...!*]
[eagerbeaver - *Dammit! Fine! I'll make myself a cyborg then!*]
[norsecrow - *Everyone! Time to go make the philosopher's stone!*]

Alfi's eyes widened and then she laughed. Shaking her head, she let out a bright smile and said, "There's no need for that." She reached over and stretched out her hand.

[brashtuna - Eh?]
[stoutpanda - What's Alfi doing?]
[crowdeddoves - So close...!]

Alfi's face got close to the screen.

[reflectingferret - Is she going to kiss us?]
[viciousimpala - *Oh god. I'm not ready!*]
[groundedhyena - W-Wait a minute! Screenshot! Screenshot!]

Before Alfi got too close, she stopped. Her face filled the screen, as if she was standing right in front of it. Like that, she smiled and moved her hand.

A head pat.

"Thank you." Letting out a bright expression, Alfi nodded and said, "I know this won't last forever, and we'll have to go someday. But knowing you want to spend eternity with me is enough. So... thank you."

[pluckylemur - T_T]
[zippygecko - Alfi-sama...!]
[motionlessturkey - Dammit. Dammit, dammit, dammit...!]

Alfi shook her head and leaned back. "That's enough of that." She smiled and said, "We're supposed to be having a fun time, not a sad one." She picked up the cup of hot cocoa closest to the screen and held it up. "Here. It's better to drink hot cocoa when it's warm, you know?"

[Time left: 15 seconds]
[1: Take the cocoa.]
[2: Drink the cocoa.]
[3: Enjoy the hot chocolate.]

[realistichawk - lol what kind of rigged choice is this?]
[mellowfish - Of course we're taking the cocoa!]
[icyeagle - *Oi, mods! Aren't we supposed to choose?!*]

[Time's up!]
[1: Take the cocoa. 28%]
[2: Drink the cocoa. 32%]
[3: Enjoy the hot chocolate. 40%]

A hand reached out to grab the hot cocoa. After that, it brought the cup up to the screen, showing the steaming hot chocolate and marshmallows inside. A soft 'gulp' sound echoed before the cup was lowered, placed back on the table.

Alfi smiled. "That's better." She glanced at her empty cup, looking a bit conflicted for a moment. But then she shook her head and looked back up. "I'm glad you're enjoying it. Ah, and I'm sorry if I can't see everyone today. I wanted to try something new, but setting it up like this means that I can't catch everyone's messages. Sorry..."

[illfatedcobra - Don't worry! It's fine just being here!]
[huskyelk - Wait, so she can't see the chat then?]
[aridswan - What's she reading then?]
[nightlyfox - When are our next choices?]

[<Pinned> MOD: TITOR - Your choices are synthesized from chat and show up in natural conversation breaks. Alfi is hearing the choices from a constructed model and seeing a portion of chat off to the side.]

"Oh." Alfi blinked and then looked embarrassed. "Sorry about that. I forgot to explain how this all worked... Thanks, Papa."

[worriedwarthog - The viewcount keeps dropping... is that normal?]
[trollysquirrel - *lol the views are dropping*]
[concernedturtle - Are people actually collapsing?]
[flippedfish - 98yet58fg]

Alfi shook her head. After that, she smoothed her clothes down and fixed her blanket around her shoulders. That done, she looked up and said, "Um... So is there anything you want to talk about?"

[lucidox - Now's our chance!]
[nosyhamster - *Where's John?*]
[pryingpenguin - Who was that girl?]
[naivewombat - How have you been?]
[determinedsalmon - How do I marry you?!]

[Time left: 15 seconds]
[1. What do you like to do?]
[2. How was your day?]
[3. Can we go on another date?]

[fallenrabbit - *What are these options?!*]
[loosegoose - Rigged!]
[yellowminion - 3! Pick number 3 my Lord!]
[rashrat - *Shut up and choose! 3!*]

[Time's up!]
[1. What do you like to do? 34%]
[2. How was your day? 33%]
[3. Can we go on another date? 33%]

[jovialmouse - *Dammit! So close!*]
[awesomepython - You had one job, chat!]
[reluctantcheetah - Screw democracy!]

"H-Huh?" Alfi blinked and poked her fingers together. "What I like to do... Um... I like spending time with everyone like this."

[awesomepython - ...Nevermind. Good job, chat.]
[derangedcub - :dead:]
[maternalshrimp - How is she this cute?! Always?!]
[Alfis_Knight - Alfi-sama is Alfi-sama for a reason.]

"What else...?" Alfi furrowed her brow in thought and then said, "Oh! I like practicing singing too! I'm not very good at it yet, but it's fun." She placed her right hand over her heart and said, "Being able to express my emotions through song, letting other people hear and feel my thoughts... In a way, it lets us be connected, even across time and space." She let out a soft smile and said, "Don't you think so?"

[stoicseagull - 100%]
[onlypelican - Absolutely!]
[obedientpigeon - We'll always be connected, Alfi-sama!]
[stormyturkey - Even if we part, you'll always be in our heart!]

