289 – Rhea Davinki – [Debut Stream] Laying it On Thick (Part II)
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[Play: Chopin - Nocturne Op. 27 No. 2 (Rubinstein)]

Rhea wiped her brush up and down on the canvas, slowly painting out a forest. Brown trees dotted a horizon at dawn, but a massive tree towered in the center. "There we go. Let me just work the brush a bit harder to loosen up that morning wood..."

[] Poor clippers.
[Inaki] This whole stream is comedy gold.
[] Those guys must be going crazy trying to figure out what to clip. XD

"And there we go." Rhea stepped back, showing the picture to the camera.

A towering brown fir tree dusted with snow before a glowing red and orange sky. More fir trees in the distance, also with light patches of white snow. Altogether, a beautiful winter morning. But it was still incomplete.

While the towering tree took the center, and while the other trees and the sky filled the back, there was still white space remaining in the canvas. A blank portion near the bottom left untouched.

Rhea smiled at the camera and said, "Have you been keeping up? I hope you haven't rushed to finish without me." She crouched down towards the bottom of the canvas and said, "I still haven't touched down there yet, so don't rush to break out that ballsy blue before I finish this edging, mmkay?"

[] Oh she definitely knows what she's doing.
[] Hnnngh. I'm definitely feeling blue somewhere at this rate...
[Felix_Narcissus] And you've all sprung her trap.

[] God I wish I was that brush.
[] I wish I was that canvas.
[Trialer] Get yourself a girl who treats you like how Rhea treats her painting.

Rhea dipped her brush into the water to clean it and dabbed on a bit of the blue before making slow strokes along the white at the bottom. "We'll be in a mountain of trouble if we stroke too hard now. Take it nice and slow... Deep breaths. Yes, just like that..."

[] Rule 34 is ALL up on this stream.
[] Anyone checked Protolewd? Those guys work fast.
[] Kiiro-chi already posted a lewd of Rhea XD
[] Sasuga, Kiiro-chi Sensei.
[] The legend himself with the hands of god!
[] Kiiro-chi is a guy? I thought Kiiro-chi was a girl?

[Aoko Ryuusei Ch.🔧] Oh my god. She's still going.
[Hana Homura Ch.🔧] :nosebleed:
[Aoko Ryuusei Ch.🔧] Sis! Don't watch! Stop it!

The brush slowly traced out a mountain over the canvas. As it did, some of the other colors started bleeding through. Even so, Rhea simply smiled and said, "This is why you edge real slow. The blue will get stronger and stronger and you'll feel a lot of pressure to just break free from the edge. But be patient. We're in for round two, so we should enjoy it nice and slow."

[] Something is rising, and it isn't my brush...
[] I'm definitely feeling more pressure down there.
[] I'm so confused. It's sexy, classy, and lewd all at once.

[] That's culture for you.
[] Rhea is definitely cultured in all aspects.
[] Whisper ASMR with brushes when?

"Slowly... slowly..." Rhea whispered, carefully brushing the canvas. The gentle strokes were clearly transmitted across the mic, soft and sensual.

[] Droni you lucky bastard!
[] I swear, Droni better be an actual drone.
[] Yeah, if Droni is a guy just chillin, he'd better be ready to catch these hands.

[Miya Musashi Ch.🔧] WTF. I'm watching in the shower and... what?
[] Oh my.
[] Miya's watching the stream in the shower?
[] Someone couldn't take the heat XD
[] A cold shower definitely sounds like a good idea right now.
[] rational_rabbit was right. Lord save me from this tempting mistress.

[Tsubame Akari Ch.🔧] It appears that Miya's Great Misfortune continues...
[Kuromi Tekken Ch.🔧] Miya! That's too much information!
[Jenny Smith Ch.🔧] Cultured painting while taking a nice warm shower... Mm. Mimi knows how to live it up.
[Miya Musashi Ch.🔧] WTF is wrong with you guys?! Argh! I'm logging out!

"And... release." Rhea let out a warm smile and slowly pulled her brush away from the painting. As she did, she said, "You can finish now. Take your time. I'll be waiting."

[] I saw. I came. I came again.
[] That... That quote's wrong...
[] Can we do breath play next? I mean, airbrushing?
[] Holy crap. It's an actually good painting.
[] This stream is... an experience.
[] Bruh. I'm drinking wine right now. It's great.

[] Such a cultured stream.
[] I... just realized that I screenshared the stream by accident. T_T
[Lomyril] No mistakes here. Only happy little accidents.

