201 – Hana Homura – [Meincraft] Exploring with my big sisters! (Part II)
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[Play C418 - Sweden | (1h version - Minecraft OST)]

Hana let out a deep sigh and said, "Isn't it supposed to be that the big sisters are the responsible ones?"

"Hey!" Aoko looked at Hana and said, "I'm plenty responsible! See! I'm digging trenches to trap those zombies when they come over!"

Alfi nodded. "I'm helping too! Monsters don't spawn with light, and the undead hate fire, so if there's fire everywhere then we're safe!"

[pinkpanda] I mean, she's not wrong.
[yellowwombat] Impeccable logic.
[redsquirrel] Yabe.

"...Onee-chan. You can use torches."

"I know! But I don't have any charcoal... Ah, but we'll have a lot after the fire's done burning!"

"Huh." Aoko looked at Alfi and said, "That's pretty smart. Use the fire to make more fire..."

Hana covered her face and let out a deep sigh.

[Ohana_Fan101] Has... has anyone told those two how the game works?
[Alfis_Servant111] Alfi-sama... That's not how you make coal.
[Friendly Hexagon - 10K yen] *Superchats open?*
[Friendly Hexagon - 10K yen] *Oh they are! Pre-membership membership*
[Hana's_BigBro - 10K yen] Keep fighting, imouto! Your big sisters will get common sense one day!

Alfi glanced to the side and then furrowed her brow. "What do you mean that's not how you make charcoal? Don't you just burn wood in a furnace to make it? Why can't I just set it on fire and skip making a furnace?"

Because you'll just have ashes?
[littlelion] That's just the way the game is.
[Alfis_mug] Yeah, Moyang! Why can't we just set wood on fire to make coal?!
[nosynarwhal] *Someone tell the girls to make a furnace and work bench.*
[orangeoctopus] *Alfi... Alfi has to be trolling, right?*

Hana shook her head and then looked around in the game.

Fire as far as the eye could see. A night sky and darkness, illuminated by those flames. Countless animals and monsters dying left, right, front, and behind.

When faced with all of that, Hana opened her inventory. After confirming that she had a stack of oak planks, five iron pickaxes, and a stack of bread, she nodded and said, "I'm digging."

"Digging?" Aoko blinked and said, "I thought we were going to build and reshape the landscape?"

Hana let out a dry laugh and said, "I think Onee-chan's doing that well enough right now, Aneue... And besides, we should look for diamond to make you some armor. I think you'll need it."

Aoko's character walked over, and then she said, "Armor? From diamonds?"

Hana frowned. "Aneue... Do you not know anything about Meincraft?"

"Hey! I do! I played it a lot when I was a kid!"

"...So over ten years ago?"

"More like fifteen- I mean, yeah. Ten. Right. I'm not that old..." Aoko started to sweat.

[littlelizard] It's okay Queen!
[foreverfishy] Yeah, it'd be weird if you were like this and young.
[drunkdoggo] *Being a boomer has its charms.*

Aoko glanced at the chat and snapped. "I am not a boomer!"

Alfi's character walked over to join the other girls. After that, she turned to look at Aoko and said, "But didn't you explode when you joined?"

Hana frowned. "What's a 'boomah?'"

[killerkite] *Oh right. Hana doesn't know English.*
[excitedeel] *Queen! Teach your younger sister the Queen's tongue!*
[HornySnake] @excitedeel ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
[excitedeel] @HornySnake *CEASE.*

Aoko's ears turned red and she huffed. "It's nothing. Now tell me how we're going to play this stupid game already if we're not building stuff."

Alfi tossed Aoko an iron pickaxe and said, "This game is not stupid, Aoko-chan. You just haven't done your homework."

"What homework?! Sis didn't tell me anything about the game!"

"...Um, Aoko-chan. You know that the internet exists, right? And that UTube has many helpful people making videos to show how to play the game?"

The red in Aoko's ears spread to her face and she turned her head. "W-Who has time to watch videos anyway?"

"You? I mean... don't you just spend your spare time reading manga and watching Anime? Well, that and sparring with Betty apparently."

Hana cleared her throat and said, "I'll take the lead this time, Aneue, Onee-chan. Do you two have enough pickaxes in stock?"

Aoko paused and stared off into space for a while before nodding. "Yeah. Alfi gave me like five of those things earlier."

Alfi nodded. "Yep! I made a lot before we started, Hana! I have a lot of wood too! Ah, and glowstone powder too!"

Hana paused and turned to look at Alfi. "How do you have glowstone powder?"

"Oh. There were a lot of these monsters that kept throwing bottles at me. When I killed them, they dropped that. Ah, and some healing potions too! I think I have... four?"

