199 – Hana Homura – [Superchat Reading] Catching up with your letters! I’ve also got big announcements! (END)
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A/N: Chat machine broke... in that I don't have time to fill in the user names, so we're just having generic_animal today. I'll see if I have time to add them back in later, but I've also got some briefs due soon so I might not until next week.

Hana sighed and shook her head. "Well, I can't stop you guys from doing what you want, so I guess I'll just pretend nothing happened."

[generic_animal] You heard her! Get ready!
[generic_animal] Gotta find some overtime...
[generic_animal] So send red envelopes for new years. Got it.

Hana reached over to the side and pulled out a plate of peeled oranges. After eating a slice, she hummed and said, "Let's just get started. It's been a while, so let's see... This one is from ShapeGuy asking if he missed the stream. Um..." Hana frowned and said, "This is a while back, so this is probably from our collab stream? I'm not sure when you sent it, but I hope you didn't. That was really fun."

[generic_animal] Yeah it was!
[generic_animal] Still can't believe Alfi and Aoko are that competitive
[generic_animal] On that day, we received a grim reminder. Alfi can be hot and cute at the same time.

Hana laughed. "Yes, Onee-chan is definitely cute and pretty. And did you know? Even with all the special software to let us stream and look prettier than usual, Onee-chan is even prettier in person than when she streams?"

[generic_animal] Considering how John looks, I believe it.
[generic_animal] Ah yes. Some things are beautiful because they can never be reached...
[generic_animal] I need to start training. If that's true, it'll be a long fight...

[Alfi Titor Ch.] *blush* Hana...

"What?" Hana glanced at the chat and said, "It's true, Onee-chan! You're really beautiful, you know? You think so too, right Aneue?"

[Aoko Ryuusei Ch.] That- I mean, she is, but- L-Listen-
[Alfi Titor Ch.] XD Aoko-chan! You shouldn't be using speech to text to chat.
[Aoko Ryuusei Ch.] How did you know?! I mean... I'm not! Honest!

[generic_animal] www
[generic_animal] lol
[generic_animal] Aoko uses speech to text to chat?

Hana laughed. "Aneue! Are you really that lazy?"

[Aoko Ryuusei Ch.] I'm not lazy! My hands are just occupied at the moment!
[generic_animal] With what?!
[generic_animal] Oho? Queen has her hands full, huh? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

"Alright, alright." Hana set her letter aside and pulled out a new one. "I'll stop teasing you Aneue. Let's see who's next... Ah. Mister Rodvek97 asks about whether Mister John and Mister Titor are two different persons... Well, he seems more surprised than asking, but I can answer that." Hana nodded and said, "I was actually there when Mister Titor was first introduced to us, and the answer is..." Hana winked. "Secret."

[generic_animal] Come on, Hana!
[generic_animal] Don't do that!
[generic_animal] Noooo! She's learning from Aoko! Stop teasing!
[generic_animal] Aoko! you're a bad influence!
[Aoko Ryuusei Ch.] Hey! Don't blame that on me! She gets it from her mom!
[generic_animal] Wait, Mama Hana is a tease?!
[generic_animal] *gasp*

Hana laughed. "Well I can't spill the beans yet! That would ruin the fun surprise coming up!" She smiled and tapped her chin. "Now... is John actually Mister Titor? Or is Mister Titor John? Or maybe... There's actually three different Mister John's running around!"

[generic_animal] No! Our cute imouto's learned to troll!
[generic_animal] Three Johns?! The world can barely handle two!
[generic_animal] That's a joke right? I mean, John is obviously Titor. They have the same voice!

"Mm... Maybe." Hana hummed and said, "But you know? Mister John gave all of us a lot of fancy equipment. I don't think it would be too hard for him to get a voice change to let someone else copy his voice."

[generic_animal] ...
[generic_animal] Hana has a good point...
[generic_animal] Wait. Does that mean that the girls could really be guys?!

Hana blinked. "H-Huh? Us, guys?" She blinked again and then laughed, covering her mouth. "That would be really funny... Ooh! I wonder if Mister Titor could make that happen. Maybe we could have a stream where we turn into male characters..."

[generic_animal] *nosebleed*
[generic_animal] N-No! Don't! The world isn't ready for that sort of power!
[generic_animal] M-Male Alfi... and a male Aoko... :faint:
[generic_animal] Then that means that we'd get a cute younger brother instead... I'm in!

[Aoko Ryuusei Ch.] H-Hold on! I never agreed to this!
[Alfi Titor Ch.] That sounds fun! We could play some couple games too!
[Aoko Ryuusei Ch.] WHY?!

Hana let out a wide smile, a mischievous glint in her eyes. "Perfect. I'll just send a quick message to Mister Titor then." She reached out to the side and pulled out her phone.