Rhea placed her brush and palette down on the ground. After that, she set her hands on her legs and smiled. "I hope you enjoyed all of that. It was our first time together so I took it slow, but next time we'll go a few rounds to work out the kinks faster."

[] Kinks?
[] Kinks!
[] Kinks. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

[] Why does this feel like a one-night stand?
[] Well. Definitely didn't expect to spend Christmas like this.
[] Forget morning wood. It's butt early in the morning and now I'm stiff all over.

Rhea yawned and then laced her fingers together before pulling her arms over her head to stretch. As she did, the button on her shirt slipped out again.

[] O.o
[] YES.
[Kornuptiko] :nosebleed:

Before any skin showed, the camera turned towards the painting, zooming in on it.

[] NO!
[s-] YES!
[] Top ten anime betrayals.

Rhea's voice echoed, soft and sensual. "Beautiful. The virgin cherry oozing from the naked wet ginger. The pie cream splattered all across the canvas and glistening at the tip of the morning wood. And at the bottom, edging everything until it's a nice ballsy blue."

The camera turned back towards Rhea.

She was in the middle of buttoning her shirt. Noticing the camera was back on her, she smiled and said, "I hope you framed and painted it well for those following along at home. You might be missing the naked wet ginger... that one was expensive. But I'm sure you could have a good time with everything else."

[] Instructions unclear. Paid extra for the naked wet ginger and she's telling me to paint her like a French girl.
[ArtimaelGreysoul] HOW is she saying all of this with a straight face?!
[] I have never in my life heard so many double entendres and innuendoes.

[] Is Rhea French?
[] With that sense of humor, she's gotta be at least European, right?
[] No, she's talking in Japanese, so... But aren't they prudes?
[] Bruh. H*nt*i is peak culture in Japan.
[] Why are perverts peak culture here?
[] I feel like a lot of stuff got lost in translation...

Rhea looked at the painting again and said, "To commemorate our first time polishing off your morning wood together, I'll make some high resolution scans of this later. But in case anyone missed it in the pre-chat, I will be auctioning off this painting after the stream." She turned to look at the camera and said, "Don't get too excited now, okay? It's just a bit of morning wood. I haven't even introduced you to my cat or showed you my chrysanthemum."

[wuxia_bro] NANI?!
[american_eagle] Now hol'up. Anyone else get 'cat' translated as pu$$y in the captions?
[lewd_dood] ehehehehe

[GoldenOrca] I'll sit this one out. Need to save up for Queen's tasteful nudes.
[Aoko Ryuusei Ch.🔧] @GoldenOrca THAT'S NOT CONFIRMED! Stop spreading misinformation!

Rhea covered her mouth with her sleeve and laughed. After that, she smiled and said, "Well. That's all for Laying It on Thick."

Curtains suddenly appeared behind Rhea, covering up the painting and art supplies.

Rhea stood up and dragged her chair with her before turning it to the side and taking a seat. As she did, she rested her hands on her lap and let out a soft smile, mimicking the Mona Lisa.

"Now that we've all gotten nice and cozy with post painting clarity, why don't we get to know each other a bit more?" Rhea placed her hand over her heart and said, "I'm Rhea Davinki. My hobbies are painting, drawing, and enjoying other cultured activities."

[] I love you already!
[] As expected, the DaVinci expy is the real genius
[Sky3Fall] This is it, guys. Peak culture.

Rhea glanced off to the side and laughed. "I'm sorry. I neglected you all a bit too much during that, right? I hope your morning wood didn't get too messy. You finished well, right?"

[] Oh, I finished alright.
[] Mmmmmhm.
[] Finished at the same time you did!

"Good." Rhea tucked a strand of her hair behind her ear and said, "I was worried considering how many of you came today. I couldn't hand out buckets for everyone, so I hope you made do with napkins to keep things tidy. Paper towels work too, but they're so stiff and hard on the skin, you know?"

[] I know. I know all too well >.>
[] She's still going!?
[] Oh man. If this is every stream, I might need to watch the archives later.

[prodigious_clipper] Clipper here. Showing appreciation for feeding me this year. Stay tuned for Akasupas.
[] Same.
[Ray_Ghost_FACTORY] Ditto.

Rhea smiled and then glanced at the side. "Let's see... Oh. We've got quite a bit of time left. Well, since it's Christmas Eve, how about we relax and take it nice and slow? First off... Why don't we sort out the hashtags?"

Still need to get around to add all those usernames. >.> I'll do it... eventually. Also, shifting update times to this. Planning on doing writing in the morning now instead of evening like I usually do.