189 – Warm fuzzy feelings
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At a corner of the underground kitchen, a large flat screen TV was set up along with a desktop. Something for games to be played on while everything else was being set up for the babyshower.

And as to the people currently playing...

*Rank up!*
*Rank up!*
*Rank up!*

"Aaargh!" Meggie frantically moved to try and match the dance poses flying across the screen. "Why are you so good at this, Suzu?!"

"I-I'm not sure?" Suzume spun around, matching the silhouettes flying across the screen and then struck a pose.

On Meggie's side, a short animation of a backflip started. When she saw it, her eyes widened and she said, "That is *so* not fair! Aaargh!" She grit her teeth and then kicked off the ground, spinning through the air. After she landed, her dance segment was over, but...


"What the heck do you mean, meh!?"

Alphy laughed and said, "Maybe you should have picked normal like Suzu then, Meggie."

"Shut up, Nee-chan!" Meggie threw her arms out and flailed, trying to match the next string of rapid moves. "Who the hell even made this game?! This is *not* expert level! It's more like... hah!" She did another flip and then spun into a cartwheel. "...Impossible! What kind of normal person can even-"

*Rank up!*

The exact same moves flashed on Suzume's side of the screen. And while she looked nervous, when she moved, it was a perfect replication of the animations.


Alphy laughed again.

Meggie pursed her lips and then glared at the screen with absolute focus.

Alphy smiled and then took a look around the room.

It was a lively and bustling atmosphere.

Zhaojun sat next to Yue in the center of the room, animatedly talking about something with her. While Yue looked a bit lost, she seemed happy and relaxed, replying when she could.

Meanwhile, Bai and Qing went around the place setting up tables, decorations, and arranging the food. But they weren't alone.

A kind-looking beauty with lightly curled black hair followed Bai around, making sure to double-check everything he did and scolding him when he was lazy.

Meanwhile, it was the opposite situation for Qing. A tanned and silver-haired beauty awkwardly went about placing decorations down. But because she was awkward, she knocked a lot of things over in the process, causing Qing to have to act quickly to catch them before they fell.

And then in the back, Daji and Xuannu were hard at work cooking over a dozen dishes.

Although Alphy noticed that her aunts looked a bit tense for some reason... But this *was* a celebration for Yue Mama. Since her aunts liked Papa a lot even after he married Mama...

A door opened in the distance. The one with the stairwell leading to the ground floor.

John walked out and then glanced back. "See? I told you it wasn't that bad of a walk."

Kai walked out after John, gasping for air. After taking a few moments to control his breathing, he looked up at John and said, "Speak for yourself. Why the hell did we have to try and outrun the elevator?!"

A cackle echoed from behind Kai and then Maji walked out, clapping Kai's shoulder. "What's wrong, Kid? You that out of shape?"

Kai brushed off Maji's hand and frowned. "No. Just an ordinary human unlike you crazy monsters."

Kiri walked out, brushing off his white suit. After that, he looked at Kai and said, "You should train more. A father must be able to weather the world for her daughter."

Kai sighed and said, "I know, I know... I'll start training again after this is all over."

"Great!" Maji grinned and said, "It's been too long since I practiced my ambushing skills."

Kiri glanced at Maji and then frowned. "Don't go overboard."

"Relax, Kiri-chan! I won't hunt him 24/7 like I did to you. Just maybe... 23/7."

Kai started to sweat.

The door opened again and then a towering man with a green overcoat walked through. But he wasn't alone.

"Amazing, Aniki!" A young girl with black twin-tails looked down with amazed eyes.

"Yes!" Another young girl that looked identical to the first, except with white hair that wasn't tied up. "To be able to rush with us on your shoulders... Amazing! And fun!"

Saji laughed and then set Little Xuan and Little Wu down. "I should be saying that to you two. I'm surprised you weren't scared."

Xuan looked up at Saji and said, "Why fear? Aniki is reliable!"

Wu nodded. "Yes! Very reliable! Just like Father when he ran away from Zhenwu's army with us in his arms!"

Kai blinked and looked at John. "...You know, Friend. You seem to do a lot of running away."

John shrugged. "It's what you have to do when you're weak and outnumbered."

