OMAKE โ€“ The Day My Fans Got Inserted into my Novel and Beat up a Character for Being Too Cringe
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Second chapter of the day! Go back one for the main story chapter!

Since we're trending again, and number three at that, have another fun and short non-canon chapter.

"What the hell?" I blinked and looked around my changed surroundings. "Could've sworn I was just writing up case briefs for my legal memo..."

One second, I had been sitting in my room, sipping on a cup of coffee while reading some cases. And now I was suddenly standing in the middle of a sidewalk next to a bunch of skyscrapers. Not only that, but there was a lot of snow around, pushed up against the buildings and dusting the road.

"Hm..." I was wearing my suit again and had my bag. My laptop was there along with my notes... I had my wallet and my cellphone. And from the date, December 1st...

"Man. Have I lost track of time that much?"

I'd been busy doing patent research and school work, but I didn't think I was *that* busy.

I slipped my phone away and then started walking. Taking a look around, I noticed that the buildings were vaguely familiar, so if I just managed to find some street signs, I should be able to figure-

[Play Kiria Kuruno - Reincarnation]

"Embrace my heart! Tear down all the walls I've built up to hide from the world. You're the one who can just change it all, until I fall, keep me alive!"

*Reincarnation! Realization! Reincarnation!*

I blinked and looked to the side. "Weird..."

That was pop music. Not just pop music, but JPop. And familiar JPop at that, coming from around the corner up ahead.

I frowned and walked over. When I did...

"Oh. Oh shit."

...I realized where I was.

Up to this point, the streets had been pretty empty. But I figured that was because I was walking around downtown in the middle of winter during the day. Something no sane person really did.

But that wasn't why it was empty. Instead...


A giant crowd, looking up and cheering for a beautiful idol with short dirty blonde hair, dancing around with a white uniform.

She wasn't actually performing nearby. No, instead the nearby buildings had turned into a giant monitor to show her performance, with giant speakers blasting out her song.

But I didn't pay attention to that. Instead, I stared at the looming building up ahead with a glowing '10P' sign.

It was different than the real one. After all, that department store was trademarked, so you couldn't use its real numbers. But I recognized it. And I recognized where I was.

Shibuya. And not normal Shibuya. But a Shibuya showing Jenny Smith's performance. One streaming the Project MirAIs first live concert.

In other words...


Some people turned to look at me. Japanese. A mix of businessmen, businesswomen, and students.

I quickly spun around and started walking off.

Alright. Think, me. You somehow got isekai'd back into your story... Thankfully, everyone should be busy right now. Since John is still singing, you don't have to worry about that guy chasing after you. Everyone else is watching the stream too, so all you have to do is-

"Hoh?" An arrogant male voice echoed from nearby. "I sensed a disturbance in the matrix. To think that it was the esteemed-"

I instinctively reacted. Scooping some snow up from nearby, I formed a snowball and chucked it at that guy's face.


I blinked and looked at my hand. "Huh. I usually miss when I throw things."

Since when did I have such a good throwing arm?

The man shook his head, causing snow to fall from it. After that, he glared at me.

I took a step back. But then I paused, recognizing him.

Slicked back black hair- Ah, it wasn't slicked back anymore since it got wet. Anyway, black hair, a slightly arrogant face, a pure white lab coat...

He looked like another time traveler. But I knew this one.

"Tch." Titor narrowed his eyes and said, "To think that you would react this way the moment you arrived." He shook his head and said, "And to even attack me after I went out of my way to greet our humble creator... It seems that your name behooves you, Mister Vainglory."

"That's not my name, and I'm pretty sure you're using that word wrong."

Titor shrugged and rolled up his sleeves. "Now... While my other half is occupied, I am not so obligated." He marched forward, holding up his arms. "Grit your teeth! Karma has come to- Huh?" Titor paused, tilting his head to the side. He frowned and then pulled out an old flip phone. Staring at it, he muttered. "Odd. More disturbances? But how-"

Space rippled and then a fuzzy silhouetted figure emerged. The moment it did, that figure pointed at Titor and shouted. "YOU CRINGEY BASTARD!"

Space rippled again, and more figures started emerging.

Titor's eyes widened. "W-What in the world?!"

"Why are you so cringey!?" One of the figures clutched its head and said, "Do you know how painful it is to read through your speeches!?"

"W-What?" Titor blinked. "Read...? Wait- Could it be that you are...?!"

"...Pft." I laughed and then stepped forward. "Right... I forgot. And it looks like you did too."

Titor took a step back, eyes glancing around at a quickly growing crowd of staticky figures. He slipped his phone away and held up his hands. "H-Hold on. Let's talk about this..."

I grinned and said, "You and John might have admin privileges to the world, but I own the hardware and run root, you know? Which means that I can use your little 'Incarnation System' all I want. And right now, I think you have quite a few 'fans' wanting to show how much they appreciate you. Right guys?"

The crowd didn't respond. Instead, they started edging forward. Some cracked their knuckles. Some pulled out swords. Others grabbed... Cookies and popsicles? Either way, all of them were armed.

Titor started to sweat. He looked at me and said, "W-We can come to an understanding, can't we, Mister Vainglory? This was a joke. Yes, just a joke. I am mad scientist! Haha..."

I swung my arm out. "Get'em guys!"


The crowd of staticky figures charged.

Titor screamed, struck by hundreds of attacks.

I laughed. "Yeah! Serves you-"

A chill down my back.

I flinched and turned around... only to come eye-to-eye with a beautiful dirty-blonde idol wearing a white uniform.


'Jenny' gave me a bright smile.

I smiled back and said, "Y-You shouldn't keep the crowd waiting, Miss-"

Jenny shook her head and then cheerfully said, "Omae wa... Mou Shindeiru."


Still smiling, Jenny swung her hand out. Bright light- No, a golden sun emerged in her palm. And when it struck my head-


I flinched, quickly looking around my surroundings.

My room. A cup of fresh coffee nearby. Scribblehub, opened with my story trending #3...

I blinked and picked up my coffee, carefully taking a sip. "...Note to self. Use less sugar... And get more sleep."