[Aoko Ryuusei Ch.] Wait! You're really sending it?!
[Alfi Titor Ch.] Ooh! I'll try to get Betty to come too! I think she'll like it!
[generic_animal] YES!

"Done." Hana set her phone back in her drawer and then looked back in her box. Pulling another red envelope out, she said, "Next is... from Mister Friendly Hexagon. He asks..." She furrowed her brow and then glanced off to the side. "...I'll need to report this to Mister John later, but he's just asking about more Meincraft streams." She set the letter down and tapped her chin. "Well... I did plan on doing some more building off stream, but I guess I can stream that too? It won't be until after the concert, but I want to make some big projects. Oh! And shoot fireworks!"

[generic_animal] Oh no, here come the backseaters...
[generic_animal] Are you going to use redstone?!
[generic_animal] Yes! Homura Construction Company begins!

Hana laughed. "It won't be that big. I'm not a very good builder like Eldest Sister or Onee-chan. But I'm really good at killing things and getting cool items!" She paused. "Ooh, maybe I should do that instead? I kind of want to go hunting for rare weapons..."

[generic_animal] :sweat:
[generic_animal] O-Oh yeah. Strongest Imouto...
[generic_animal] ...So no one in Project MirAIs is normal. Got it.

"Hey! I'm normal!" She huffed and said, "I'm not like Aneue who spends her days reading manga and watching Anime all day. I'm not like Eldest Sister either who has all sorts of weird things in her room. And then Onee-chan's a serious NEET who plays games all the time when we aren't practicing..."

[Aoko Ryuusei Ch.] SIS! What did I do to you!? Are you mad? Let me know so I can stop doing it!
[Alfi Titor Ch.] I am not a NEET! I just really like games!
[generic_animal] Wow. Hana's really setting off some fireworks today.
[generic_animal] I'm guessing the practice isn't going too well.

"Oh. The practice is going great. It's just... Miss Amadeus and Miss Yue recently came by to decorate our new lounge area and my big sisters haven't left it since. Even to come watch their cute little sister stream."

[Aoko Ryuusei Ch.] You said it was fine!
[Alfi Titor Ch.] I-I'm sorry...
[generic_animal] Wait. Who's Miss Amadeus?
[generic_animal] I need the lore! Someone explain!

"It is fine. I'm just... a tiny bit upset is all. So you two are treating me out for dinner later, okay? I want to go out!"

[generic_animal] You heard your little sister, Alfi, Aoko!
[generic_animal] Scary. Using public pressure to make demands...
[generic_animal] Sasuga, Strongest Imouto.

[Aoko Ryuusei Ch.] F-Fine. We can go out to eat.
[Alfi Titor Ch.] Oh! That's all? I'll go ask Papa to borrow the Ferrari again later!
[generic_animal] Ferrari!? In Japan?!

Hana grinned. "You promised. No backing out now... Ah." She blinked and her expression went back to normal. Letting out a bright smile, she said, "I forgot. I should keep reading your letters." She set down the last letter and pulled out a new one. "Mister Skinny_Whale says... Skimp on gatcha waifu to save for waifu laifu?" Hana blinked, confused. "Gatcha waifu? What's that? And what's waifu laifu?"

[generic_animal] Ah. I take it back. Hana's definitely a normie.
[generic_animal] Hana doesn't know about gacha?
[generic_animal] Oh you sweet summer child.

"I am a summer child, but I know what gacha is! Alfi plays a lot of them! Well, played. She said she stopped playing since they all seem to break and give her everything she wants."

[generic_animal] E-Even the RNG simps for Alfi?
[generic_animal] Sasuga. Alfi is really a goddess...
[generic_animal] Pics or it didn't happen!

"Oh." Hana nodded. "I think Onee-chan has some screenshots around... You could ask her to post them on Tweeter later."

[Alfi Titor Ch.] I wanted to, but Papa says I can't.
[generic_animal] Why not?
[generic_animal] John! Answers!
[Aoko Ryuusei Ch.] Dumbasses. If Alfi posts the screenshots, people are just going to riot with how stupid lucky she is.

"That's a good point..." Hana placed her hand on her chin and said, "Onee-chan has some really good luck. Oh, and that reminds me of a funny story!"

[generic_animal] Storytime!
[generic_animal] Funny story?
[generic_animal] About what?

"You know how I mentioned that we have a new lounge? Well, there's a bunch of vending machines in there for us to use. They don't cost any money, but you still have to press the buttons and wait for the soda cans or the snacks to fall down."

