296 – Prototypes on the way, John makes some gifts
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Rin sat in the backseat of the car, doing her best to not burst out into laughter.

After that drama in the morning, everyone gathered their things and got ready to head over to Myth Inc. HQ to both visit Mister John and see the new baby.

But while both Asako and Alphy played it cool and brushed things off as nothing happened while they were getting ready, now that everyone was stuck together in the back of Sakura’s sports car while they drove downtown, an awkward tension was in the air.

In fact, Rin was sure that both Asako and Alphy would be completely knocked out if she wasn’t there to serve as a buffer.

Especially since Rin’s mom kept glancing back occasionally, as if she was pondering whether or not to tease the two.

Rin shook her head and then glanced at Asako, to her left.

The former Seiryuu Heiress had dressed casually for the trip. Loose sweat pants with a black hoodie. Sneakers.

No coat, apparently. Though if Rin had to guess, that was because her Aneue still felt a bit hot under the collar, hehe.

As for Alphy... She was dressed similar to Asako. A comfortable black hoodie and sneakers. But instead of loose sweatpants, she wore some snug blue jeans that hugged her legs.

A fact that Asako seemed to either appreciate or was overly conscious about considering how often she kept glancing over and tracing Alphy's curves when she thought Alphy wasn't looking.

Of course, Rin saw all of that.

Also noteworthy was the fact that Alphy didn't wear a coat either. Though considering how red she was right now, Rin was pretty sure that if Alphy had been wearing a coat, she would be unconscious from the heat.

As for Rin, she was wearing the usual outfit she did when they went out. A comfortable and puffy orange jacket. Some cozy jeans and fur boots.

Seeing how awkward her Onee-chan and Aneue were being, Rin decided to throw them a bone. "So what do you think Mister John has planned for the day?" She looked at Alphy and said, "Is your dad going to have another big party again like with the baby shower, Onee-chan?"

"A-Ah." Alphy was surprised at being suddenly addressed, but she quickly recovered and smiled. "Well... When Meggie was born, Papa did a lot of silly things to celebrate. I think it should be fun."

Asako looked over and said, "Silly things? Like what?"

Alphy hummed and looked to the side, thinking. "Well, he declared that her birthday would be a holy day and that everyone could take the day off to celebrate. He also ran around the entire realm searching for materials to make toys and gifts. Meggie never played with them though since she liked just spending time with Papa more."

Asako blinked and then said, "So. Just what did John do before coming here again?"

Rin laughed and then looked at Asako. "Why are you asking, Aneue? Worried that Onee-chan is out of your league?"

"Wha-" Asako blushed and then reached over to grab Rin in a headlock. "You brat! Looks like you need your big sister to teach you some manners!"

Rin squirmed, trying to break free. "Onee-chan! Help! Aneue's being mean!"

Alphy looked at Rin and then looked away, her face a bit flushed. "W-Well, maybe Asako has a point! You've been a bit too cheeky lately anyway."

Rin gasped. "Onee-chan! You traitor!"

Alphy giggled.

Sakura glanced back at the girls through the rearview mirror and then shook her head, a faint smile on her face.

Rin squirmed some more, trying to break free. But then she realized something and paused.

Asako paused as well and said, "Finally give up, brat?"

"No. I'm just wondering why Aneue smells like Onee-chan. Did you steal her shampoo?"

"...Good night, Sis."

"W-Wait, Aneue! That's dangerous!"

"You're tough! Deal with it!"


John paused and stared at the giant pile of gifts in front of him. "...Did I overdo it?"

It was the first Christmas Party that he had with his family. Because of that, he wanted to make sure to make great and happy memories. Especially for the kids. So he made a bunch of presents to make up for it, but...

John rubbed his chin and said, "...Maybe I do have a bad habit of giving way too elaborate gifts."

It was John's office. He had taken some time to clear it of the desk and chairs and used the space to fill up with gifts for everyone. But as a result, the floor was filled with various toys and knick-knacks.

"Hm." He picked up a collection of CapsuMon on the ground and said, "Yue mentioned she wanted these, so this is fine. But..." He glanced at the other dolls on the ground and said, "Should I give some of these to Meggie too?"

