290 – Rhea Davinki – [Debut Stream] Laying it On Thick (END)
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Rhea crossed her legs and said, "Here's what I had in mind."


[Community Information]
Streams - #ThickWithRhea
Fanart - #ArtsOut_Rhea
Fan Name - Culturists
Fan Mark - Artist Palette 🎨


[] Thick with Rhea...?
[] Arts out? Like... a$$ out?
[] The gap is here too, but it's uh... kinda different from the other girls, huh?

[] Oh she has GOT to be doing this on purpose
[] Culturists, eh?
[] So are we all cultured artists?

Rhea smiled and said, "I'm open to critique. We're building this together, so I'd be happy to take any input. Just don't try to ram it down my throat. I don't think we're that close yet."

[] Help. Can't breathe.
[] Too much innuendo...
[] Stop! I'm gonna get fired!

Rhea laughed and then said, "For now though, I think we'll leave it like this." She looked off to the side and said, "We're running out of time. I don't want to blue ball you, so how about I stop the neglect play for a bit?"

[] ?!?!
[] She finally stopped messing with us!

[] That's it. I have my new oshi.
[] You mean osh!t. Because this girl can't be real.
[perfect_time] She's definitely Rhea...l.
[] @perfect_time kys.
[perfect_time] Why thank you. I will go kiss myself.

Rhea glanced off to the side at the chat and said, "You all seem to be enjoying playing with yourselves. Did you get bored and start finishing each other off instead of watching me?"

[] When you put it that way...
[] That straight face is too strong...

[] She must be a Readitor.
[] Rhea is a h*ntai artist. You can't convince me otherwise.
[] What do you mean? We'd never get bored of watching you play with your brush. O.O

[] Watching respectfully.
[] Always.
[] It's better to watch than just listen... I had to explain everything to my mom...

"Well." Rhea stretched and said, "Whatever the case, I hope you're all glowing from the show." She fanned her face and said, "I'm still a bit flushed with all of that stroking, but we're all happy now, right? Nice and relaxed after releasing all of that pent up pressure?"

[] She's not stopping.
[] Rhea: Can't stop won't stop.
[] Is every stream going to be like this?
[] Please stop.
[] No, no. Keep going.
[] Tease us more, Rhea-chan!

[StraightGarbage] I thought Queen's fans were degenerates, but...
[FailureFox] Queen's kouhai is on a whole 'nother level.
[GoldenOrca] I look forward to your bright and wonderful future.

Rhea hummed and tapped her chin. After that, she glanced off to the side and said, "You don't have to keep sitting there, Droni. I know you like to watch, but you can come closer."

[] The traitor!
[] Droni MVP?
[] So like is Droni a person or a drone? Still confused.

The camera panned, moving towards Rhea. And then the camera angle changed, looking up at Rhea from below. It gave the appearance of someone looking down at the screen, like the viewer was knelt down before Rhea.

[] O-Oh man.
[] This stream XD
[] Those clippers are never going to run out of material, are they?

[] @$#@$ I still can't tell!
[] Droni! Are you a human!?
[] Tell me how many traffic lights are in this image! testmai_robot.com/4233555

Rhea reached out her hand and gave a gentle smile, patting the top of the screen. "You really are cute. Thank you for all your hard work today. It's almost done."

[] T_T
[] :screenshot:

[] Found my new alarm. :melt:
[] She's so calming and chill. But she so lewd.
[] Why am I getting XXX JRPGmakr MC vibes from Rhea?

Rhea pulled her hand back and then looked at chat. As she read it, she laughed and said, "You all are pretty strange. It's almost like you've never interacted with a girl before. Don't you know you're supposed to just relax and enjoy the moment?"

[] She's slipping.
[] Your inner cultured self is leaking, Rhea.
[] My head is getting whiplash from all of this lewd/pure flipflopping.
[] Something else is flipflopping here too. :)
[] stop.

Rhea stretched and said, "Well. It's fine. We all polished off Morning Wood together, so we already got over the awkwardness of that first time. I'll allow a bit of your weird self."

[] Rhea is the living embodiment of 'Phrasing' isn't she?
[] So many gifs. So little time.
[] Is this what a VTuber is supposed to be?

[] Confirmed the painting is called Morning Wood.
[] Morning Wood is already up for bids on the Project MirAIs site XD
[] Who's the @$$hole who dropped $1K as the start price?!

Rhea swung her legs on the chair and then said, "Let's see... What else did I need to cover in this debut? Does it really matter? We're winding down tonight and it *is* Christmas Eve..." She looked at the chat and said, "Should I send you off early with a kiss?"