[FailureFox] Moyang. Nerf RNG.
[FamilyPenguin] I would call Dreem luck... but Alfi is Alfi.
[Alfis_Knight] Yes! Our prayers are working!
[Alfis_OldChair] Positive vibes, everyone! Spread the word of Alfi-sama's light!
[TrashyTengu] @Alfis_Knight @Alfis_OldChair You guys need to get off the internet and get a life... Or at least stop reading trashy webnovels.

Hana's eyes lit up. She switched her pickaxe to an iron sword and said, "Ooh, really? Maybe we should go kill things instead..."

[Hana_Oniichan] Hana no!
[responsiblerabbit] Take the knife away from the loli!
[codofwar] Be better, Hana! Build, not kill!
[murderousmonkey] Yes! For the loot!
[americaneagle] Death! Things kill! Farm!

Hana hummed and then looked at the chat. After a while, she nodded. "I guess you're right, Ohana. I don't want to scare Aneue too much anyway."

Aoko paused in the middle of mining a block of dirt with a pickaxe. "Scare me how?"

[puffypuffin] Aoko doesn't know?
[grassygoose] Yabe.
[sinkingsalmon] *Queen! This is not the time to ask that question!*
[trollytuna] *Chill. It's just a game.*
[winningsquirrel] Seems even the Queen can't stand against the strongest imouto.

Alfi started digging next to Aoko and said, "It's fine! If we're lucky, we can find another cavern and fight our way out again!"

"Oh right!" Hana jumped into the hole next to Alfi and started digging down as well. "That'll be fun. And this time we'll be prepared."

Aoko started to sweat. "Fight our way out? What are you two talking about?"

Hana let out a bright smile and said, "We're talking about treasure hunting!"

"Mmhm!" Alfi nodded. "Treasure hunting! And I think I remember seeing someone find some chests underground too. If we're lucky, we can get enchanted items AND diamonds!"

[GoldenOrca] Alright guys. Bets on Aoko aggroing the mobs.
[StraightGarbage] That's a sucker bet.
[FailureFox] Yeah. I'm betting on everyone but Aoko landing in water.

Aoko's eye twitched. "Stop betting against me!"

"Hm?" Alfi looked over and said, "People are betting? With what?" Her eyes lit up and she said, "Can I play?"

[GoldenOrca] *cough* No bets here. All above board.
[StraightGarbage] 20K if you get a gold sword drop with Sharpness III. I don't believe your luck is that good.
[Alfis_Knight] Divine punishment shall come to the non-believer.

Hana glanced at the chat and then shook her head. "You're going to regret that, Mister StraightGarbage..."

Aoko laughed. "It'll serve that bastard right. Let's see him lose some more money and work overtime again."

Alfi smiled and said, "Okay! Then if I don't get one, I'll take Aoko-chan out for a fancy dinner!"

"Wha-" Aoko blushed. "W-Wait! How am I involved in this!?"

"Hm?" Alfi looked at Aoko and said, "Didn't you say you always wanted to try fresh bluefin tuna?"

"I-I do... but-"

Alfi gave Aoko a happy smile and said, "Then it's a date!"

"W-" Aoko turned completely red and said, "Dammit! Stop that!"

Alfi tilted her head. "Stop what?"

[Alfis_Knight] ...Dare I say that this is the first I wish to see Alfi-sama lose?
[StraightGarbage] Nice. Win or lose, I win since Queen gets embarrassed.
[GoldenOrca] Just as planned.

Hana sighed and went back to digging. "Make sure to make and place glowstone blocks on the way down, Aneue."

"Oh! Got it, Hana! Um... Let's see, it was four dust in a square..."

Aoko took a deep breath and then started digging as well. "I swear, you two are going to keel me over."

[lustyleopard] Oho? Queen wants to be keeled over, huh?
[lewddood] :wiggleeyebrow:
[appliedalligator - 10K yen] This is such a mess. I love it.

Aoko's eye twitched as glanced at the chat, but then she pointedly ignored it and went back to digging.

Hana looked at the screen and said, "Sorry for the boring gameplay everyone. Don't worry! I'm sure something exciting will happen soon!"

[spooky_dinosaur] Is that a jinx?
[scary_goat] That's a jinx.
[skeleton_fish] Cue Queen falling in 3-

"Holy $%#@!" Aoko's eyes widened and she jumped out of her chair. "Oh god, I'm falling! It's dark! Guys!" She looked at Alfi and Hana and said, "What do I do?!"

Hana groaned. "Aneue. It's just a game."

"...Ahem. Right. Just a game..." Aoko reached for her chair and quietly sat back down. After that, she reached forward to grab her keyboard... and then screamed. "WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?! OH GOD NO! I'M DYING!"

[wildwombat] Aaaand there goes the video's monetization. >.>
[HornySnake] Don't mind me. Just clipping this for... research.
[FailureFox - 10K yen] I lost the bet...
[StraightGarbage - 20K yen] Please make your big sister play horror games, Hana. I think she'd love them.