198 – Hana Homura – [Superchat Reading] Catching up with your letters! I’ve also got big announcements! (Part I)
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An image of a chibi Hana smiling while holding a box filled with colorful letters. Unlike her usually barren steel room with a tiny window, the background had changed to a cozy room with carpeted floors, soft blue walls lined with various fanart, a walk-in closet, and a comfy looking bed.

[Superchat Reading] Catching up with your letters! I've also got big announcements!
Hana Homura Ch.
Live in 5 minutes.
Thursday, November 28, 2:00 PM JST
15K waiting

Note: Superchats have been disabled for this stream.

[wanderingpenguin] Aoko doko?
[notablelouse] Oh hey, UTube changed the chat format.
[heartfelteagle] Is your Onee-chan alright? Alfi missed her stream yesterday.
[murmurpython] Aw, no superchats today?
[goldhog] Do you want to keep our little sister up all night?!
[roachhyena] Well... W-Wait! I was just kidding! Don't bonk me!

Live in 4 minutes.

[Aoko Ryuusei Ch.] You guys can't be weird now, alright? Wait until later.
[StraightGarbage] Understood, Queen! o7
[Alfi Titor Ch.] I'm sorry, everyone! But fun things are in store!
[Alfis_Knight] No worries! We'll just support your beloved imouto in the meantime!

Live in 3 minutes.

[poplion] *Yo where's Titor at?*
[gargantuanchicken] *Yeah. It's been a while since John streamed or anything.*
[Aoko Ryuusei Ch.] *Ugh. Don't remind me. To think those bastards were two different people...*

Live in 2 minutes.

[theatergecko] Wait, what?!
[gummyseal] What do you mean two different people?
[diamondshrimp] John isn't John?!

Live in 1 minute.

[Ohana_Bro1] Is it okay to still keep reading Superchats, Hana?
[Ohana_Bro202] There's a lot, aren't there?
[Hana's_BigBro] I don't mind if you don't read them all!
[trailocelot] Wait, announcements? What announcements?

Waiting for Hana Homura Ch.

[OniOnii] Let's go, imouto!
[OhanaMeansFamily] Ohanayo!
[grassdragon] Supachatto time!

[Play Since 2 A.M. (Copyright Free) - 8 Bit Lofi Hip Hop by Tad on]

[raggybutterfly] Ooh! More music!
[happysquid] Lo-fi chill beats with Hana when?
[blobfish] :melt:

Orange leaves fluttered across the screen. When they vanished, Hana was sitting in front of the screen. There was a desk in front of her, and she was sitting on a gaming chair. The room hadn't changed, but Hana had turned back to normal from her chibi form in the thumbnail. Looking at the screen, Hana let out a bright smile and then waved. "Ohanayo!"

[toughmussel] Hi Hana!
[vindictivesquirrel] How've you been doing?
[toughcat] Did John finally give you a pay raise?

Hana laughed. "I keep telling everyone! Mister John pays us plenty! Though we did get a new room to relax in between streams to just hang out." She smiled and said, "That was nice."

[ponyexplorer] Oh? Myth Inc. is doing well then.
[eagerbeaver] Second interview with John when?
[sinfulpelican] Nice! Let's keep supporting our little sister guys!

Hana waved her hand, causing a box filled with letters to appear on the desk in front of her. At the same time, a copy of the live chat appeared on the right side of the screen. "Geez, you guys. Do you all have something against Mister John or something. He treats us all really well, you know?"

[enviousskunk] Of course we do!
[righteousnugget] That riajuu can explode!
[jealoushen] Having that super cute cosplaying wife and then being around cute girls all day...!

Hana shook her head. "It's no good to be jealous. It just makes you look really ugly and unattractive."

[stunningdingo] Grk.
[wobblypython] Gah. So this is how it feels to be scolded by an imouto...
[mixtuna] Hana really is Aoko's imouto, huh?
[failurefox] It's okay! We're all trash anyway, but your Aneue accepts us!
[Aoko Ryuusei Ch.] Oi! Don't drag me into this, you bastard!

Hana frowned. "You should be careful about Aneue. She accepts you, but she's also the type of woman to try and whip you into shape, you know?"

[Aoko Ryuusei Ch.] Hana! Stop that! I am not!
[Alfi Titor Ch.] XD It's okay, Aoko-chan! Your fans like it rough, don't they? :thinking: Or was that you?
[Alfis_OldChair] Ooh! Alfi's going in today!
[StraightGarbage] Aoko confirmed switch. Got it.

Hana giggled. "Okay, okay. Enough teasing." She grabbed the box and slid it over. "I've got a lot of these to go through today, so we should get started. Ah, but don't worry. We'll be chatting a bit in between so it won't be too boring."

[blairboars] It's okay!
[purpleturtle] This is the true lofi beats with Hana experience.
[supportivehen] Hanging out with our cute imouto is all we need.

Hana let out a bright smile. "And spending time with my big family is all I could ever want too. Thank you, Ohana."

[firechicken] ded
[redshark] <3
[voidoctopus] Wah! I'll support my cute imouto to the end!

"Let's see..." Hana dragged the box over and rummaged through the letters. "Um... There's a lot, so I'll only be reading the full messages of the red superchats out loud. Is that okay?"

[deerleopard] Aw...
[poorowl] It's fine! As long as you read them!
[shamelesssparrow] We Superchat to support, not to get attention. It's okay!

"I still feel a bit bad, but just isn't enough time in the day for this..." Hana frowned and then nodded. "But if everyone is okay with it..."

[snarkykitten] We are!
[absorbantbird] Don't worry!
[idiotgiraffe] Siblings ignore each other's texts all the time anyway!

Hana read the last message and then laughed. "That's true! I ignore Aneue's messages a lot too."