[generic_animal] Hm...
[generic_animal] I think I see where this is going.
[Aoko Ryuusei Ch.] Sis! Whatever I did, I'm sorry! Please don't say it!
[Alfi Titor Ch.] Oh yeah! That *was* really funny! Especially what happened to Aoko-chan! XD

Hana laughed, continuing with her story. "You see, Aneue is an early riser so she noticed the machines first. And to test them out, she tried to get a can of soda... but it didn't work. She got really mad and kicked it a few times while pressing a bunch of buttons too, but it didn't work. And then Onee-chan came over and pressed a single button. When she did..."

[generic_animal] The machine exploded!
[generic_animal] Aoko got covered in soda cans!
[generic_animal] The vending machine turned out to be a reincarnator that can only talk in preprogrammed scripts!
[generic_animal] ...One of us has read too many light novels.

"...The machine kept spitting out sodas! And really fast too! Like, ka-thunk! Aneue got embarrassed and took one, but when she tried opening it, it exploded in her face. But when Onee-chan tried, it was perfectly fine."

[generic_animal] XD
[generic_animal] lol. Does Aoko have bad luck or something?
[generic_animal] And what about Hana?

"Me?" Hana blinked and shook her head. "I don't like drinking soda in the morning. Ah, but I like caramel coffee. Mister Titor gave us a coffee dispenser too... Ooh! And something funny happened with that afterwards!"

[generic_animal] ???
[generic_animal] Thing?

Hana glanced at the chat and froze. "Y-You wouldn't!"

[Aoko Ryuusei Ch.] I will!
[Alfi Titor Ch.] Tell Mama Hana what?
[generic_animal] Ooh... Sibling drama?

"F-Fine." Hana huffed and said, "I won't tell the story." She looked off to the side and muttered, "This time."

[generic_animal] ;)
[generic_animal] Hana's really enjoying being a little sister, huh?
[generic_animal] What the heck happened to Aoko for her to be that upset...?

Hana shook her head and pulled out another letter. "Alright. Next we have... Mister Melbisbelbis. He wants to know if we'll ever get some wider BGM to use..." Hana nodded. "I hope so. We've found a lot of nice ones, but apparently Mister John says it's a lot of paperwork to get licensed songs. I think he mentioned it's easier to get permission to play a game and even open Superchats than to get licenses for some songs."

[generic_animal] Really?!
[generic_animal] Just goes to show how greedy the music companies are.
[generic_animal] It can't be that bad!

"I'm not sure that the music companies are greedy... I think it has something to do with how UTube's algorithm needs to have a lot of documentation to not accidentally kill our streams with false copyright strikes."

[generic_animal] Oh. Right. That's a thing.
[generic_animal] Why doesn't John just buy UTube already. He seems rich enough.
[generic_animal] Dummy. Do you even know how much it costs to run a platform like this?

"Hm?" Hana glanced at the chat and said, "Mister John buying UTube? I think he mentioned that he might if things get too bad, but he said he doesn't want to. Something about wanting to believe people aren't that stupid, I think."

[generic_animal] ...John has a lot of faith in humanity, huh?
[generic_animal] Is John that rich?
[generic_animal] Readit *did* find out that Myth Inc. has been gathering a lot of real estate...

Hana shrugged. "I'm not sure what Mister John plans to do. I think he just wants to spend some time with Miss Yue right now though. The baby's coming soon, so he seemed really worried about her being stressed out..."

[generic_animal] Oh yeah. John's wife is pregnant.
[generic_animal] That damned bastard. Knocking up a beauty like that...
[generic_animal] Oh shut it. You're just jealous you're an ugly bastard.
[Aoko Ryuusei Ch.] Behave or be banned.
[Alfi Titor Ch.] Betty isn't here, but I am. Don't ruin my imouto's stream.

"Anyway." Hana set the letter aside and pulled out another one. "That's that. Now... Mister notahumie asks when the headpat asmr stream will be." Hana blinked. "Do you all want me to do one? I have a mic for it, but..."

[generic_animal] YES!
[generic_animal] YES PLEASE!
[generic_animal] I WANT TO PET HANA TOO!

"H-Huh?" Hana blinked. "You want to headpat me? I mean... I don't mind. But... are you sure?"

[generic_animal] C-Can we do more?
[generic_animal] What about 'this' and 'that?'
[generic_animal] No! Don't do it!
[generic_animal] Yeah! Make your big sisters do it instead!
[generic_animal] I don't want to go to jail!

"Go to jail? Why would you-?" Hana froze and then she turned a deep red. "Onii-chan, you perverts!"

[generic_animal] orz
[generic_animal] NO! That's not why!
[generic_animal] Dammit! You bastards ruined it!
[generic_animal] We're not! We're really not!
[StraightGarbage] lol. Mission accomplished.