246 – Winter Tokyo Electronics Expo – Food Debuffs
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John sat on his hotel bed and scrolled through Readit on his phone, chuckling at the posts. "It seems like Meggie's gotten famous."

Posts were all over the internet about a cute girl demolishing a mountain of food. And there were pictures of Meggie chowing down as well. Even a few short clips of her tearing into a giant chunk of meat before chugging down a glass of water.

In fact, she was so popular that some posts made it to r/all, the main page of Readit.

Of course, John was popular as well. Unlike his daughter, he had been classier in eating his food and expertly dismantled it.

But John was already famous, so people didn't care about him that much.

Instead, they focused on the mystery girl with him.

Some people thought it was Yue, but she looked too young.

Other people thought it was Yue's younger sister... something that would probably make Yue happy considering it meant she still looked young, and something that would probably make a few other women upset considering she definitely wasn't that young.

And there were some people calling John a creep for hanging around a teenaged cutie like that... but he had been called worse, so it didn't matter. Not to mention the fact that whatever the case, the mystery girl was clearly related to John in some way because of how similar she looked to Yue.

All together though, John thought it was pretty funny how famous his daughter got. And speaking of his daughter...

Meggie let out a moan and curled up on her bed, clutching her belly.

John turned to look at her and said, "I told you so."

Meggie burped and then winced in pain. "Shut up, Da- Grk."

John set his phone down and then turned around to look at his daughter.

After finishing all her food, she had let out a triumphant victory sign and laughed.

John warned her that she'd regret eating so much food so fast though, and she didn't believe him.

And then about ten minutes later, she started crying and begged John to take her back to the hotel while clutching her belly.

John sighed and walked over to Meggie, patting her forehead. "Your body is used to digesting pure foods, Meggie. It can handle these types of foods too, but it isn't used to digesting so much junk so quickly, you know?"

Meggie moaned again and then rolled over on her back. With teary eyes, she held up her hands and said, "Help me to the bathroom, Daddy."

John shook his head and then lifted Meggie up in a princess carry. Walking over to the bathroom, he said, "What would your mom think if she saw you like this, Meggie?"

"Don't care. It huuurts... Grk." Meggie burped and then teared up.

"...Are you sure you don't want me to help you-"

"No! I'll... I'm a big girl. I'll... push through this..." To emphasize that fact, she hopped out of John's arms... and then instantly doubled over, almost slamming her head into the wall.

John caught her before she could and then chuckled. "Yes, yes. You're a big girl now."

"I hate you." Meggie grumbled and then staggered over to the bathroom before doubling over in front of the toilet and vomiting.

John winced at the chunks floating in the water and said, "Remind me never to give you any alcohol."

If she was like this after just food and an upset stomach, John didn't want to imagine how she'd be after a hangover.

...Well, he could imagine it. Just like those typical teenaged girls in the movies, plus more crying and gagging. Except that Meggie was a walking weapon of mass destruction with her abilities, so that'd be bad.

Meggie wiped her mouth before panting over the toilet. She leaned back and flushed it before looking at John. "If it's anything like this, I don't want any! Uu..." Meggie moaned and hugged herself. "Why is the food in the world like this? It tasted so good, but it hurts so much..."

John sat next to Meggie and patted her head. "You'll be fine, Meggie."

Meggie buried her head against John's chest and said, "It doesn't feel like it. It hurts..."

"Well..." John pulled Meggie into a hug and said, "That's what you get for eating so fast. The laws of physics are a thing here, you know? Same with conservation of mass and energy. An ordinary young girl would have died a long time ago from trying to eat all of that, you know?"

"Physics or whatever is stupid. I used to be able to eat literal mountains of food. Why can't I do that here?"

John massaged Meggie's back and said, "Like I said, this world's food has a lot of junk in it. If you want a proper meal using that stuff, you need someone like me cooking it, you know?"

"It's not fair. Something that good should be good for you."

John laughed. "You'd think so, huh?"

Meggie punched John's ribs... Well, more like she lightly tapped John's ribs. After she did that, she said, "Stop laughing and just make me feel better already. Daddy's such a meanie..."

John chuckled and said, "Fine, fine." He rubbed her back and then sent a thread of spiritual energy to help her body digest the food.

It was already mostly assimilated into spiritual energy since her body had switched over to ripping through the food, but a little help managed to finish the job.

After that, Meggie let out a relieved sigh. "...Thanks, Dad."

"What, no Daddy anymore?"

Meggie's face turned red and she stood up. "T-That was because- w-whoa." She immediately started wobbling.

John grabbed her and sighed. "Your body's going to take some time to recover from that, Meggie. Seriously, what do you think you are? A Saiyan?"

"I'm not saying anything!"

Oh. Right. That show didn't exist here...

John shook his head and said, "Anyway... Let's get you back to bed." With that, John picked Meggie back up and helped her back to the bedroom.

Meggie grumbled and said, "Stupid weird food... I wanted to go play around some more..."

"I told you to be more careful with stuff you eat. Remember the time you thought a magic stone was a piece of candy?"

"That wasn't my fault!" Meggie huffed and said, "Besides, I can usually eat everything. It's this stupid world that's weird, not me."

John set Meggie back down on her bed. The moment he did, Meggie flopped back down and let out a sigh of relief.

John chuckled at that. But then he frowned, thinking. "You know... that might be my fault."

"Hm?" Meggie looked over at John and said, "What do you mean, Dad?"

"Well..." John rubbed his chin and said, "Out of your sisters... and except for your new younger sibling, you're the one who inherited the most from me physically. It didn't really have much of an effect over in the Three Realms, but since we're here... you might start to be a bit more like a normal girl." He laughed and then said, "You should be careful. It'll be really embarrassing for you to have to toddle around like a balloon since you ate so much."

"Hmph." Meggie turned her head and said, "Meanie."

"Just warning you ahead of time, Meggie."

"...Whatever." She rolled over and bundled herself up in blankets. "I'm going to sleep. My stomach still hurts."

John frowned. "Does it? Hm..."

If John was right about Meggie's situation being due to her being a bit more like a normal human, then ordinary solutions should help.

And it was good for her to learn her lesson about actions having consequences without relying on magic or supernatural powers to fix them.


"Did you want some ice cream then? That should help-"

"Yes!" Meggie shot up and nodded. "I want some-! Grk." She clutched at her stomach and started tearing up. "...Stupid food..."

John laughed and said, "Rest tight then. I'll be back in a bit."

"Can't you just make some for me, Daddy?" Meggie stared at John, her golden eyes glistening with tears. "It really hurts..."

"...Nice try. But no."

"Dammit." Meggie huffed and rolled over. "Stupid Dad."

John chuckled and walked out of the room. "I'll put a formation up, so just stay still and relax. Ah. And try to not scroll through Readit if you don't want to cringe."

"Cringe?" Meggie frowned and pulled out her phone. "What do you mean? What's on- Wait. That's... That's me? Why is that me!? Why are there pictures?! WHY ARE THERE A MILLION LIKES?!"

"Warned you. But see you soon, Meggie. Love you."

"Uuuuuuu..." Meggie buried herself in her blankets and muttered, "Just kill me."

John laughed and then left the room. After putting up some protective formations like he said he would, he looked around and muttered, "Now... where's the closest place to grab some ice cream? If I remember right, there should be a konbini nearby..."