She liked CapsuMon as well, didn't she? After all, that was what she went to first when they went to the convention. Though, she also liked Creature Hunter, so maybe he should make some plushies of the mascots?

John checked the time first and then clicked his tongue. "I spent that long already?"

It was getting close to 10 AM. Meaning that people would be arriving soon, if they hadn't already.

And there was also sorting out Meggie and the whole situation with Kai and Tsuki's mom. Not to mention checking up on everyone else. And getting his sisters over... wherever they were.

And then later on, there was still that onsen trip he wanted to take everyone on-

Ah, wait. The girls had their own plans for an onsen. Alphy mentioned something about that... And Suzume did too.

So maybe not an onsen then.

A private island? It would be good to go somewhere warm after all the cold. Needed to look into that too...

Or maybe he could sneak a trip back to the Three Realms?

No, too soon.

John absentmindedly pulled out a giant ruby from his Heavenly Realm and started carving it into a rose. Something pretty to leave around the house-

Oh right. There was that too. Still needed to get a house. Bai was looking into that, but John should double check.

And then there were a few other things...

John sighed and then ran his hand through his hair. "I should definitely get a secretary sometime to help me run things. Remembering stuff like this is such a pain-"

"I can help with that!"

"@#[email protected]#[email protected]!"

John stumbled and knocked over the pile of gifts. After that, he spun around to look at the person who snuck up on him. Something that should definitely be impossible except for two people.

The first was Titor, which couldn't be the case considering he was tied up by Amadeus wanting to see their new niece.

The second...

John sighed and started fixing up the gift boxes, smoothing out any that had crumpled. After that, he said, "You know, you could just call and visit like a normal person."

Jenny giggled and then stepped forward to help John sort out the gifts. "Sorry. But I can't help it, you know? I've always wanted to mess around a bit with my big brother."

"Right." John sorted out the pile of CapsuMon plushies and then made a giant plastic container to stack all of them. After that, he wrapped it up like a giant Pok- giant CapsuBall. "Jury's still out on whether or not you're my sister though."

Jenny pouted. "Do you hate me that much, Onii-chan?"

"If you keep calling me that, yes." John sighed and said, "I've dealt with more than enough psychotic women calling me their big brother for one eternity, thank you very much."

Jenny tilted her head. "I'm not psychotic though? And I really *am* your sister!"

"But not by blood you said, didn't you?"

Jenny paused and then said, "Oh yeah. I did say that... But I still am? I mean, if we did a DNA test... it would probably... Oh. It probably wouldn't match." She frowned, looking lost for a moment.

John sighed and ruffled her hair. "Don't think about it too hard. You're weird, and I'm still super confused and disturbed by how you look like a genderbent twin of me... But as long as you aren't secretly a sleeper agent meant to disrupt my family dynamics here on Earth, I won't make you regret your existence."

Jenny flinched and then let out a nervous laugh. "A-A bit overprotective, aren't you?"

"Of course." John smiled and said, "And if you really want to be my baby sister, then you should be aware of that. I don't take kindly to threats against my family, you know?"

Jenny sweated.

John laughed and then pulled his hand back. "Don't worry about it." He stretched and said, "Even though we don't know exactly what you are, I can tell that you mean well. And I guess I've always wanted a baby sister- Ah." John paused. "...That suddenly explains a lot."


John waved his hand. "Don't worry about it. Anyway... Help me pack these up, would you? I think these should be enough gifts for everyone to have a fun time."

And to create a lot of unboxing footage to embarrass the kids in the future with their reactions.

Jenny looked at John for a moment, confused. But then she let out a warm smile and placed her hand over her chest. "Leave it to me, Onii-chan!"

"Stop calling me that. I'll take Big Bro, Bro, or even just John, but-"

"Whatever you say, Step-"

John narrowed his eyes.

Jenny laughed and started grabbing some of the unpacked gifts. "Okay, Big Bro. But you have to call me Sis, kay~?"

"...Hah. If I have to." John started grabbing some more gifts as well and then muttered, "Now how am I going to explain this relationship to everyone...?"

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