Alphy giggled and then walked over to her father. "It seems like you're having fun, Papa."

"Alphy!" John turned around and gave Alphy a hug. "Sorry I haven't talked to you in a while."

Alphy shook her head. "It's fine, Papa." She looked over at Yue and said, "You've made Mama happy and calm down. That's worth not seeing you for a few days."

John stepped back from the hug and rubbed the back of his head. "Yeah, but when you put it like that it makes me feel a bit guilty..."

Kai snorted. "And who's the bad father- Gah!?" He flinched and rubbed his head. After that, he spun around to glare at Maji.

Maji dug a finger into his ear and then turned towards Kai. "You got something to say, Kid?"


"Thought so."

Alphy smiled and then turned back to her father. "Looks like you finally have some good male friends, Papa."

John laughed. "Yeah... They're a bit crazy, but if they're willing to stick with me, they probably have to be."

"Hey!" Maji waved his hand out and said, "Speak for yourself, Boss. I'm perfectly sane!"

Saji chuckled. "Keep telling yourself that, Bro."

"Hey!" Maji looked down at Xuan and Wu and then said, "Shush! Not in front of the girls!"

Xuan and Wu laughed. And then the girls turned to look at Alphy.

Xuan walked over first and waved. "Big Sister!"

Wu followed after and said, "It has been a long time! You look a lot prettier than last time!"

Alphy blushed. "P-Prettier?"

"Yes!" Xuan rapidly nodded, causing her twin tails to bounce around. "You are much warmer!"

Wu looked at Xuan and said, "I agree, Sister! Like this, Big Sister will surely attract a proper husband!"

"H-H-Husband?!" Alphy's blush turned a deep red.

"O-Oi!" John quickly chimed in and said, "What's this about Alphy finding a husband?" He looked at Alphy and said, "You aren't seeing anyone, right? What's his name? Should I be concerned? No, is he even qualified?"

"E-Eh?!" Alphy quickly shook her head. "N-No, Papa. I'm not seeing anyone... Um. Unless you count the chat...? They take care of me and I like them a lot..."

"Dammit. I knew it was a bad idea to let you stream." John grumbled and said, "Those degenerates thinking they can take my cute daughter's heart like that..."

Kai blinked and then thoughtfully placed his hand on his chin. "...I see what Sakura means now."

John rounded on him and said, "And what the hell is that supposed to mean?!"

Kai laughed.

Maji stepped forward and swung his arm around John's shoulder, pulling him down. "Hey, relax Boss. Let your baby girl spread her wings a bit. You can't keep a swan locked in a cage, you know?" He glanced back at Kiri and said, "Tell him, Kiri-chan."

"Hn." Kiri nodded and said, "Fathers cannot protect their daughters forever."

John pursed his lips.

Alphy smiled, happy that her father finally had some friends that could mess around with him. Just like her and Asako.

"Hey, Big Sister!" Xuan tugged on Alphy's shirt.

"Oh!" Alphy looked down and said, "Yes, Little Xuan?"

Xuan pointed to Meggie and Suzume and said, "What is that? Is that a game?"

"Yes, yes!" Wu walked over and said, "Can we play with them?"

"Of course!" Alphy nodded and grabbed their hands. "Here. Big sister will take you over there and introduce you."

Xuan gasped. "Big Sister acknowledged us!"

Wu let out a bright smile and said, "Yes! Now we just need to have our other Big Sister acknowledge us! And then maybe Mother Yue will like us!"

Alphy winced.

John did as well.

Kai blinked and then turned to look at John. "...I'll give you the benefit of the doubt this time, Friend. But please, explain."

John sighed and said, "Wait til the other guys get here and things are done. I need a few drinks down first before talking about that stuff... Ah, do you guys mind helping out? It looks like Bai and Qing are being a bit slow... And I should introduce you guys too."

With that, the guys left, walking over towards Bai and Qing.

Alphy shook her head and then looked down at the two young girls holding her hands.

"Big Sister?" Xuan tilted her head, looking up with bright eyes.

"Is something the matter, Big Sister?" Wu looked up as well, but she looked a bit worried.

Alphy let out a gentle smile and said, "It's nothing. Now come on. Let's introduce you to Meggie and Suzu."