[] YES
[] NO
[] I don't know!
[] Can you repeat the question?
[] You're not the boss of me now, Mom! I can watch anime girls if I want!
[] Bruh. Go touch grass.

[] Holy crap. It's really been the whole day, huh?
[] I guess? It's going to be time for work soon here in America.
[] I am WAY too pumped to leave right now.
[] ...Pumped...? :sweat:

Rhea read the chat and then laughed. "Alright." She reached out to the camera and then hugged it, pulling it close. The screen showed a closeup of Rhea's face, along with a bit of pure white skin beneath a newly unfastened button.

Rhea smiled and tilted her head to the side. "How about we get to know each other a bit better, than? We can bare our biggest secrets, just you and me. Like what you like, what you hate..." She lowered her voice to a whisper and said, "Why don't you tell Onee-chan, hm?"


[] Sudden yandere vibes

Rhea patted the side of the camera and said, "I like a lot of things. Painting, bare skin, the human form... I really like all kinds of art. And the human body is such a beautiful work of art, you know? Both inside and out."

[] My danger senses are throwing up all sorts of flags!
[] I'm out!
[] Don't stick it in crazy. Don't stick it in crazy. Right, I can't... but she's so faqin hot!

[] You can examine this work of art all day, Rhea!
[] Ah, a fellow connoisseur
[] Inside AND out? Kinky.

Rhea smiled and then pulled her hand back. Tucking a strand of hair behind her ear, she said, "What about you? What do you like?"

[] U-Um. I like staying alive?
[] Big teets and I cannot lie!
[] It's big butts, dumba$$

[] Fruitcake.
[] Oyakodon.
[] On Christmas? A secret santa gift involving lots of whipped cream and ribbons.

[] It's a trap!
[] Why do I feel like this is where I should make a save point?
[] Please not a bad end. Please not a bad

"Is that so?" Rhea glanced at the chat and said, "You all seem pretty divided... Maybe I should do a better job next time? It looks like I let you play by yourself too long that you got a bit ahead of yourself. It's supposed to be me, you know?"

Rhea's eyes flashed red.

[] Oh god.
[rational_rabbit] Y'all waaaay too into this kinky roleplaying stuff.

[] Yes onee-chan! Scold us more!
[] Oh yeaaaah.
[] Her everything is doing weird things to me. Help.

"Just kidding." Rhea leaned back and laughed. "Man. Streaming like this is definitely fun." She looked at the camera and said, "I can see why Alfi-senpai does these interactive streams sometimes. It's really different from just reading chat while I'm working."

[] ?
[] Okay. So... Which is the real Rhea?
[] Innocently lewd, lewd yandere, now casual gf vibes... Someone give this girl an Oscar.

Rhea shook her head and glanced off to the side. "Hm? Finish things up? But I'm having fun."

[] Oh?
[] Is Manager-chan saying to wrap things up?
[] Save us Manager-chan!

[] Anyone else getting toxic relationship vibes...?
[] It's not good for me, but why can't I help but watch?
[] Remember. It's not real. Parasocial relationships are bad if you go too far...

Rhea frowned. "What do you mean I crossed the line? It's just a bit of light teasing. And Mister John has a good legal team, doesn't he? Like-"

Rhea's voice suddenly cut off. Her mouth was moving, but no more sound was coming through.

[] So even the MirAIs girls fear Googol-san.
[] More like Googol-san should fear John.
[] Quick! Anyone read lips?
[alphabet_agent] Buy out... Googol. Terms of service?
[] Nani?
[] If anyone can buy out Googol, it's John.
[] Oh yeah! Doesn't the MIRAIZ app have its own streaming too?
[] That's right! We don't even need UTube-kun!
[] Yeah! So don't you dare ban our innocently lewd artist-chan!

Rhea frowned and looked back at the camera. The sound came back and then she let out a deep sigh. "It seems like we'll have to cut this short, everyone. Miss Jenny's worried about the stupid- I mean, the wonderful community guidelines that virgin cherryboy UTube-kun posted. I'll stream a bit more on the MIRAIZ app later though. We can get to know each other real~ well there, okay?" She winked and waved. "Buh-bye! Merry Christmas! And try to get with a real girl before the next time we meet, okay? Love you!"

[] Hold on! I just got hit with a lot of info!
[] Wait, what? MIRAIZ? Streaming?
[] Real girl? Love?

Rhea cackled and then reached out towards the camera. With that, the screen turned black, ending the stream.

To celebrate 300 chapters, here's a look at how I usually write the chapters.


Now that I've got a bunch of things sorted out, I'll see if I can do an actual stream so you guys can actually comment. More on that when YouTube lets me loose on the world to stream in 24 hours.

Appreciate you guys! Now to finally go back and add in all those names. 👋