[Aoko Ryuusei Ch.] Wait! So that's why you didn't respond?! I thought you were busy!
[Alfi Titor Ch.] True. I also ignore Betty's messages sometimes. Especially when she's just teasing me.
[sourtiger] Oh yeah! Where is Beta anyway?
[rabideel] Betty debut when!?

Hana pulled out a letter and said, "Eldest Sister is busy with her own projects, so probably never." She paused. "Oh wait. Mom said that Eldest Sister might show up at Comiket though."

[wombomonkey] !?!
[openrat] Comiket face reveal?!
[chaoticmouse] Betty is working on something too?!
[icypenguin] Is that the big announcement?! :O

Hana blinked and then set the letter back down. "Oh! No, that isn't the announcement. I should do that first, actually. My big sisters might get upset if I forgot... One minute."

[forgetfulowl] Upset?
[timelessfan] Is it that important?
[planetarysauna] What could it be?
[chaoticmouse] New member debut?!

Hana glanced at the chat and then quickly looked away. "L-Let's see... Here we are!"

Three pictures popped up on the screen.

The first was a picture of chibi Hana, Alfi, and Aoko all sitting in a minecart racing away from zombies and skeletons. Aoko was screaming in terror, but Hana and Alfi were laughing while aiming at the monsters with a bow and arrow.

The second was a picture of the three girls seated on a comfy booth in a karaoke bar.

Unlike before, this time it was Alfi who looked nervous. A stack of papers with blurred lyrics sat next to her, while she tightly clenched another in her hands, staring at the pages.

Aoko was laughing, holding a glass of amber liquid in her hand with her cheeks a bit red.

As for Hana, she stood in the middle of the room, staring at the screen with a mic held in both hands, happily singing.

The third and last... was an empty stage with floating golden lights and three silver microphone stands.

[awfulracoon] Meincraft collab?!
[trustykangaroo] lol Queen would be terrified.
[oddsquirrel] How much we betting on Aoko dying in the first ten minutes?
[rottentarantula] Forget ten, I'm betting five.
[pleasedminnow] I'm betting a Creep gets her on spawn!

[HanaBee] Karaoke party!
[garbagegorilla] Yes! We finally get to hear Queen sing!
[Alfis_HotCocoa] Why is Alfi so nervous? She sounds the prettiest!
[Hanas_BigFan] I dunno about that one. Alfi is cute, but Hana's voice is pretty darned cute too.

[insightfulrabbit] Wait, an empty stage...?
[electricsalmon] *CONCERT?!*
[chubbyseagull] Didn't Aoko mention VR...? A VR CONCERT?!

Hana laughed and said, "You're all excited, aren't you?"

[happyfish] Of course we are!
[catdog] They really are big announcements!
[deathlyringtailedlemur] LET'S GOOOOO!

Hana smiled and said, "I'll start with the biggest thing, since it helps explain the others. You see..." Hana's smile widened and she said, "We're having a concert! And you can all attend too!"

[openmollusk] Yes!
[Alfis_Knight] Finally, I can bow down in front of Alfi-sama!
[StraightGarbage] I can get punched by Queen!

[Hana_Fan101] ...Hana. Your sisters' fans are weird.
[Hana_BigBro#1] Hold the line, Ohana! We have to protect our normal little sister!
[Hanabee] ...But Hana isn't normal either...?

Hana reached out and pulled the picture of the stage closer, hovering it over the left side of the screen. "The promotional art is still in the works, but it'll be on December 1st around 12 PM JST. It'll be very early Sunday morning for our European friends and late Saturday evening for our American friends, but we hope it's okay."

[nightowl] *Perfect! I wasn't planning to sleep this Saturday anyway!*
[earlybird] *I was planning to start getting up early!*
[schoolcod] Ooh, around lunch? Time to do a watch party!

"Mister John and Mister Titor said they'll give more details as we get closer, but basically if you have a VR headset or a smartphone, you can use UTube and the chat to interact!" She let out a bright smile and said, "You can even give us gifts with Superchats or do special things during the concert with chat commands!"

[fatturkey] OOOOH!
[crimsonibis] So that's what Alfi's stream was for!
[foreverunicorn] VR CONCERT! VR CONCERT!
[GoldenOrca] Alright boys. Time to save up.

Hana pulled the picture of the stage down and then popped up the other two images. "Now onto the next announcements... Collabs!" She let out an apologetic smile and said, "Because we're busy practicing, we won't be able to stream much over the next couple of days. So instead of all of us streaming at our own times, we'll be doing group collabs instead! First, we'll be doing Meincraft together, and then we'll be doing a karaoke party!"

[eagerbeaver] Let's go!
[fertileocelot] *Darn. I won't be able to watch.*
[woodenelephant] *VOD gang, here we go...*

Hana bowed her head. "I know it's inconvenient, but we'll make up for it at the concert. Promise!"

[prosecutorialpanda] There's no need to apologize, Hana!
[politicaljaguar] It's okay! You three already work super hard!
[hisspoon] It's fine to take breaks, you know?

Hana smiled. "Thank you. Ah, my big sisters will be making announcements on their channels and Tweeter accounts too. But anyway... Time to get started." She rummaged through the box again and said, "...But really, you're all too nice to me, you know? There's a lot of red envelopes in here, and it isn't even the new year's yet."

[HanaBee] !!!
[Hana'sFan] RIGHT!
[OhanaMeansFamily3] Guys! We gotta work hard!
[BestestBrother] We've gotta send our cute imouto all the red envelopes for new years!

"...Maybe I shouldn't have said anything..."

Supachatto time! If you want to say anything to Hana, leave your comment below or at the usual place in the Project MirAIs page.