"Heehee..." Alfi lowered her gaze and fidgeted in her seat. "This is a bit more embarrassing than I thought... But it's nice, so I guess it's fine."

[Princess Moon: 100 USD - <Sakura petals>]
[E.N.O: 100 USD - <Glitter>]

A shift occurred in the room. It was subtle at first, barely visible. But before long, it filled the screen. Faint lights, almost like fireflies lit up the room. And then, paired with those lights, sakura petals flew across the screen with a soft breeze.

"Hm?" Alfi blinked and looked around. "This is...?" Her eyes widened a bit and then she huffed and pointed at the screen. "You two! Stop wasting money on things like this!"

[Princess Moon: Oops! Busted!]
[E.N.O: I told you that she would know!]
[Princess Moon: But it was so pretty!]

[drunkcow - ???]
[richhog - *Wait, we can do special effects with Supers?*]
[Alfis_Knight: 200 USD - <Divine light>]

A soft swirl spread throughout the room, blowing the lights and sakura petals away. But in its place, a soft beam of light fell from above, illuminating Alfi's figure. Not only that, but she started to emit a soft silver light, as if a real divine being.

"Hey!" Alfi crossed her arms. "Stop that!"

[Alfis_Knight: Finally, we can see Alfi-sama in her full divine glory!]
[privatehound - Ooh! Good job, Knight-sama!]
[lushunicorn - As expected of Alfi's super fan!]

[Alfis_OldChair: 100 USD - <Roses>]
[RighteousPenguin: 20K Yen - <Roses>]
[Xander Mercer: 100 USD - <Roses>]

A flourish of red filled the screen, and then a bouquet of roses appeared in the middle of the screen. A hand reached out to grab it, and then it offered the bouquet to Alfi.

The silver-haired beauty gasped. "This..." She shook her head and pushed the roses back. "Stop it! Spending so much money for something like this-"

[MapleLeaf: 100 CAD - *So you want more?* <Roses>]
[FishNChips: 100 Euro - *You're right. We should spend more.* <Roses>]
[SilverRaven: 20K Yen - Never enough. <Roses>]

A flurry of items appeared on screen. More roses, followed by a barrage of other items as more SuperChats with stickers flew in the chat.

Alfi froze, her eyes wide in shock as gifts started piling up all around her. But she quickly recovered. Standing up, she shook her head and said, "W-Wait! This is supposed to be a relaxing time together. It's enough to just be here with me. Sending so many gifts as well...!" Her eyes started tearing up.

[Special choice!]
[Send a Superchat for special events!]

[Time left: 45 seconds]
[1. You're worth every penny.]
[2. As long as you're smiling, no price is enough.]
[3. You deserve it.]

[fallenrabbit - ...Again, these aren't really choices...]
[dangerousdonkey - 1!]
[untidyeagle - 2!]
[KillerWhale: 20K Yen - Anything for Alfi-sama's smile!]

A red Superchat flew through the chat. And when it did-

"Anything for Alfi-sama's smile."

-A voice echoed through the screen.

Neither feminine nor masculine, but a smooth and calm voice that could be either. It was also slightly mechanical, synthetic, making it clear that it wasn't a person.

Alfi gasped and then looked away, covering her eyes with her bangs. "...Meanie."

Silence. The chat froze. But then-

[familiarsnake - UUUUUUOOOOOH!]
[DesolateEra: 650 CNY - The world is nothing without your smile.]

That voice spoke again, echoing the latest red Superchat's message.

Alfi looked up for a moment, revealing a bright red face, and then she looked away. Grabbing her cup on the table, she raised it up to take a sip. But she had already finished her hot cocoa, so the only thing that happened was her letting out a cute sound of sipping on air.

[worstmallard - Keep it up, guys!]
[strangeraccoon - *Clippers! Do your jobs!*]
[Alfis_OldChair - Alfi for life! Alfi for love! Alfi forever!]
[smugrabbit - *...I think I'm going to stick with Hana from now on...*]
[lumberingcow - *...Yeah. Back to Aoko for me...*]

[MOD: TITOR - ...Chat interactivity was a mistake, huh?]

Holy crap it's been almost three months. orz

The amount of things that happened to me could probably fill a chapter in itself, but I'll just cut it short and say that I lost track of time. I'm back now though and I've got a system in place to let me know if I've gone too long without at least updating you guys on what's going on so you aren't left in the dark again so long.

You have my deepest apologies everyone. And thank you all for enjoying the story.

Now, I gotta keep writing though. It's starting to seem like a certain VTuber idol agency's plans for their future EN generations are scarily close to what I had plotted out for the next arc, so I gotta get ahead of the game to make sure I don't fall behind.

Thanks everyone! I'll see you in tomorrow's chapter at this time!

P.S. Future chapters will be shorter so I can use the time to review my notes and the story to make sure I haven't forgotten anything.